Miraculous love – SHIVIKA FF part 8

Hi guys I know u all are angry with me(may be). Whatever I missed you guys very much. Coming to the reason I didn’t update was my health. I was ill:(. Okay I hope you missed me and my FF too. So enough of my talks coming back to update

Till now
Anika ran away from her wedding….. She entered into om……. Shivika’s fights and they had started developing a understanding bond unknowingly…..picnic time….. Cricket… Omru’s plan worked in making shivika friends.

Part 8
Prinku was attending a call
Prinku:ha baba we will meet soon
Boy:ok bye luv u
Prinku:luv u too bye
She cut the call and turns and was shocked
Anika:what’s going on Prinku
Prinku….. Nothing ani
Anika…. Who’s that?

Prinku….. Who who?
Anika….. Come on Prinku I am ur friend u can tell me
Prinku….I don’t know what are you talking about
Anika…OK then If you don’t want to tell
She was about to go when Prinku stops her
Prinku… But u will not tell to anyone
Anika… OK baba I am ur besty na say
Prinku… He’s my boyfriend
Anika.. (surprised) what!!
Prinku…. Ha
Anika… When you guys met? What’s his name? How do you know him? Where does he live? Is he handsome?

Prinku… Ani calm down I will say u everything come sit
They both sit on bed
Prinku… (smiling) RANVEER. his name is ranveer. He is a police officer
Anika… O bete ki he is a cop
Prinku… (blushing) ya ACP ranveer Singh randhawa.
Anika….(teasing) u are blushing Prinku how u both met
Prinku…. When I came back from Delhi at station some goons were following me..my car was a bit late… At that time ranveer saved me from goons… And even he dropped me to mansion henceforth we became friends and we used to chat and call each other frequently and the rest….
Anika…. Ya ya rest was luv shuv right btw is he handsome
Prinku.. He is so dashing

Anika… (teasing) oho…. then y didn’t u tell to ur brothers. I am sure if he’s good they will accept him
Prinku… Waiting for the right time ani
Anika…aisa na ho ke they come to know accidentally and they will be hurt Prinku tell them soon
Prinku nods and they came to hall. Where everyone where discussing something
Anipri….. What happened
Som… Di bad news we are going back.
Rudra… Ha di coz choti ma and papa has returned and some foreign delegates are coming so shivay bhaiya and papa needs to be there
Everyone becomes sad and starts packaging bags. When everyone were busy in it Prinku went to shivay who was standing near bus instructing the driver
Prinku… Bhaiya I need to talk to you
Shivay… (busy in his phone) ha Prinku say

Prinku….(making sad face) Bhaiya will u say anika now to go…. As u said after choti MA and papa returns she must go
Shivay who was busy in phone looked up and was sad hearing he’s words from Prinku
Shivay… Not at all Prinku don’t worry she will stay in our house only
Prinku… (happy) thanks Bhaiya
She side hugs him and goes
Everyone returned from farm house. Shanky took blessings from dadi and had a light chat with everyone. Then pinky noticed anika
Pinky… Who is she?
Om.. Choti ma she’s Prinku’s friend
Shivay…. Mom come with me I need to talk to you
He takes her inside and explains everything.
Pinky… Shivay I will not allow her to live in my house how dare you permitted her to live here

Shivay… But mom..
Pinky… I don’t knows anythings she may a fraud or a cheap girl or a robber shivay was furious by now
Shivay… (loudly) mom just stop it… (calming himself down) mom try and understand she’s not like that she belongs to a reputated family and she’s really sincere innocent… If u just spend time with her u will come to know how is she
Pinky… (understood) OKs beta if you are saying
Shivay… (side hugging her) thanks mom
Anika who had come to talk to pinky heard their conversation. And was very happy that how shivay understands her.

Next day
Rudy went out for shopping. Om was busy with his statues and shivay was busy as usual in his business calls
When suddenly shivay’s phone rang displaying Rudra ‘s number he picked up and……….. He fell on his knees and was totally numb. Om entered his room and was hell shocked seeing shivay’s condition
Om… Shivay(no response).. Shivay(no response)… (loudly) Shivay
Shivay came to senses
Om… What happened shivay
Shivay… Om…. R.. Ru…. Rudra suffered with an accident
Om was also totally numb tears escaped from his eyes
Shivay(acting strong) consoled him they both rushed to hospital anika and saumya who saw them in tension followed them.

In hospital
Rudra is taken into ot
Shivay and om are sitting on nearby seats. Anisom entered the hospital and asked both of them what’s happening but they didn’t reply
Nurse…. Sir I need a sign over here…. U r Rudra Singh Oberois brother right please sign here
Anika…. (shocked) what happened to rudra
Nurse… Mam he suffered an accident

Again listening to this om started crying vigorously saumya was also crying and even consoled om. Shivay didn’t cry a drop but signed the paper.
Doctor came out of ot.
Shivom… How’s rudra
Doctor…. He’s completely fine it was a minor accident not to worry… Even u can meet him now
Saumya… Thanks doctor
Om and shivay went inside to meet him but he was still asleep due to overpowering medicines. They both just adored him caressed his face. Om just sit on the table but shivay came out. And now Saumya went inside. Shivay was just acting strong came outside and sat on the same seat. Anika was watching all this
Anika…. It’s OK shivay

Shivay…. No reply
Anika went and stood near him
Anika… Shivay I know you are strong but once someone said me(shivay said her in 4th part) SOMETIMES GREAT WALLS ALSO NEED SUPPORT
listening to her shivay was least able to control himself and suddenly he hug her by her waist and started crying like a baby. Anika reciprocated to him patting his back consoled him it’s OK shivay

One day later
Doctor… Now you can take him home Mr. Shivay Singh oberoi
Shiv…. Thanks
They took rudra home

At om
Saumya helped rudra and feed him food and even his medicines on time all this things brought them close to each other

At a trekking camp
Ishana’s college camp of Mumbai
Girl…. Finally u came ishu to this camp I am so happy
Ishana…. And I am so shocked that how did my dad permit me… Uhf
Girl…. U r lucky yaar

Two days passed the college camp was now at a beach enjoying. Om was at the same beach for work over his paintings. Ishana was playing hide and seek with her friends and she run so fast to escape from her friend that she didn’t even see in front and………. Bhoom
She fell on om and they both fell on sand. Now Ishana over om. Om was completely lost in her beauty… His both hands was on her waist. Ishana was so lost in his cute face… Her one hand was on his shoulder and with another hand she tuck om’s hair behind his ear which has come over his face due to wind (I know it’s some silly laughable butttttt romantic moment) O sathiya plays….
Soon they come to senses
They both apologized to each other and Ishana saw back to see her friends but to her shock her college camp has left her alone and went.

Done with the update
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