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[MISCONCEPTIONS swasan ss EPILOGUE – Telly Updates] is good,have a look at it!
Epilogue part 1

Swara’s pov
I started the video recording and recorded the happenings till now and also clicked some funny pictures of sanskar which were more like cute
I decided to go through the map of Rajasthan until we arrive the destined place.
I was going through the map but sleep took over me .

Sanskar’s pov
I felt something on my shoulder ..i managed to look in the direction and she was none other than my beautiful angel.
I loved to see her and this was my most favourite thing to do
Watching her every expression was priceless
I was back to my world from the halt of the train which denoted that our first destination has arrived

I kissed swara on her cheeks to wake her up and like an excited puppy she woke up rubbing her eyes and saw the view from the mirror forgetting about me.
She then hurriedly took me out of the train
The first place was udaipur and we enjoyed a lot ,shopped a lot and for me it was a romance bonus .
I don’t know i could only concentrate on her face rather on places .
We had our lunch and then the train was enrouted to next place
We had our dinner in the dining area and after that we headed towards our bedroom
We were bored so i suggested to play cards but my angel was having some smirk
I don’t know what’s in her dangerous brain
Pov ends

“To make it more interesting i have an idea mr. maheshwari”
“Lets keep a reward ,for every game one loses one has to remove one piece of clothe he /she is dressed in .”she added
“The game is going to be damn hot.Be ready to loose”
“Lets see sanskar”
They started the card game but swara lost the first game and sanskar smirked winningly
“So mrs maheshwari ,time for my reward .Do you want me to do the honours?”he asked
“No “she glared him

She removed the tee she was wearing while sanskar was just seeing her like a hungry animal.
“So now lets start the next game ,mr maheshwari “she said bringing him back
“I am loving it “he sang to her reply
The other one was won by swara
“Wohooooo , your​ turn mr maheshwari”she said
But he chose to take his jeans out .Swara was just feeling hard controlling herself feeling his hard member inside his bottoms.

The next game was won by sanskar followed by another one also
And now swara who was only in her undies , for next loss took her br* out .
“You know what forget about the game ,i have an better idea”sanskar said and pulled her such that his chest caressed her back
He placed her hair on one side and started placing rough kisses on her nape ,also leaving hickeys on her skin
“Mr maheshwari” she moaned when he made her face him and started kissing her cleavage area
She just clutched the bedsheet to help her moaning
He started going too rough .He bit one of her ni*ples and pressed the other one to which she moaned higher

“Mr maheshwari ”
He went down leaving kisses on her belly until she got in charge .She kissed him hungrily taking off his t-shirt and pushed him on bed .She climbed on him and started giving more rough kisses on his chest.He had enough of her and pulled her for a french kiss ,rough yet passionate.He showered n number of kisses on her face
He got off his bottoms and her too and slid his finger in her cl*t
She stopped kissing him and started moaning ,louder and louder saying him to stop teasing her
“Sanskarrr please”
He brought his face close to her face nd said

“I love you so much “he said kissing her b**bs
“I want you”she managed to whisper
With that sanskar made her legs apart and thrusted in her
Deeper and deeper with every thrust
She did anything but cry in pain which soon became pleasure for her
He rided her roughly after each thrust until having had an orgasm,the moment of intense pleasure.
Sanskar kissed her on her forehead for the last time and looked in swara’s eyes to find only love nothing else
“Sanskar can i ask you a question?”swara said

“You will be forever mine na?”she asked cutely
He smiled at her stupid question and said
“When i say i love you swara that means you are mine and i am yours forever and ever ..swara you are part of my soul…a beautiful part which only a fool can let go and i am not letting you go …never
I love you”

He kissed her for the last time and kept his head between her br*asts and slept in a minute
She smiled seeing him sleeping like a baby
“I love you too ” she mouthed and hugged him tight .
Next day was another adventure for them for as long as they were together ,they had no fear…
This is what love is

“Love is not about the fairytale charms ,its not about having s*x every night, its about making the unperfect reality into perfect by understanding and caring for each other and trusting each others words to give it a true meaning”by me

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