Miraculous love – SHIVIKA FF part 3

Hello everyone maddy Mahi again with her ff thank uuuuuuuuuu so much guys for commenting, reading and liking my story. Now no more bakbaks and moving towards the ff.

Railway station

Anika(on call):where are you prinku
Prinku;just arriving ani u be in station I will be there in 5 minutes
Anika ;ok bye
Till then prinku and shivay reaches the station. They step out of car.
Prinku :bhaiya let’s go
Shivay(gets a call) :prinku u go inside I will attend the call and come
Prinku;ok bhaiya……… And she goes
Here anika unable to wait comes out of the station. Prinku goes inside the station but they do not notice each other. Anika comes out and starts searching for prinku she unknowingly comes and stands near their car and sees shivay holding phone in such a way that the camera is facing towards her………… And she misunderstands shivay as clicking her pics
Anika:u chipde tumhe sharam nhi aati
Shivay:excuse me miss are you talking to me
Anika :don’t act to be innocent i know very well about people like you
Shivay:I think u have misunderstood…… n she cuts him in between
Anika :misunderstanding n me don’t try to be over smart u cheapster
Shivay (in baghad billa avatar) ;just shut up OK tumhe Pata bhi hai tum kisse baat karrahi ho (doing his signature step) Shivay Singh oberoi the leading business tycoon and I don’t have time to waste on a lunatic like u
Anika:how dare you call me a lunatic
Mr. Cheapster
Shivay was about say something when anika’s phone ring n she picks up the call
Prinku(on other side) :ha ani tu kidhar hai yaar I am searching u since last 20 minutes
Anika:sorry baba main tujhe dhoondte bahar aagayi u come out
Prinku:pagal now at least wait there I am coming
As anika doesn’t took prinku’s name shivay doesn’t came to know. Within a minute prinku comes out of the station and finds anika standing near their car she runs and hugs anika. Anika too hugs her tight. In that Time shivay was little confused.
Prinku:bhaiya ye anika hai meri besty
Shivika :what!!!!!!
Shivay:ye teri friend hai
Anika:ye tera bhai hai
Prinku:ya…….. Ab ye sab chodo ani tu chal andar car me I need to talk to you (she drags anika towards the car) u know I missed u so much
Anika(sitting in car) :me too
Till then shivay says driver to keep anika’s luggage in the dickey and he too sits in the car. Now ani and prinku at back seat and shivay at passenger seat.
Anipri’s conversation is going on but anika is seeing shivay through the window mirror in anger and shivay furiously seeing towards her through rear view mirror.

They reach om.
Prinku takes anika inside and introduces her to omrumya, dadi and tejanvi
Anika :hello everyone
Om:hi anika I am omkara u can call me om prinku’s elder brother
Rudy:hi anika di I am rudy the great.
I know you may thinking how can someone be so handsome but what to do I am.
Om:shut up rudra
Anika :hey no om it’s OK he is actually handsome
Saumya:hi anika di I am…. N rudy cuts her in between
Rudra:di she is somo the great wrestler mujhe Pata aap soch rahi hongi ke hamare ghar me elephant kaha se aa gaya but don’t worry she will not harm u
Saumya :shut up cry baby duffer Singh oberoi……. Di I am Saumya
Anika :hi saumya
Till then driver brings anika’s luggage in om and even shivay enters
Shivay:hey Ms. Lunatic take ur luggage omru:who’s that?
Anika :stop it okay if not I will say ur real name in front of everyone
Rudy:bhaiya aap Ka real name bhi hai aur aap ne mujhe bataya nhi…… N makes cry baby face
Shivay:shut up rudra u don’t know that she’s a big mad
Anika:yup rudy u don’t know that ur bhaiya is cheapster
Shivay:ms. Lunatic
Anika:Mr. Cheapster
Omru cups there mouth
Dadi:tum dono bas bhi Karo ghar aaye mehman ke saath koi aisa karta hai kya? Saumya prinku, anika puttar ko uska kamra dikha do
Saumpri :ok dadi
Prinku :anika chal
Trio departs to anika’s room
Om:rudra tune wahi dekha jo Maine dekha
Rudy:ha o bhaiya ka real name Mr cheapster hai
Om beats rudra on his head
Om: for the first time someone has fought with Shivay Singh Oberoi
Shivay:stop it guys
Omru laugh and shivay was standing with they-are-impossible wala look

Precap:romance……… Nok jhok……. Cute moments full on masti

So done with the update
Should I improve?
Do you like it?
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Till then
Tata bye bye
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  1. Nafisa

    Loveeeeeeeeeeee it. Your ff is just awesome plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz post the next asap and if you don’t mind can you make your ff a little longer plzπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  2. JanviSingh


    |Registered Member

    Hey Mahi,
    I didn’t liked it….
    Bt I luvd it dear…😘😘😘😘
    U r awsm….
    Luv u…
    Update soon…😊😊

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