The Mirror: the destroyer of all… IKRS . Introduction


Hiii ..guys this is your AM … I am back …this time .I am going to start a fan fiction …
Title by : AM
Helped by : kaviya.prachi
Written by: AM(dialogues)
Story by: AM
First post day: 22nd April
Location: TU page of IKRS
Language:English Hindi
Song: ghumnam hae koi
Music from: 1920 London
Cover pic credit: AM

Thus is basically a ghost story which will surely thrill all … Due to public demand I add little love story of viplav and Dhani


Dhani and her family live in new Delhi .. It is a Punjabi family … One day they decided to go to their ancestral house in Rajasthan ..but their they experienced the horrifying past of their family which is known to her dad only …there they find viplav ,an exorcist and beg for help …he discovers the mystery of the mirror and stops it permenantly ( don’t think about it . kuch bhi ho sakta hae πŸ˜› )
So guys be ready


Viplav Joshi: our hero ..25 years old ,an exorcist

Dhani kaur : heroine ,22 years old bubbly girl

Avijit kaur: heroine’s brother,16 years old and naughty but cute

Kavitha kaur : dhani’s mother

Raj kaur : dhani’s father
I will add more members be ready for this totally different story of IKRS ..hope you guys like it … I am ready to thrill you all … Be ready again … …………. Hahaha … Stay happy ..stay young ..enjoy it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Credit to: AM... kaviya ... prachi ..kavitha ..megha ... swara .

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  1. AM aka Avijit happy to see u back with a thrilling story. Ekdum different from other ffs. Plz post first part soon.

  2. Wow am..first of all m very happy..punjabi family…??
    Secondly ghost story seems interesting..
    All the very best for ur ff..,??

    Please make it raj singh and avijit singh as singh is added as surname for males..kaur for girls only ..

    1. It was me only Xxxxx who commented one day
      I got the idea when somebody updated by this name?
      Dont know who it was ?

  3. this is not fair ..why my cover photo change πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    1. No problem
      Add it next time ?

  4. Wow am..first of all m very happy..punjabi family…??
    Secondly ghost story seems interesting..
    All the very best for ur ff..,??

    Please make it raj singh and avijit singh as singh is added as surname for males..kaur for girls only ..

    1. so you are Xxxxx πŸ˜› .. first I think singh but it is common …

      1. But kaur is not for boys na

    2. oh god its uuuuuuuuuu xxxxx
      hi my dear real doctor

      1. Hello dr sweety..
        Yaar i missed you all so much..
        Mann to boht karta h comment karne ka but studies ne mara hua h abhi?

      2. Arshdeep, is that you? Missing you lots so good to see you posting again.

        Hope the 17th went well and that all’s well with you.xxxx

        Thanks again Dr Sweety for pointing me in this direction. Xxx

      3. Didi i will reply u on episode update
        Just cant tell u how much i missed you???
        Love u sooo much?

      4. And I you Arshdeep. Really missed you. Xxx

        And also love dr sweety for letting me know you were over here. Xxx

      5. I decided not to commnt bcoz that makes me restless to see again n again for the replies.. but wanted to correct am over the names?

  5. Superb!!!! ?
    I just love horror stories! Will be waiting for the first episode eagerly!
    Vidhaaani’s love story in a horror story, too good!

  6. Oh horror story something different!! Post the 1st part soon

  7. Hureeee.finally ur ff has been published. We r very excited abt dis

  8. wow AM bhai, super intro ….intro itna interesting hai I’m so happy… all the best ???

  9. oh sorry ..I don’t know about the surname guys characters name is changed now …

    Dhani Sharma , our heroine
    Avijit Sharma , heroine’s brother
    kavitha Sharma . heroine ‘s mother
    Raj Sharma . heroine’s father

    viplav joshi , an exorcist ..our hero

    1. Tumne to kaur hi badal dia..?
      I was so happy to see it.. as my name is arshdeep kaur ?
      But its ok do what suits you ?

      1. don’t know about Punjabi surnames … actually I gave kaur seeing your surname πŸ˜› πŸ˜› … but now it is changed … good na ??

      2. Not so good ?
        Mujhe kaur pasand aya tha
        Mujhe bhi thoda consult kr lete ff shuru krne se phle??

      3. haha ..but tune to fb account bandh kar diya to puchu kaha πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

      4. Ohh haan !!
        Chal koi na ye bhi chalega
        Next time main names ke liye apni advice zarur dungi????

  10. hahahahahahahahaha

    what a different – intro
    ” ” – story
    ” ” – credit

    1. haha ..thank u sahiba for commenting …it is to attract people ..nice idea na ?? πŸ˜›

  11. hey good start am. . all the best. .

    no credit to commentors?? -:)) hahaha. .

    1. he he .they helped me so I gave names .. episode mae sirf mera credit hoga πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  12. This is superb bhai… it …ready for thrill…..excited for this completely different of IKRS …….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ lage raho…..

  13. Chotte am what a rocking intro horror wow u know horror n comedy r my fav genres thanks for writing a horror ff on IKRS it’s great

  14. HI Avi Bro, finally your ff published, it’s totally different from others ff. Good work, waiting for first episode.. Keep it up.. All the Best Bro…………

  15. What a diff story……….nice…….

  16. Ha ha ha ha….Avi ff!!! Woh bhi inspired by SSK & naagin…?..mujhe sach mein bahut hasi aa rahi hai ..ha ha ha…
    I was abt to ask u to change the surnames of male characters but Arshdeep already told… Aur achha!!! Apna naam daal diya..bahut achhe!!!
    I opened tu pg after ages & u cracked me with ur bhootiya story?..All the best babu for ur bhootiya kahani!!!

    1. hahahaha ..thank u …hope for best .. u will enjoy it sure

  17. Bhai.. Nice one story toh comments Mein bhi hai.. May be 1st time…

    All the best bro

  18. thank u to all … first episode will be funny and awesome … hope all like it ..I will give it 22nd April …

  19. very goods start bro, i am waiting for u r horror story, and fully exited to read,…….its going to be rock……all the best

  20. chahta hu ki abhi submit kardu first part but part 3 ready nahi hua … so wait for 22nd April …

    1. No prblm we will wait

  21. AM what a great start. Can’t wait for the next instalment,

  22. Sounds interesting . Can hardly wait

  23. Ya…atlast my chotte s ff is published. …sry for the late comment…now only came to know it dr….

    Nd as always its a different Intro. ..

  24. So we want to wait till 22 na…..nd keep the story different. ..nd dhanni in punjab family. …cute…

    1. haha …I caught you πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

      1. Not good ….how can u caught like tht.….

  25. Hi am though i don’t like horror but I would surely see as our vidhani is involved in it ‘ also wanted to correct u on names but arshdeep already did it. If i dont want to use SINGH then khanna ‘ kapoor ‘Arora’ ‘Bhalla’ BhatiΓ  ‘raheja’tandon ‘Khandelwal n so many ‘ sorry

  26. yipeeee ..intro mae itna sara comments …thank for your love ..give this to all episodes too ..thank u πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Ur most wlcm but in return we want the first epi to be the loongest one

  27. Wow…wonderful. ..waiting for ur first part….make it long. ..

    1. Ohooo am ab tere bhi fan h πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    2. omg fan .. arshdeep ae tera kam hae na ?? or it is swara di

      1. Na na maine nhi kia yeh..
        Hogi teri koi badi wali fan???

  28. Chotte finally u posted ur ff waited for long…
    N thanks sab ko credit dene keliye …

    Its really interesting

  29. Kya baat hai Avi,i am already thrilled and ready to get more thrilled.hahaha.superb introduction with a different style.go ahead ghost days are coming.bachao.hahahaha.

  30. i am waiting

  31. hello everyone πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    very different story line
    theri baby

  32. Hi avi iam very sorry for my late com.I don’t have time to read ff but I’ll surely try to read when i am free.and also Iam very eagerly waiting for ur ff .very interesting horror story.
    And iam too happy that our ikrs family members also taking part in this ur suspense thriller.keep going and all the best for ur ff.hope it will give u most successful future to go ahead. take care.

  33. oh my god ..highest comments in a FF’s intro of IKRS ..totally awesome and superb ..thank you for your love

  34. Gud start bhai am

  35. yipee … 60 comments

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