Miraculous love – SHIVIKA FF part 1

One morning

Raichand house
At breakfast table
Mr. Raichand is talking on phone. And Mrs. Raichand is having bf and servants are serving them food.

In bedroom
A girl of age 20 is sleeping on bed and another girl of age 21 is trying to wake her up…
Girl:ishana wake up yaar u are getting late to college come on wake up fast
Ishana:di let me sleep na please don’t be stubborn like mom…
Anika:if u don’t wake up right now I will call mom……
And she was about to shout mom.. Ishana closes her mouth from back and speak up
Ishana:fine khadoos di
Anika :what did you say… And runs behind her but ishana run and escaped herself in washroom leaving behind anika with she-is-impossible wala look

In hall
Anika:gm dad gm mom
Mr. Raichand:gm beta
Mrs. R:gm ani come let’s have breakfast
Anika sits on chair
Mr. Raichand:ani I need to talk something important with you
Anika :what happened dad is everything alright
Mr. Raichand:nothing much serious beta I wanna tell you that today kapoor family is coming to our house for ur’s and their son’s Alliance
Anika (shocked) :dad what are u saying I am not yet ready for this still I have to make my career…….
She was cut off by Mr. Raichand and he speak:Anika u have finished ur clg by now and it’s perfect time to get married and even they are rich people u doesn’t even need to work
By then ishana comes..
Anika(tears in her eyes) : I have my dreams dad
Mrs . Raichand: I think Anika is right Mr. Raichand u must give some space to her
Mr. Raichand :my decision is final, be ready by evening ani……… And he goes for office
Anika crying goes to her room there ishana consoles her and she too moves to her college

Oberoi mansion

In bedroom
3 boys are sleeping over each other
Janvi and pinky comes
Pinky:oh my Mata jethaniji ye ladke bhi na kab sudhrenge(these boys na when they will improve)
Janvi (wakes up shiomru) : wake up boys is this the time to sleep still
Pinky takes a jug full of water and pour over them…… Shiomru wakes up with jerk
Shiom:oh God mom/choti maa……… saying this they move to take bath
Rudra:bhaiya sone dona, simran mere sapnon me ayi hai and he sings tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam(bro let me sleep na, simran has come into my dreams)
Pinky :simran ke bache ruk tujhe abhi batati hoon……… And beats him rudy suddenly wake up and jumped over bed to escape from his moms and ran up to washroom

In hall
Everyone had bf
And departed to there work

Prinku’s room
Prinku(on call) :hii ani hows u?
Anika(crying) :nothing is fine prinku
P(tensed) :what happened ani why are
u crying.?
Anika:dad has decided to get me married
Anika:yes that’s true
P:calm down ani and think of a solution crying doesn’t lead to a solution
Anika:u r right prinku I will talk to you later bye
P:bye tc

Scene shift to Delhi
At evening
Raichand house

Everything has been decorated, guests arrived they loved Anika and Alliance is fixed
Mr. Raichand :congrats Mr. Kapoor
Mr. Kapoor :congrats to you too and I wanna say something important that my son is going to shift to America next week and I want this marriage to be done by this week itself
Mr. Raichand :what?!
Mr. Kapoor :is there any problem. Mr. Raichand
Mr. Raichand ;no actually I am too much happy
Mr. Kapoor : OK then it’s done tomorrow engagement and day after tomorrow marriage
Everyone is happy except 3 faces that’s Anika, ishana and there mom

At night
In bedroom
Ishana is sleeping and Anika is sitting near Window thinking about the solution
Anika : if I say to dad he will not agree with me since he is stubborn like me so I need to run away from marriage but what about my father’s reputation…….. Wait when he is not worried about my feelings then why should I be worried
But who will help me out in running
….. Think ani…… Think……. Idea it’s prinku let me call her
On call
Prinku:hello ani Maddy is this the time to call
Anika :first listen to me Prinku……….. And she says about her plan to prinku
Prinku;ani y don’t u come to Mumbai to make ur career
Anika:it’s a good idea but where will I live in Mumbai?
Pri:I am gonna give you a kick over there come on yaar u are going to live in my house
Anika : no not at all prinku what ur family may think of me
Prinku:I know my family very well they will not say anything instead will encourage you it’s final u r going to live in my house… If not don’t talk to me
Anika :ok baba as ur wish but… How should I reach Mumbai…. It’s just complicated
Prinku :I think u must need someone’s help from Delhi
Anika :yeah u r right but who will help me
Prinku :some one from our clg like……..
Prinku :like….
Anika:no no no Prinku if u r talking about him then not a single chance
Prinku :ani try not understand only daksh can help you in this case no one else can
Anika :r u sure Prinku
Prinku:yup pretty sure
Anika :ok then I will Contact him and then talk to you bye
Prinku:ok bye ani good luck

In morning
At Delhi
RH(raichand home)

Mrs . Raichand:come on everyone work fast today is my daughter’s engagement and everything needs to be perfect (pointing a worker) hey u put the flowers properly
Ishana;mom u know na that di is not ready for all this even she isn’t happy
Mr. Raichand :now u have said but don’t repeat it again ishu, ani is happy she is my daughter and I knew her
Ishana keeps mum frightened of her dad

In bedroom
Anika :hello is this daksh?
Daksh:ANIKAAAA u called me wow dear I am so happy
Anika :daksh actually I need some help
Daksh : of course my dear say me how can I help I am ready even to give away my life for u but u need to say me those magical words
Anika:how can u even think like that daksh one must not take advantage of others helplessness
Daksh : Anika please dear u know that I love you I can keep u like a princess if u marry me I will be the happiest person on earth
Anika:daksh please don’t start again I seriously need help
Daksh:what help do you need dear?
Anika:today is my engagement and tomorrow my marriage will u please help me in running away from here
Daksh :ok but first u tell me that you love me
Anika :how can I
Daksh :why not
Anika :because I don’t love you
Daksh:after our marriage u may start loving me
Anika ;I am mad that I asked u for help.
Daksh:Anika think once again till evening if you say me those magical words I will help you out in running
Anika;cut the crap not in my whole life I will say to you
She cuts the call……
Ishana comes in room
Ishana:di get ready for engagement
Scene freezes on Anika’s tensed and confused face

Precap:Anika:yup I will marry u daksh
……….. Prinku:bhaiya one of my friend needs help……… Shivay:what?

Hope you like it guys please please please please please please please please please please please please please comment
With love

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