The Miracle – A Shivika ff Part 4

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Anika made Tanya sit comfortably on the bed and then asked her,
“Tanya, what are you doing here ? ”
“Anika, You ? Here ?”
“Why, cant I come here ?”
“No, aah yes you can come, but what are you doing here and that too in this burkha ? ”
“I..woh..came here to..woh..have a holiday. ”
“Holiday? Anika, Then you must have come with Shivaay! ”
“Why will I come with Shivaay ? Tanya, Shivaay has become your husband, he has forgotten me. He has forgotten all our memories, the times when we fought , when we laughed, when we cried. Those times which I can never recreate again. He has forgotten everything Tanya, everything…”

This set Tanya thinking. She looked at Anika. She didnt know Anika well, but now she could not meet her eyes with Anika. There was something wrong. The was something which wasnt right. Tanya was having sympathy for Anika — she knew how it felt when the one you love, didnt love you back. She now set her mind. She told Anika,
“Anika, why did you help me now , even after knowing that you lost Shivaay because and to me ? ”
“Woh..Tanya, actually you know , its not your fault. My 2rs fate has been like this from childhood. Whenever I got happiness, I got it at a bigger cost. So maybe my fate is playing with me again…”
“I m sorry Anika. I know after all that I have done to you, you will not be able to forgive me so easily. I know how it feels to love and not be loved back. I knew it , still I pushed you into that zone. And yet , you helped me. I dont know I should say sorry or Thankyou or both. You have opened my eyes Anika.”
Anika couldnt control herself. She wrapped Tanya in a tight hug. With tears still washing her mascara, she said,
“Tanya, do you know who is behind this whole game ? ”
“Err..,”Tanya felt silent.

Anika jerked her and asked her the same.
Tanya took a deep breath and said, “Anika, Abhay is behind all this. He planted me in Oberoi Mansion. He wants revenge from the Oberois.”
Anika shocked as if she had seen Hrithik Roshan live in front of her.
On the other hand, Shivaay reached the beach and Abhay, masked, was waiting for him.
Shivaay, ” I have come. Now tell me the truth.”
“Aao Shivaay aao. I was waiting for you only, okay, not only you but also for this day when I would complete my revenge story. From such a long time, I have been waiting , when will I take my father’s revenge, when will I gift him justice, when will I satisfy his heart, when will I get my rights , when I would put wrong to right. And today, I will do it.”
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