Miraculous love – SHIVIKA FF part 7

Hi ishqbazianss sholly I didn’t update it early. Actually there is annual function in our college so I am a bit busy hence I wasn’t able to update early. I hope you like this part, I was literally thinking to stop the FF coz no increase in comments. Whatever coming to the update please say me if I’m going off track or should I add anything else or u want something more from my side. I am OK with both good and bad comments but please comment. Here is the part 7………..

At farm house
After coming out of bus anika moves to sompri room. Shivay was about to go to his room then Omru blocked his way.

Om:shivay y were you Still in the bus ha….. Coz we have brought yours and dadi’s luggage too….. Then what was the reason.?
Shivay :actually I was helping anika
Rudra 😮 don’t u think bhaiya is now being more helpful person
Omru laugh.
Shivay:stop it guys I am going to the room as I am tired right now
Om;ha help kar kar ke thak gaya hoga

Shivay runs behind om. Om runs faster and then ended up in their room. They start pillow fight. Rudra too comes
Rudra (crying) :u forgot me?
Shivom fowards there arms for him. They share a hug……. Lafzon Ka ye rishta nhi plays

At noon
At dinning table
Everyone arrives for lunch. And had lunch.
Dadi:enough of rest now let’s enjoy
Om:yay I have an idea
Anika :what’s that?
Om:let’s play cricket
Sompri :that’s brilliant idea
Shivay:nice idea om
Rudra:I know o u have become intelligent like me…… Performing his logic sign

At garden area of farm house
Dadi :I will be the umpire
Everyone : okay

The teams are divided as girls and boys
Team anika :somya, prinku, janvi.
Team shivay:om, Rudra, tej.

Toss is won by shivay’s team and they decide to ball
Shivay (to anika) :I have won the toss now only match is remaining
Anika(laughing) ; literally it was a very good joke
And they give death glare to each other and move towards the pitch
Om(to prinku)(making fun) :pakka u will play na
Prinku(angered ) : now I will not rather my bat will speak
And they give death glare to each other and move towards the pitch
Tej(to janvi) : I am a business man so I know tricks very well be careful janvi
Janvi:I think u should say to yourself to be careful
And they give death glare to each other and move towards the pitch
Rudy(to saumya)(giggling) :saumya u will loose weight I am really concerned about u
Saumya (frowing) :did you drank ur protein shake Rudra? If not then drink it u will need it to see my fours and sixes
And they give death glare to each other and move towards the pitch

Match starts
There are total 5 overs
First over
Shivay balling and Anika and janvi are batting. Anika plays poor and shivay makes her fun
Second over
Om balling and janvi and saumya batting. Janvi gets out. Om gets glad
Similarly 3 more overs finished and the score was 65 runs
The girls were dancing like hell. Boys were making themselves ready to bat.

First over
Anika balling and tej and om batting. Tej gets out. Anika makes sorry faces for tej but dances after he leaves
Second over
Prinku balling and om and shivay batting. Shivay hits 4 sixes and 2 fours. Girls get upset. Boys enjoy.
Similarly 3 over get finished but at
Last over
Saumya balling and Rudra and shivay batting. Rudra hits a great six………… Here anika near the boundary tries to catch the ball and she suddenly…………..
Splash….. She slipped into the swimming pool which was more in depth compared to her height. Everyone gets shocked.
Shivay(shouted) :anikaaaaaaa…
And runs faster and faster and directly jumped in the pool swam deeper and deeper and after 5 mins he found anika lying unconscious. He took her and swam upwards. He brought her out of pool and made her lie on the floor. She was still unconscious. He pushed her stomach to bring the water out (shouting) ;anika wake up…. Open ur eyes damn. Everyone was so worried.
After few minutes she spit water from her mouth and gained conscious. Shivay embraced her head
Shivay:thank God u are fine…….(concerned) have u lost it ani can’t u be careful… Are you a little kid I must warn u….. Can’t u see the pool.
Om;shivay calm down.
Coming to senses he left her. Anika was little startled by his behavior

Later sompri took her to the room.
Anika was sleeping and she wake up.
And sat on bed thinking
Anika’s pov
What was that. Shivay was concerned about me. Really!! Sometimes he fights with me and sometimes….. God y can’t I have opinion on him
In shivomru’s room
Omru was at garden
Shivay was alone at room thinking
Shivay’s pov
Really!! Have you gone mad shivay….. Y u were behaving weird….. Do u care for her?…… She always fights with you….. What’s happening.

Anika decided to talk to him and went to his room
She entered shivomru’s room
Shivay was in deep thinking
Anika:shivay(no response so little louder) Shivay (still no response) baghad billaaa….. He came back
Shivay:y r u shouting?
Anika:coz u are not listening
Shivay:and what did you say just now… Bag….. Bill…. Da… What was that?
Anika:bagad billa…. Leave that where were you lost ha?
Omru was about to enter the room. They heard shivika’s conversation. And they plan something which is muted. Now they entered the room
Rudra:I said na o….. See them..
Om:no rudra u r wrong…… And I am absolutely right.
Rudra:ok let’s do bet
Om:ok done bet
Shivay:what’s going on?
Anika :about which bet you are talking Omru
Om;anika rudra says that u both can’t become friends never ever
SHIVIKA :y? Y can’t we both friends
Rudra:coz u both fight a lot I know that you both hate each other (performing his logic sign)
Shivay :no I don’t hate her
Anika :me too……
Om:I was saying rudra the same but now seeing ur cat fights I believe him u both can seriously never become friends
Anika:we can….. OK.
Shivay:yup if we want we can become friends
Omru :no u can’t
Shivay:anika let’s show them
Anika:yup let’s be friends
They shake hands and say
SHIVIKA :friends………… they victory smile to Omru and move out
Omru hifi each other
While they were entering room
Om:these people are always fighting
Rudra:ya you are right o….. Let’s make them friends
Om;that’s impossible rudra u know that rudra:don’t worry o I have a plan….. Let’s act as if we are having a bet over there friendship and……
Om:and there ego will get hurt and they will become friends….. Nice rudra ur brain has started to work
End of Flashback

Precap :prinku’s truth revelation….. Masti at……..

So ishqbazianss done with the update. Please comment guys I really need it to write next episode. Sorry for the same Precap about prinku. Silent readers please please please please please please please please please comment.
With love

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