Miracles of love (Part 1)


Hi guys ,it’s Scarlett. …I had updated many articles in forum…it’s my new one to telly updates. Hope you all will enjoy.

       A word they both dread. However, fate doesn’t favor them.        Abhishek prem mehra weds pragya arora…….
           A lie, turns into truth and twists their livesentirely. Two opposites, married partly uponcompulsion, fight their differences. Except for when their parents are around, when they behave like a happy, lovey-dovey couple.    

        Will destiny come to terms with them? Will there be problems in their relationship or will they fight them together? Happy Ending?     
    A Rom-Com Drama……

      the episode starts with a girl sitting on the bed,it’s our pragya holding an invitation in her hands , and her eyes were filled with tears….mehra’s family together with arora’s family cordially invite you to attend the wedding of their children Abhishek prem mehra and pragya arora.At The Leela, Andheri East From may 20-23, 2016…At 8:30 p.m.
Engagement on may 10, 2016…

What kind of a life was this? PRAGYA thinks that she was getting married to someone whom she never seen. Pragya thinks Who is this abhishek mehra? Why was I getting married all of a sudden? Nothing made sense to her.she also thinks How did he look? What if he wasn’t the right one for her? Then? What if he hated her just as much as she hates him? What would happen then?The thing that worried her is that she had never seen Seen this type of weddings .she thinks that sarla ma wants to keep it as a suprise. They didn’t want to tell her.Who keeps their daughter’s wedding a surprise? She thinks that all are very excited about this marriage except her. Urgh…And guess what’s funnier than that? She thinks ,people think I love him. I mean,I haven’t even seen him in my life. How could it be possible that I was in love with someone and others knew about it when I had never even seen him? Soon my dreams were shattered in a matter of seconds. I felt the world slip under me. Things were happening, for real. My life was going to change. Just imagine, a girl who believes in true love when fireflies glow, is going to have an arranged marriage with some moronon the planet called abhishek prem mehra. What would I tell tanu? And mani ( from yhm) ? “Urgh… I already hate you, Mr.ABHISHEK MEHRA ” she grunted under my breath.

Hope you all liked……

Credit to: Scarlet

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