Miraculous love – SHIVIKA FF part 4

Hi everyone I am back with my FF
Thanks a lot guys for ur huge comments. I am so so glad that you all liked it really I am on cloud 9. And if silent readers are there comment please usually I was also not accustomed to commenting but as I have started writing I came to know that it’s really a great job writing an FF. OK ok I know you doesn’t want my bakbaks but the update and here it is. As per your request it’s a bit long now just sit back relax and enjoy the FF…….

Same day
In anika’s bedroom
Prinku: are you fine with the room ani…
Anika:actually I didn’t like it……… But I loved it yaar it’s so nice
Saumya:di if you don’t mind shall I ask you one thing?
Anika :ya sure saumya
S:di y did you say bade bhaiya as cheapster I mean…… he is not like that
Anika:saumya u don’t know that he was clicking my pics in station
Sompri ;what!!
Prinku:seriously ani bhaiya aisa nhi karsakte (bhaiya can’t do this)
Anika :no prinku I am damn sure he was clicking my pictures
S:ok fine Anika di…….. But how do you came to know
Anika :he was holding phone…….. Prinku cuts her in between
Prinku :now I get it……… bhaiya was taking a call he actually said me when we entered the station
Omru enters they heard anisompri convo while entering
Om:ya Anika prinku is right u may have misunderstood
Rud:ha didi coz bhaiya ham jaise youngsters ke kaam kabhi nhi karte (bhaiya doesn’t do work like our youngsters)
Anika : OK guys just stop singing shivay’s song I understood that he is not like that
Just then shivay who was passing by heard there convo stood at the door unnoticed by everyone……….
But Anika noticed him and he winks at her. Anika acted as if she doesn’t notice him

Next day
Everyone came to know about anika’s running away. Mr Raichand said he doesn’t consider anika as his daughter anymore. Mrs raichand is somewhat happy but doesn’t show it. Ishana hides everything from her dad.
At college
Ishana’s friend :hey ishana are you coming to the tour
Ishana ;which tour guys?
Friend 2: our college has planned Mumbai tour for us of about 20 days
Ishana :really!! ….. But dad will not allow yaar
Friend :come on ishu this is our last year of college and next year we ourselves don’t know that we will meet or not……… And u r saying that u will not come that’s not fair
Ishana :ok baba chill I will talk to my dad hmm


At breakfast table
Everyone arrived except shivay
Dadi :om billu Kaha hai? (Om where’s billu)
Anika :ye billu koun hai. Rudy tumhare ghar me pet cat bhi hai kya? (who’s billu? Rudy is a pet cat present at ur home)
Sompri and Omru giggle
Om:no anika actually……. Rudy cuts him in between
Rudy (giggling) :ha di hai na wait let it come to table I will introduce you
O:Rudra…. Again cuts him
Rudy:shhhshh o
Anika(in excitement) :really….. I love cats
Shivay comes
Shivay:was everyone waiting for me??
Rudy:di he’s billu
Saumya :di actually Dadi bade bhaiya ko billu bulati hai (Dadi calls bade bhaiya as billu)
Anika (giggling) :really……. Ayi billuji baithiye (come billuji sit)
Shivay:ms. Lunatic have breakfast not my head
Anika;I actually don’t eat fatty or oily things like ur brain billuji
Shivay:what do you mean ha…….. And don’t call me that
Anika;what billuji
Shivay :ms. Lunatic only my dadi can call me that
Anika:I am not Lunatic but u ARE billu.
Shivay:u r a big Lunatic
Dadi:oye khotiya bas bhi kar(oye khotiya now at least stop it)
Anika winks at shivay with a victory smile
Om : again Shivay Singh Oberoi lost what’s happening Rudra?
Rudy;o kuch nhi bas aaj soraj kahi aur disha se nikla hai(o nothing just the sun has risen from other direction)
Shivay gives them death glare
They all have breakfast

Little later
Anika :dadi I have to go for an interview
Dadi :best of luck Anika
Sau:di which company has approached u
Sau:wow that’s great there fashion houses are really famous good luck di
Anika :thanks saumya…… bye
Dadi : ruk Anika puttar akeli kaise jayegi main billu ko bol deti hoon(wait anika how will you go alone let me call billu)
Anika :it’s OK dadi I will manage
Dadi calls shivay
Shivay:ya dadi
Dadi : u just go n drop anika
Shivay:Dadi driver is there na
Dadi:billu Maine driver ko chutti di hai (billu I have given driver a leave)
Shivay :but y Dadi last month also he took leave
Dadi:bichare ki maa bimar hai rhnde aur jake anika ko chod (poor man’s mother is unwell leave it go n just drop anika)
Anika :Dadi please it’s OK I will go
Shivay:come I will drop u
And they leave

In car
Shivay:don’t know still how many leaves this fellow need
Anika:billuji…… Shivay cuts him in between
Shivay:don’t call me that my name is shivay…… Shivay Singh Oberoi
Anika :cool….. Shivay they are ur employees u must also understand them it’s about someone’s mother
Shivay:whatever work is work
Anika :let me tell you one thing shivay if you care for your employees na they will be also concerned about u…… Just once you visit his mother and help that man he will come the very next day for work due to ur kindness
Shivay:stay out of it anika
Shivay out of frustration goes to switch on the radio at same time anika moves her hand towards radio and……… There hands touch
……. They share a beautiful splendid most awesome eyelock
O jana plays in bg
Stupid horns of other vehicles disturb them. They come to senses

They reach the mall and comes out of car. Anika stands totally confused as she doesn’t know the way where to go. Shivay understands that she needs help.
Shivay:come I will drop u till the headman’s chamber
Anika :ok
They move inside and meet the assistant lady she tells anika to be in the fashion court (of clothes) till sir comes. Anika and shivay enters the fashion court
Anika :it’s OK shivay u go I am fine
Shivay :u just call me I will pick u up after the interview
Anika :no that’s okay I will come by cab shivay:k fine bye
And both of them turned either sides and……. Anika bumped into a old woman. The woman fell down

Precap : old woman scolding very badly to anika………. Shivika’s convo……. Priyanka hiding something and one more surprise

So done with the update
Thanks once again for your tremendous response ;hope you enjoyed it
Till then take care bye bye
See shivika’s dream
With love

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