Mischievous Hotel (intro)


hi guys… I’m new here.. I’m from Malaysia and I’m a tamizhian. I never watched naagin a single episode. but I like the show because of the fans that describes about that drama. so I come here to write a ff if rivanya. the story based on a Malaysian-Tamil movie named settai hotel. it’ll be a comedy and romance ff. I hope u all will like and enjoy it. first, I introduce the casts.

Shivanya – A Naagin From her birth. she is the daughter of the naag Rani and Raja. when she was reached 18, her parents gave the naagmani to her. she is friend with a man.the man is cheated on her and take the naagmani away. so she still now stay on the hotel where the man cheated.

Rithik – he is a love failure man and a failure author. he loved a girl named shesha. she broke up with him for some problems. he takes a debt from a man named karan. he planning for his suicide.

Kanha – Rithik’s close friend. rithik helped him to buy a pencil in their childhood. they helped each other whenever they need.

Shesha – Rithik’s ex – lover. she is a greedy. she needs money only. she leaves rithik for money.

Aparajitha – the hotel’s manager and a secretary of the hotel owner. she is a crazy girl for makeup.

Ankush – the hotel owner. he wants to sell the hotel.

Devyani – a old-age ghost. she is with shivanya

Nameless – she is a teenager ghost. she is also with shivanya.

so guys how is the casts roles? did u like it?

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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  1. Seems it will be funny. Start writing

  2. Its gd dear.
    plz continue

  3. plz pehle aaj ka episode upload kro fast

  4. plz upload next epi soon

  5. Awesome

  6. I’m very excited to read ur story.plsssssssssss update it fast.and all the best!

  7. Hi, am also tamizhian. Nice cast. Eagerly waiting for ur episode 🙂

  8. Plz upload todays episode fast. And you also upload your story.

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