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pragya turned and saw bulbul at her back ,the amount of pain enhancing their eyes was enough to cater the agony of the world…
pragya quickly wiped her tears and pretend to be fine.
she asked bulbul wen were u here ,
infact I missed u all ,but am getting everything here so no worries.
bulbul turned her and asked what about ur happiness. peace and reason for this marriage?
pragya was startled and asked what are u saying bulbul?
bulbul says I heard the onset of u and abhis conversation, he married u for revenge and u are bearing this pain all alone????
I know dad married u to him for his selfish motives but that does not mean u are a garbage to be treated as such..
pragya tried to cover up and says nothing as u think bulbul it was jux a mere misunderstanding between us and it shall be clarified..
bulbul held her hand and brought her to the idol in her room and says swear before (Devi Maya) that all is well .
pragya took her hands back with fear and bulbul asked wat happened, and why are u sweating wen the (AC) is at it maximum level? answer me or I would go to him myself…….
pragya hugged bulbul and cried vigorously she with chock voice told bulbul everything about their marriage.
bulbul was hell angry and aays how dare he,hw can he hurt u ?
she furiously moved out while pragya tried to stop her ……

she was screaming abhis name and she suddenly spot him at the guest room .
she stood before him and asked wat do u want?,how can u be sooo cruel?,how dare u hurt my sister?
she is a strong lady but i saw her totally broken before me,,she never cries before us but I saw my sister in a pitiful manner. answer me u loser, answer me and stop staring at me.
pragya came there and says enough bulbul is that hw to talk to ur elders and besides he is ur jiju,,
bulbul cut in and says jiju my foot, a loser like him can’t even be my housemaid…..
pragya shout bulbuuuuuul and was about to slap her but she stopped which made abhi stunned about pragyas behaviour ..
pragya asked her is that how to talk to ur elders, is this the way u portray the manners given to u by mom?
bulbul cried and hugged her but she later broke the hug and faced abhi looking sternly at him and says if i even see a tear drop in her eyes,I would show u the animal part of my side…..
pragya held her hand and both sisters made their way out….
abhi made a sigh of relieve as to whether he should be thankful to pragya for saving him from her lioness sister,
pragya asked bulbul to compose herself and should never say anything to mom as I don’t want to make her worry more about me…
bulbul accepted and left ……
pragya went to dadi and says well dadi I want to go for a worm up can I?
dadi asked her to go but u should be careful.
pragya went happily to her room and change to her sports wear abhi entered the room and was dumbstruck to see her soooo gorgeous and s*xy…
he was sooo lost in her and pragya felt uneasy as abhis gaze was on her..abhi started to approach but pragya with fear was moving back until she hit the wall ..
abhi came sooo close to her that both could feel each others breath,he tacked in her hair and caresses her cheeks ,pragya closed her eyes with shiver in her spine abhi was about to kiss her but pragya came to her senses and jerked him ……
she left the room and rushed to the field and abhi was confused for his deeds but a sudden smile developed in his lips….

Abhi felt insecure and decided to follow pragya.
pragya reached the field and all were happy to see her,suresh her best friend was sooo happy and hugged her tightly pragya was also happy so she also hugged him tightly and abhi who was witnessing this hidingly could not hold it any more and thought who us that double battery who has the gut to hug my wife ……The couch asked pragya to lead the team for a physical training and abhi was lost in her beauty as she was looking stunning even on the field of play …
they were divided into two teams to play and pragya was playing happily which made the coach sooo happy but all all of a sudden pragya was kicked by an opponent instead of the ball and she fell on the ground wrenching in pain .
all gathered around her and suresh decided to carry her but a strong voice stopped him saying don’t u dare touch her….its abhi….
he lifted her and while going to the car,they had an eyelock but with bitterness…
he placed her on the seat and tightened her seat belt…
pragya who could not hold it anymore asked wat are u doing!???
abhi says shut up and sit,u were rowing and hugging men as if u don’t have any limit ,u are a married material so be in limit,am not doubting ur character buuuuut…………….

pragya asked but wat_? why do u care even if I get hurt huh? infact I get peace being with them,I don’t feel suffocated here like ur house…
he looked angrily at her and says would u shut up, am talking and u are talking, he started to drive harshly and pragya closed her eyes out of fear..
they soon reach hospital and abhi carried her to the doctors cabin ,,he says to the doctor to treat her well..
pragya tried to say something but he shouted shut up and pragya fearfully obliged as she don’t want to create any scene….
they left to the house after the treatment as they reached dadi got worried seeing pragya in abhis hand so she demanded for the reason and abhi with rage asked why did u allow her to go there?
she is married and my decision is that she would no longer go to the field again…
pragya was dumbstruck and tears were flowing freely from her eyes,,,,
she bounced on her leg heading to the room and abhi tried to help her but she jerked his hand and left on her own…
in two years leap pragya on abhis order stopped playing and joined a reputed company as a receptionist but was promoted as a manager for her hard work ,,,but her relation with abhi was same without any physical interaction, purab and bulbul became close and feel for one another,jalals business grew stronger as he is now in partnership with the mehras ,bulbul completed school and helping jodha at the sweet shop …,
abhi and Rithika was still in a relationship but not as before as abhi has fallen in love with pragya and his is craving for her love but pragya don’t give him any importance………..
Abhi was sitting on his bed and rithika came and says u are not paying attention to me this days why wat ve I done ?
but abhi says nothing like that she hugged him and abhi was feeling uneasy but reciprocated…….
pragya who came back from work entered the room and saw them like that..she was staring at them with sadness and abhi who came to his senses pushed rithika away seeing pragya….

what would be pragyas reaction to this, does she love abhi, to know more stay tuned…..

PRECAB……..abhi and pragya drunked at a party organized by abhis father,wat would be the outcome…….

sorry guys I know its sooo boring so am ready to receive the rotten tomatoes and all stuffs, plzzzzz bear with this and I promise to give my best in next update as there would be a twist…plzzzzzzzzzzz and Tell me ur views

Trisha plzzzzz this is all ur doll could scribble plzzzzz

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  3. DI I am amazed of abhi’s care and possessiveness for pragya and ritika uneasy hug made me happy and waiting for precap to happen and di I won’t give rotten tomatoes but I will give you love and support.

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