The Miracle – A Shivika ff Part 5

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Part 4
Shivaay,” What are you talking about ? ”
Abhay,” your family hasnt told you about their black deeds..”
Shivaay, ” Mind your words. How dare you speak about my family like this ?”
Abhay,”Then should I call them Shri Shri Oberoi ji even after knowing what they have done ?”
Shivaay,” What has my family done to you ?”

Abhay,” Me and my dad also…My dad was your dad’s cousin. He was also a member of The Board of Directors of Oberoi Group of Industries. Before the accident, my father knew that Tej Oberoi was going to get the mill burnt and destroyed. He tried to stop them all, because they were wrong and my father was right. Thats why, they removed my father from The Board of Directors and put a full stop to his career as a bussinessman in Oberoi Group of Industries. With no job, my father had great difficulties in raising me and I spent my childhood , away from the Oberois and was deprived of all the luxuries and rights which I had as an Oberoi….”
Shivaay,”You are an Oberoi ? Who are you ?”

Abhay revealed his face from under his mask.
Shivaay,” ?”
Abhay,”Yes..My father was Mr. Vishal Singh Oberoi. My grandfather and your grandfather were brothers…”
Shivaay just stood there, baffled, no maybe in disbelief, because he could never imagine that his family could do such a thing. He still was trying to digest the fact that Abhay was also his brother who had been away from him since childhood. He spoke gently,” Why didnt you ever try to get your rights ?”

“Because of my father…even after such an unjustice was done with him,he said that I should trouble you all. He cared so much for you all that is why I had promised him to never ask for my rights…”

Shivaay,” And now ?”
Abhay, ” Now haa…Now he is no more…He left me, just because he couldnt fulfil the promise of a happy life to me. Two years ago, he had a cardiac arest and he passed away. Why am I telling you all this ? I need to take revenge of all the insults that my father bore up when Tej Oberoi humiliated him, of all those times when he suffered because of you all and..”
Shivaay, ” Wait..wait. I have heard of the Kalyani Mills Accident. I think that you’ve had some misunderstanding. My family cant do such a thing.”
“Your family has done such a thing. And I..I will take revenge. You all will suffer for all the times I suffered. You will also loose all the luxuries which I lost. Then you will realise…”

@The hotel
Anika,”If Abhay is behind all this, that means… the mishaps like the falling of the name board on our mehendi , the attacks on Shukla ji , the misunderstanding between Om and Gauri and your plantation in Oberoi Mansion, all was done purposely by Abhay. ”
“Yes Anika. Abhay wants to avenge his father’s miseries and death.”

“What all had happened, Tanya ?”
Tanya tells Anika the whole story just like Abhay had told Shivaay.
Tanya,”Abhay was saying that he will destroy the foundation of the Oberois.”
Anika thought for a minute. Her eyes widened and she shouted, “Tanya, Oberoi’s foundation is Shivaay. This means Shivaay is in danger. That 2rs cheapda Abhay can do anything to my Shivaay. Tanya…Tanya, do something. me save my Shivaay ,will you”?
Anika forwarded her hand.

Tanya hesitated for a moment and then recollected all the times when Abhay had simply used her for his mission. She took a confident breath and wrapped Anikas hand in hers.
“Yes Anika, I will help you.”
So this was part 5. Shivaay is in danger. Will Anika be able to save him ? What will be the miracle ? Find out gradually in The Miracle…

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