Hi freinds, this is Lopez,I hope u ve not forgotten me infact am really very sorry for taking sooo much time to update,I was held up with soooo many schedules,hope u could forgive ur doll and read this scribbling of mine,,I lovvvvvvvvvve uuuuuuuuuu all my special readers,and all my frnds,including those inspiring me,I lovvvvvvvvvve u allllll.

so now enough of my blah,blah,blah and let move to the story…………………

The episode start with abhi standing at the gate and reminiscences pragya asking him never to look for her should in case he finally gets to know the truth,he stood there being emotionless and his tears were uncontrollable,,,because remembering the bitter words he said to pragya made him to loose himself completely….

But then he gathered courage and decided to face her wrath ,, bcos its best to seek her forgiveness than letting her go,or to even dream of being alone without her………..

So he entered and there he saw his lady love lying her head on her moms lab and bulbul was like consoling her.
at that instant itself, it feels like his heart stopped working and felt a great pain within to see his ladylove in sooo much pain and that tooo a pain which is caused by he himself…….
maybe perhaps ,,hurting her would ve been the last thing he could wish for her,, he approach them and says namastiji jodha mam,both jodha and bulbul turned towards him as their back was facing the entrance,jodha responded and says namasti beta,she offered him seat and asked bulbul to bring some water for him,whiles abhi himself was sad to see his love lying down emotionless…………

Bulbul cut the ice and being the mistress who hate nonsense,, asked wat are u doing here,huh?..
oh,so u came here to see how much pain she is enduring, but am assuring u she is fine and we are capable of taking care of her,so before I cross all limits,kindly walk out,start walking out now..

jodha stoped bulbul and asked,is that how u talk to ur jiju?is that ur manners,,,atleast be responsible and now come on let’s leave from here….
she held bulbuls hand and dragged her,,but before leaving, bulbul drow closer to abhi and said i warned u not to hurt her,but u took my warnings for granted and hurt her,I would show u where the power lyes..she finally gave him a disgusting look and left from there with jodha, giving them space to solve their puzzle….

Pragya who was watching the scene all along tried to leave but abhi dragged her closer and both look into the eye of one another which is full of pain, anger,dejection,betrayal, and mistrust…..

She jerked his hands and tried to leave,, but abhi held her hand back and knelt before her with his hands folded seeking for forgiveness..
he continued by saying plzzzzz trust me am regretting for every single word I said to u ,plzzzz forgive me,,
,u know I can’t live without u,am regretting for my deeds,every single seconds passes like a year for me without ur company, plzzz u can punish,insult,and even hit me but don’t leave me alone,as I can’t live without u,so forgive me and come with me plzzzzzzzz…

Pragya cut inn and says why,? do u think u owe my life and control me as ur robbort? …wen you wish,u would send me out and then as per ur wish u would take me back home?huh?…

infact why is this world sooo cruel ,,and with full of bad fortunes installed for women? why are women expected to compromise over everything?…
A husband can date many women as per his wish,a man can freely party and roam with other women as much as he delight without wife’s interference,,,but if a married woman is seen seeking a mere help from a male friend ,,then calamity would befall her,,she shall be disgraced, and be called with every disgusting word their boneless tongue could say,,
becos society consider it as null and void,,society has something called limit which is emphasized only on women,,why do women alone has to compromise with everything in their married life jux to maintain the relationship which is supposed to be built with both spouse???A husband is suppose to keep wife’s dignity and respect intact,but my husband made fun of my emotions and named my character,, why am I even asking u this? after all u ,,,,u,,u,arrrre,
but before she couldn’t complete,,an unstoppable amount of tears start falling from her purple eyes…

abhi could not withstand her tears and hugged her out of pain and slowly loosed himself to her feet pleading…

pragya who could not see him in this situation helped him got up and wiped his tears, bcos the dept in his eyes visualize how regretful he is….
there was a silent eyelock between them with both hugging each other….

Abhi broke the hug and was about to say something but pragya covered his mouth with her hands,but abhi removed her hands and says punish me,I would accept, but don’t leave me plzzzzzzz..

pragys hugged him back and says u got my pardon the exact moment u stepped into this house,,wat matters is u realise ur mistake and apologized, that itself is a great achievement……

Abhi quickly hugged her out of happiness and says u are sooo genuine and pure,but I kept hurting u,am happy u forgave me and I promise to never hurt u again,,,am sooooooo happy and all this seems like a dream for meeeee…….

but before he could complete his statement, he heard a car horn which brought him to realization,and there he got to know he was in an imaginary world all this while…

he composed himself and says am hopeful pragya would forgive me..
he bagged into the house and started calling pragyas name loudly……

bulbul who heard his voice came out and says I would deal with this man sooooo badly that in the near future he won’t ve the slightest courage to hurt any woman

she came to him and says what are u doing here,,are u not satisfied with the pain u gave her,now leave from here,get out,he was not budging so she held his hand and started dragging him out…..

abhi held her hands back and knelt before her with joint hands saying plzzzz forgive me,u can shout at me later ,but now I want to see her plzzzzz..

bulbul was dumbstruck to see this side of abhi,,,she could not author any word and kept staring at him,, jodha who came out saw this scene, she went straight to bulbul and gave a disgusting look to her,she held her hands and took her aside……..

jodha asked her,wat are u doing ,are u asking ur jiju to kneel before u?
bulbul its a high time for u to start acting maturely, the most important thing is he realized his fault and want to apologize, or do u want ur sister to be a single mother like me?see how am toiling to meet ur needs,,,
would u allow ur selfless sister to go under same situation ,plzzzz be fair to him and most importantly to ur sister…

bulbul with bowed head went back to abhi and said my sister is not at home..
abhi quickly asked where has she been to,plzzzzz take me to her,I want to talk to her,kindly do me a favour and lead me to her plzzzzzzzz…….

bulbul felt his tears genuine and says my sis has decided to leave for Canada,but for her sake, I think we should get her before she leave.
.abhi was shocked and quickly held her hand pulled her with full speed,they reach the cab and drove off to the coach’s place ,they got to the house and bulbul went in and great the coach’s wife.

she then seek for pragya….
but she got to know pragya left for the airport already, she told abhi and both drove back quickly to the airport as they got to know her flight would be due in few minutes,

The scene shift to pragya who checked in her flight with soo much worries and sadness,, she sat in her seat lifeless and an announcement was made for five minutes more for departure……
the screen freezes on pragya crying face and abhi tensed face…..

PRECAB,,not yet decided,,I guess I need this ????????????? right.

hi guys once again am soooooo sorry for the delay,i lovvvvvvvvvve uuuuuuuuuu all and special thanks to my special princess here who kept motivating me. I lovvvvvvvvvve uuuuuuuuuu???????????????

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  1. Trisha

    Awesome epi doll…????
    Abhi should suffer for his stubborness and stupidity! Awaiting the next epi…anxious to know what happens…???

    1. Lopez

      thanks soooo much dear for loving the epi,,and sure,I would update soon

  2. Awesome epi di??
    Love u❤️

    1. Lopez

      thanks suhani dear for ur comment,lovvvvvvvvvve uuuuuuuuuu?????????????????

  3. Milly


  4. Milly

    amazing coz abhi deserve that

    1. Lopez

      thanks for ur comment Milly dear, I appreciate it.?????????????????

  5. Abhi should deserve this.

    1. Lopez

      thanks for ur comment dear am greatful u liked it,lovvvvvvvvvve uuuuuuuuuu????????????

  6. Awesome update dear, lovvvvvvvvve itttttttt. ?????????

  7. Waaaaaaaw am soooo happy to that u updated finally, I have been waiting for hr update eagerly, I was a silent reader and I admire hr writing so much di, I would be eagerly waiting for next part soon and for abhi, he deserve more than the treat bulbul is giving himel????????????????????????

    1. Lopez

      yeeeeeeeeeh shruti di,am sooo happy u liked this epi,infact ur comment is sooooo inspiring, and I lovvvvvvvvvve itttt soooo much???????????????????

    1. Lopez

      thanks to ur comment sweetness??????????????

  8. Hi….I like ur way of writing. ….its simply superb. ..

    1. Lopez

      aweeeeee thanks for ur compliment dear,its inspiring????????????????????????????

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