The Miracle – A Shivika ff Part 2

Hey frndz ! Happiest Diwali greetings from my side. I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter. If you still didnt read , ??

Part 1
Anika and Shivaay get rooms opposite to each other in the hotel, which increases risk for Anika.
While these two were settling down , Abhay and Tanya also reached the hotel. They had already lost half track of Shivaay, and it looked that luck didnt favour them either. At that time , a newly married couple was supposed to arrive, so their over-enthusiastic guide was ready with a photographer. He took Abhay and Tanya to be the couple. Just as the two entered ,
Guide ,” Arre, Welcome ji , Welcome. Myself Surindar Chadda ji. Your guide ji ”
Before they could understand anything , the guide pushed them together for a photo, which irritated Abhay.
Abhay,”What nonsense is this ? ”

Guide,:Kya nonsense ji ? Photo toh aise hi khinch waate hai ji. Oye, tu kheech oye. ”
And he began singing the song ‘Tu kheech meri photo’ in his self- assumed ‘melodious’ voice. Abhay and Tanya were now loosing their temper and patience.
Abhay,”Arre, yeh kya bakwaas hai ? ”
Guide,” Sir ji , yeh bakwaas thodi hai ji. Aap hi ne toh bola tha ki mere honeymoon ka har pal yaadgaar hona chahiye ji. Photos se acchi kya yaadein ji. Oh balle balle ji. ”
Tanya put on one fake smile and said,
Tanya,”Ohh Suniye ji , humne koi honeymoon book nahi kiya ji. Aapko koi misunderstanding hui hai ji. ”
Guide,” Aisa kya ji ?”

Guide,”Oh sorry ji. Mere se galti ho gayi ji.”
Tanya,”Bas bas ji. Hum chalte hai ji. Namaste ji. ”
Abhay and Tanya move forward and roll their eyes on the weird man they had an encounter with. Hurriedly, they checked in, only to get the room 208. That means , the one before Anika’s room. What a joke ! The three sets of people who dont know that the others were here , had now got rooms next to each other. Waah re kismat , right ? Or hai re kismat ? Just when these two entered the room, Abhay decided what he wanted to do. He locked Tanya in the room so that she wouldnt disturb him or unintentionally sabotage his plan. He called Shivaay,
Shivaay, “Hello.”

Abhay, “Hello wello ka time nahi hai. Welcome to Goa, Shivaay. Kalyani Mills ka raaz jaan ne ke liye aaya hai na. Chal main batata hoon. Paas waale beach pe akele aa jaana.”
Shivaay,” I ll be there.”
After Shivaay disconnected, Abhay smiled a wicked smile and said, ” Bahut ho gaya Oberois. I hadnt planned all this, but main aur inn ki bakwaas nahi jhel sakta. Aaj main saara khel hi khatam kar doonga. Papa ka badla le loonga. Saara badala Oberois ki foundation , Shivaay se le loonga. Shivaay finish , Oberois finish. Hahaha:
Saying this, he loaded his revolver and left for that beach.
Sorry guys , I know that this is a small episode, actually I was busy with the Diwali stuff, but I promise a longer and faster update. Thankyou for your support. It might not look like it , but it really matters a lot. Once again , have a happy and safe Diwali

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    Dear Pui
    Guide Abhay Tanya Conv? Abhay Going To Kil Shivay? It’s Interesting Part??????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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    What I loved the most was it was perfectly up to the point . So relating …I mean it wasn’t exaggerating . I really liked it . Curious to know more . Do me a favour to send me links of its parts ..I’m not very active on know that and might be knowing the reason as well .
    Who are abhay and tanya..I haven’t watched ishq baaz for ages it seems …
    But anyways ..
    Gripping plotline ..
    Tons of Love

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      Hey Dearie,
      Yess , I had a fab Diwali..we had crackers cauz they arent banned here in Kolkata, but they were less noisy and smoky than they used to be…
      Delighted to know that you are liking it ! I juz tried whateva I could. Sure, I ll send all the links
      Abhay and Tanya are another pair of villains who have come in. Abhay and his father are related to the Oberois and has some relation with Kalyani Mills Fire. Tanya is his lover , one-sided lover, and Abhay is using her to take revenge.
      Luv u too Dearie, ??

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