The Miracle – A Shivika ff Part 3

Hi everyone ! I m here with the third part of this ff. Hope that you all are liking it. If there is anything which is giving you thodi si michmichi also, please feel free to tell me.

The Miracle – A Shivika ff Part 2

Abhay called Shivaay and asked him to meet at nearby beach. He loaded his revolver and went out there himself.

After around ten minutes, Anika came out of the room and rang Shivaay’s room bell. She had thought to check if Shivaay was in the room or not. If he wasnt, then she would track him , and if he was , then she would run back into her own room , like the naughty children of her galli who would ring the doorbell and run away. So , with a nervous and jumping heart, she rang the doorbell.

Anika thought , ” What if Shivaay is in his room ? If he comes out, then he will definitely know that I am Anika. O bete ki ! What will I do now ? I can say that I came from reception, no no I cant do that. He has already seen me in this burkha. Wait , what will I say , what to do ? Idea , I will tell him that I need sugar for tea. Yes , I will do this. As it is he wont need all the sugar for his Saira Banu. Waah Anika waah , You are so khidkitod.”

And she started praising herself mentally due to which , her lips widened and eyebrows got raised. The stare of people passing by, brought her back to her senses and she realised that Shivaay hadnt opened the door.
She thought again , ” Arre , why isnt Shivaay opening the door ? Does it mean that he isnt here ? If he’s not here then where is he ? Oh God ! This Shivaay also na , never tells me anything.”

After thirty seconds she realised that she was in a burkha and had introduced herself as Anisa Begum to him at the airport. So obviously, Shivaay wouldnt tell her anything. So stupid of Anika ! She rang the doorbell once again. No response this time also. Anika assumed that Shivaay was not in his room , but had moved out somewhere. Hurriedly, she went into her own room, packed some necessary stuff in her bag and locked her room. She had barely taken a few steps ahead, when she heard a rattling sound. She stopped. The sound came again. Thud! Thud! Thud! There was no one around in the corridor. Anika looked around. The sound came again…..


But no ghost came. Okay, this did look like a typical ghost scene but its not. *Sorry ??*

Anika looked around to find that the ‘Thud’-ing came from a bang on the door of room 208. She came to the door and knocked back.
Anika,” Hello, is anyone there ?”
From the other side, a voice called out, “Hello ! I am stuck here…”
Anika,” What happened?”
Voice, “The room is locked. *cough* The ke.. keys are not here. I..I m stuck. Help.
Anika pov
I will get late. I need to look for Shivaay, what if he is in danger ? No Anika, where are your manners, etiquettes haa ? I cant leave this person also here in such a condition. What to do ? Okay, I ll settle this fast and leave then.
End of pov

Anika ran to the reception and brought the staff to the room. The Master key was used and the room was opened. Anika entered first. She saw a woman lying on the ground near the door. She sat down, patted her back and when Anika realised that the woman was unconcious, she quickly held her up and made her lie on the bed. Anika was surprised at the sight of the woman. The staff asked,” Ma’am, do you know her ?”

Anika, “Yes..yes I know her. I ll see her. Thank you.”
The staff also smiled and left the room. Anika shook the lady lightly. No use. She patted her cheeks. No use. Anika , then, filled a glass of water and splashed a few drops of water on the lady’s face by her hand. The woman blinked and then opened her eyes. She was ten times more shocked finding Anika there, than Anika was when she had seen her.
Anika made her sit comfort on the bed and then asked her, “Tanya, what are you doing here ?”
So finally Anika met Tanya. What will happen next ? Will they find out what Abhay is up to ? Will Anika be able to save Shivaay? Find out , not in the next part, but maybe the one after that ??

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