Miraculous love – SHIVIKA FF part 2

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Part 2
Evening (engagement ceremony)

All guests have been arrived. Kapoor family is so excited including anika’s father. Mrs.Raichand says ishana to bring anika. Ishana brings anika. They are walking down the stairs, while walking down
anika( in her mind) :what should I do now, should I sacrifice my career NO I can’t sacrifice it but how should I marry that stupid daksh
In that time they reached down. Ring exchange ceremony started. Anika unwillingly made Kapoor’s son wear ring. But she was not at all ready to put her hand forward, there are tears in eyes. Her dreams are coming in front of her eyes :the encouragement of teachers, she getting rewards etc.
Finally Mrs. Raichand hold her hand and make her wear the ring.

In bedroom
Ishana :what will you do di now
Anika :I am enable to understand anything what to do should I accept daksh proposal or should I sacrifice my career
(when ishana came to call anika for engagement, anika said her everything so she knows about it)
Ishana :di I think u should accept daksh proposal coz at least u will get to do job but if you marry this guy then u will not be able to even work
Anika;I think u are right ishu…… Now I have decided let me call him.
Anika (on call) :hello daksh I am ready to marry u
Daksh:what really wow I love anika I love you so much, do you love me? say na
Anika :I can’t say that I love you but I am ready to marry you coz and only because of my career
Daksh:I know you will fall for me soon
Anika :now don’t waste and narrate the plan
Daksh;ok listen u just come to station at about 11 and ur train is about 12 in night to reach from there prinku will pick you up
Anika :ok everything is perfect bye I will meet you at station
Daksh;bye tc

At same time

In bedroom
Shivay(on call) :I want that work to be done by tomorrow do you get it………… And cuts the call
Prinku comes…
Prinku:bhaiya I need to tell you something
Shivay :ya say prinku
Prinku:bhaiya my best friend anika lives in Delhi………. And she narrates everything about her arrival
Shivay:what! Have you lost it prinku at least u would have me and without asking you said her to come over here
Prinku :bhaiya please..
Shivay:what please baba who will convince mom and dad now u know your choti mom well na
Prinku: please bhaiya do something na please she needs help….. And makes puppy face
Shivay;ok OK as mom and dad is out of station u can bring her home….
Prinku:thanks bhaiya
Shivay :but but tell her search her shelter some where else after mom comes
(shanky(shakti+pinky) is out for tirupati yatra)
Prinku :but bhaiya how can she?
Shivay:I don’t know anything u just say her
Shivay :when is she coming?
Prinku;tomorrow morning bhaiya her train is at 12 in night
Shivay :ok then are you going to receive her
Prinku ;yup coz driver can’t recognize her
Shivay :ok but don’t go alone I will accompany u
Prinku:thanks bhaiya good night……… And she hugs him and move to her room
Shivay :good night sweet dreams…….. And kisses her on forehead

Anika :bye ishu take care I will miss you ishana :bye di good luck and if fate wants we will meet once again
Anika(with tears in her eyes and hugs her) ;don’t say like that take care of mom and dad and don’t do more mischief u r grown up now study well OK bye…… N leaves her and goes
Ishana (in mind) :God please take care of my di

Anika escapes from her home and goes to station
At station daksh is waiting for her holding ticket in his hand. By then anika enters station and meets him.
Daksh:ani this is ur ticket
Anika:thanks daksh
Daksh; take this mobile phone with you for emergency and I have given this number to Prinku OK
Anika :ok
Daksh:good luck take care dear
And the train goes taking with it the most beautiful princess for her prince charming
…. Chuk chuk
…. Chuk Chuk

..train goes………..

Shivay : Prinku where are you I think u friend must have arrived
Prinku:just a second bhaiya……… OK let’s go
They both sit in car and move towards station
At station
Anika steps out of the train. (in her mind) :I don’t know what destiny has written for me? What Mumbai will give me? But I am here only for my career

Precap:anika:chipde……….. Shivay:how dare you.. Prinku:bhaiya this is my friend…… Shivika (in shock) :WHAT!!!!

Sorry guys again no shivika but in next episode pakka I will write sorry sorry once again

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