Hi freinds, am sooo sorry for the late update guys infact i tried to find time but i couldn’t,, so guys I hope u could forgive ur ur doll????
prithika dear sorry for making u wait ….and I think today’s epi would be the boriest one but what can I do,wen my mind can’t think of anything else???????????
so enough of my blah blah

The episode start with pragya looking shockingly at her state on the bed,she hurriedly picked up a blanket and drapped over chest and rushed to the washroom…………
she sat in the bathtub and uncontrollable tears were flowing from her eyes remembering last nights incident…….

abhi woke up but was having a severe headache because of the hangover or perhaps the tiring work he had with pragya( hey na?????????????? ………
abhis eye fell on his bare chest and was startled to see he was in a short only…

he tried to recall all that has happend last night but nothing seems to prevail,the more he tried to recall,the severe his headache is.

he called pragya in a strong voice and she quickly wear her rope dress and moved out,,she approach him with rage,anger,betrayal and worry in her eye,
she tried to say something but what she heard from abhi was enough to kill her assap……

Abhi says can u plzzzz tell me what happened to me I tried to recall it but my headache is jux increasing, and why am I halve naked and this much stressed????

pragya opened her mouth in an ooooo shape and couldn’t control her tears as she was shocked to know the man who had taken advantage of her state and forcefully took her to bed is now appearing innocent before she could allege him…….

abhi says what are these tears for ??? are they the answer to this puzzled look of mine,answer me ,why are u crying?

Pragya thought what a world is this and why can some men be sooo pretentious and wicked?
she sternly asked do u mean u don’t know anything that happened last night?

abhi shakes his head as no….

pragya rushed to the washroom and got dressed for work,whiles abhi stood there more confused for pragyas reaction……

she hurriedly left the house without having any eye contact with abhi,,,,,, he stepped down and almighty mitali says abhi u finally woke up,, i thought u would never wakeup after yesterdays incidence…..
abhi qasked can u be specific and tell me clearly,, but mitali says stop pretending my brother,do u mean to say u don’t know u were drank at the party?

Abhi now recalled his encounter with pragya and her behavior,he thought ooo so she was angry bcos I was drunk,this means she has a feeling for me that is why she got worried for me…aweeeee i cant wait any longer ,he happily hugged mitali and rushed to change his getup while mitali looked on confused about abhis behaviour ,

The scene shifted to purab who recalled bulbuls hug and was feeling restless ,,he decided to visit them
so he can be sure about his feelings for her….
he got to the house but was told maan is out and jodha says she is going to the shop and bulbul is going to the market to buy some ingredients….
purab quickly said i would go with her which left joha in astonishment ..
he realise what he jux spilled out and says woh, woh, I mean to say I would pick her in my car so she can come back early..

jodha says okay but don’t keep long.they both left whiles jodha smiled at them…

abhi quickly reached pragyas office to make up with her ,bcos he thought she had a feeling for him that is why she was angry with him for being drunk…..

he asked the receptionist to call pragya..the receptionist went to her cabin and says pragya mam ur husband has come ……

she gave an irritating look to her and says where are we????.
the receptionist says work….

pragya says then be reliable to ur work does he have any appointment with me in ur list? she says no mam. ..
pragya says then tell him am not around, the receptionist says but mam ………
pragya sternly says jump,crawl,cry,scream I don’t care but he must not know am here …….

abhi who heard this at the door step thought this much attitude,but i like to be drowned in this style of hers…

The receptionist open the gate and was shocked to see abhi at the door, he entered while the receptionist tried to stop him but prqgya asked her to go…………

she asked him so is this the manners u ve to stormed into someone’s cabin without being called????

but abhi says am not at any ordinary cabin but my wife’s cabin..
pragya irritatedly says I dont mix up my personal life with my profession. ………

he says sooo much attitude and tried to approach her but pragya says move back,she moved until her back hit the wall,abhi was sooo close and asked what effect does it ve on u wen am more closer to u saying so he held her by her waist tightly and close enough, he held her hair and bend to smell it fragrance but pragya released her hand and gave him a tight slap which was enough to demolish the building ,,,,it echoed in the whole office which left the workers stunned as who is that receiving this tight slap in such a hot weather……..

she says get out of my office u cheap man,don’t ever come close to me again and was about to move out but abhi blocked her to the wall with his hand,,, and a burning flame in his eyes and says what do u think of yourself,how dare u slap me? I would show u what is hell..

he held her by shoulder tightly and looked in her eyes angrily, while pragya looked at him fearfully and tear filled eyes..

he looked stealthily at her rosy lips and suddenly crushed his lips on hers and kissed her till he was short of breath,

pragya tried to push him but his broad chest was not willing to move so she held the wall behind tightly and cried silently……. ……

he caresses her face and says welcome to my tormenting world mrs,, pragya mehra….he loosed his grip and pragya fell on the floor while abhi stormed out…..
pragya cried miserably on the floor…………

moments passed,minute,hours,days,weeks passed, but there was no change in their relation,…………….
abhi was willing for pragya to change her perspective about him,but its becoming worse day by day as she speaks less ,,smiles less always calm and keeping herself to herself ……

one fine morning pragya was not feeling alright but decided to leave for work as she dont want to be at abhis glance but she suddenly felt dizzy and everything became Blaire …..
she stumbled and about to fall but a strong hand held her ,it was abhi and he says can’t u see and walk properly ???
they had an eyelock but full of worry,she suddenly fell unconscious which made abhi panicked………………..

he rushed her to the hospital as there was no one at home ,,she was examined and the doctor called abhi to his cabin and told him your wife is pregnant,,,but she is very weak,look stressed,and eats late so u should take care of her………

abhi was shocked and felt cheated ,he asked the doctor whether he is sure..the doctor says it is confirmed so why are u shocked instead of being happy??????

abhi faked his smile and left from the doctors cabin……….
abhi and pragya was returning back home and abhi was burning in anger which has appeared on his face and pragya was looking at him fearfully…

they reached home and abhi forcefully held her hand and dragged her to their room whilst pragya says leave my hand abhi ,u are hurting me,leave me….

but it fell on his deaf ears,he threw her on the couch and asked talk to me why are u silent?? tell me who is the father of this baby? tell me before I loose my temper,,tell me who is that man who has the gut to touch my wife start speaking who is he that made u denied me for him??????

pragya was shocked to see this side of abhi,she was shattered and tears were uncontrollably flowing from her eyes with her hands joined while abhi stood there with anger,dejection and jealousy in his eyes …….

the screen freezes on pragyas tearful face and abhis angry face………….

PRECAB………Abhi says for once I thought u were a light to my way but u ruined that purity with this shameful act of urs,,,and In other case pragya was seen requesting abhi to believe her……….

guys I know I couldn’t meet ur expectations but what can I do wen my Trisha kept pampering me ( hey na Trisha didi)?????????????
guys plzzzzz bear with my mistakes and all kind of rotten tomatoes and eggs are welcome????????????
plzzzzz next time i would try my best as i typed this in a hurry…..

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  1. no di its too over please don’t do like atleast we expect next ff as good for our abhigya pls di its too over i can’t imagine this di pls don’t do like this and make next ff as happy

    1. Lopez

      aweeeeeeee prithika,plzzzzzzzz forgive ur di,I know u didn’t expect this but am really very sorry and I promise to meet ur expectations in next two or three updates….love uuuuuu ??????????????????

  2. i hop abhi will regret his action from next ff …………

    1. Lopez

      kind of dear,but be stunned to know what happens further..???????????

  3. What is this di you should not have done this to me abhi can’t imagine what happened to him and pragya what is this is this a way to cheat a girl I didn’t except this from you di soo disappointed and abhi na I hate him and he made me cry why abhi did this to pragya and doubting on her whether this is someone’s baby how could he if he love pragya then how can he doubt her but one doubt did abhi know that this happened between them because he hugged MITALI and thanked her but now he is behaving like a cheater anyways waiting for the next part.

  4. Lopez

    abhigya am really very sorry for not meeting ur expectations dear ,,,,forgive me sweetness for disappointing u dear,but I promise to make things right between them…..
    and about ur doubt, abhi hugged mitali in anticipation because he thought pragya love him that is why she was possessive on him for being drunk,,I hope I cleared ur doubt,, once again forgive ur doll for her making u cry plzzzzzzzzzzz…lovvvvvvvvve uuuuu?????????????????

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  7. Superb Doll! Absolutely awesome! Now that im all caught up…please dont make us wait too long for the next epi….curious to know what happens next!

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