hi friends am sooo happy for ur response towards this ff,,am sooo greatfull.. and all credits of this ff to Trisha sis lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu??????????
so now let’s move on with the story..

the epi start with pragya with the thought of abhi being rude to her even when the fault was of him,he still has the gut to shout at her,,with all those thought, she hurriedly entered the class with soo much tension and anger on her face….the prof stopped her from entering as she was some minutes late and he ask her the reason for being late as she has never been late…but she managed to tell some lies and the prof accepted it so she made a way to her seat.. the scene diverted to jodha and maan,maan bid adieu to jodha and left for work while jodha also finished everything and decide to leave but went in to take her purse ,,jux then the door bell rang and she head to open, and to her disgust it was her aimless husband who was there,and she ask wat are u doing here at my house…but jalal stop her and says point of correction this is our house and infact my house and its my decision to move inn and out of it without any restrictions,and on the more serious note I didn’t come here to argue, but am here to discuss something which is is very important to me… jodha gave him a murderous look and says I know u can’t come here without the reason being beneficial to u so proceed and I would listen….

jalal smirk,cleared his throat and says well I have fixed pragyas alliance with one of my rich frnds son,they are very rich and pragya would lead a luxurious life if she marries from that family……

but jodha cut in and says so can u tell me the other aspect of life u know apart from money and fame,wat do u think of yourself huh?..so u think u can tur my children lives the way u want??.no,not at all..and I now know wickedness and selfishness has turn out to be ur priority, how could u fix my daughter whom after all the hardship u put us via, but she never gave up,, and always try to be self dependent and working hard to achieve her motives..how could u ?? I would never allow u to shatter her dreams.. got that? I can’t even stay here with u for some more time am leaving, but before she could move jalal held her hand firmly but in a flirting way and said,I have full right on them as I ve on u,so my say is final and he pull her towards him which made both of them landed on the sofa,they were lost in each others eyes and he started tracing his hand via her ear lopes which left a shiver in jodhas.he kissed her for head and proceed to her lips but she came back to her sense and pushed him hard which made jalal loosed his grip on her and she stood up and adjusted her self well and said get out from here I don’t want to see ur face,but jalal held her shoulders tightly this time whiles jodha scream leave me,it hurts,but jalal looks sternly at her and says if u don’t want me to ruin ur lives then don’t block my way.else I would put u all in a situation that u can’t even imagine, and one thing the groom’s family are coming here in three days time so get her prepared and he left from there with attitude. and jodha was left devastated and heartbroken,she sat on the floor and cried badly…here the scene shift to abhi who was thinking about the turn of event today,how can she shout at me and even call me an alien, she is beautiful with charming eyes but that doesn’t mean she should insult a handsome and a rich honk like me…I won’t leave her…

pragya and bulbul returned home and was shocked to see the scene before them,jodha was sleeping on the sofa and trails of tears on her face and her swollen eyes which signifies that she has cried alot. prabul panickedly woke her up and ask why she was crying?.. and she upon seeing pragya cried hard and hugged her tightly leaving pragya and bulbul shocked.. they kept on asking her and she finally opened her mouth and says maan I want to speak to him plzzzzzz..so bulbul hurriedly called maan in a panicked tone and asked him to return home urgently as mom is not well.and maan upon hearing that rushed to purabs office as he is the manager at his father’s company(sorry I didn’t mentioned this in the intro)and requested him to let him go home as there is a serious problem at home.and purab worriedly ask to give him lift but he assure that he can manage.so purab ask him to call if any need arises… maan reached home and rushed to his mom and ask wat is wrong??. and jodha worriedly looked at pragya and asked she and bulbul to excuse them…the moved a bit far but can hear whatever they were discussing, whilst jodha narrated all that jalal said and she broke down cryingly..and maan stood up with sooo much anger and hatred saying I won’t leave him,and pragya who heard everything stood there lifelessly and broke down into pieces and shouted noooooo,”which draw maan and jodhas attention and they rushed to her ,she was tooo shattered and having flashback of all her effort,struggle, and pain she endued jux to write her own history, her hardworking jux to give her mom and siblings a comfortable life in the near future has been crushed in one go by her mysterious father.. and she shouted nooo I can’t let go off my dreams in the name of marriage, not at all…she stood up with a determined face which left all of them stunned and bulbul who was crying all this while ………………
to be continued…………..

Precab …pragya is at jalals office and they were in a heated argument but later he managed to blackmail pragya using her mom and siblings and she agreed to get married….
and in Mehra mansion abhis dadi and father showed him his brides pic.and he with a smirk on his face grinned his teeth tightly………..

so frnds am done for today kindly bear with my mistakes, lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu?????????????

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  1. Trisha

    Absolutely superb???
    Cant wait for next epi!
    Cover pic looks awesome there.???

    1. Lopez

      thanks dear,,and thanks for the cover pic

  2. Superb dear.. pls update soon..

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    super Lopez..waiting for next episode…update soon dr

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  4. Reshma_Pradeep

    Niceeee One!

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  7. nice episode pls update it soon dr

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  8. Y u showed jalal as -be. Mmmmm?

  9. Y u showed jalal as -be. Mmmmm?

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      thanks for ur comment dear,jalas character would change so kindly bear with it for sometime

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