Miraculous love – SHIVIKA FF (Intro)

Hi everyone this is Mahi here I know that you guys don’t know me… So let me introduce myself I am Mahi your new friend(hope so), even new to this site butttt a great fan of ishqbaaz shivika and nakul mehta(my fav).
An idea pop up in my mind to write a fan fiction so here it is if u don’t like plz say coz I will come with something new……

SSO:A great business tycoon, loves his family a lot doesn’t believe in love
Omru and rest other family members same as serial but no TIA and Swetlana n rumi but saumya is same over here
Anika Raichand:A fun loving girl dedicated only towards her career wanna become a fashion designer and leaves in Delhi
Raichand family:Anika’s father, mother, n small loving sis ishana.
Rest characters:
Dakhs:not a psychopath but loves Anika a lot follows her since her college days and even proposed her(but she rejected)
Note:priyanka and Anika are bestys since they were in same clg but prinku went off to Mumbai as clg is over

Mr. Raichand:Anika beta u need to marry him
Anika:but dad what about my career
Mr. R:no ifs and buts my decision is final
Anika(in mind) :I need to run away from this to make my career but who will help me ………….. Yup it’s dakhs
Daksh:but u need to marry me
Anika(on phone) :thanks prinku for helping me I am coming to Mumbai
Now what about shivika :(:)
Don’t worry guys cheer up wait till next episode bye bye tc
With love

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  1. Nice….

  2. Akshaya

    Wow it’s interesting. Please do continue

    1. Mahi_

      Thanks dear

  3. It will be really fun to watch Shivaay and Anika’s first meeting. Pls post next episode soon.

    1. Mahi_

      Thanks a lot shalini Dear hope you like the next part

  4. Cool plz plz plz plz plz plz plz continue.

    1. Mahi_

      Thank uuuuuuuuuu

  5. Shivika

    Nyc…dr cont…..waiting for nxt one

    1. Mahi_

      Thanks shivika

  6. Ruksy

    Great post soon

    1. Mahi_

      Thanks dear

  7. Lalitha

    Nice.. Pls continue

    1. Mahi_

      Thanks lalitha

  8. Interesting… Waiting for the next episode…

    1. Mahi_

      thanks ankita

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