The Miracle – A Shivika ff Part 12

Hola guys !! It’s been a month since I didn’t write here, but I couldn’t help it because Prelims are important for me. They get to decide my life for the next two years. I’m so grateful to all of you for supporting me throughout and also having the patience to bear with my absence.

Kahani ab tak –

Part 11 here

The doctor came out of the operation theatre.

Shivaay got up with a questioning look which was shot towards the doctor, as he had a grave expression on his face.

“Doctor, how is Anika now ? “, Shivaay asked.

Doctor did not reply.

Shivaay turned a red shade in anger and impatience as he had sensed that something was wrong. He shouted,” Dr. Bhansali, I’m asking you how is my wife? Why aren’t you replying ? ”

Dr, ” We are sorry Mr. Oberoi. ”

Shivaay’s expression was that of a child whose most important thing was snatched from him . He stood extremely still with a blank face. Om took the initiative , ” Dr. what happened to Bhabhi ?”

Doctor, ” Mrs. Oberoi got injected with the O negative blood. Her WBCs are reacting with it and the blood content in her body is getting reduced. We checked again and took out the wrong blood injected, but….”

Rudra,” But what doctor? What happened to Bhabhi ? ”

Doctor, ” There is still some blood which had reached her organs before we could take it out. We have been doing all possible steps and the situation is under control but not completely. We need to perform an operation now and for that we need Mr. Oberoi’s signatures on these papers. ”
Dr. Bhansali went inside and out came a nurse with the papers. Before she could hand it over to Omru, Shivaay immediately took the papers from her hands and started checking them.
Om, ” What do the papers say? ”
Nurse, ” The papers say that the operation we are going to perform is a risky one. If the operation turns unsuccessful, and if there is a loss, the hospital won’t be responsible for it. It will completely be the responsibility of the patient and their family. ”
Shivaay shouted out, ” What the blo*dy hell are you speaking ? How can you do this ? ”
Hearing his scream, Dr. Bhansali came out again.
Dr, ” What happened Mr. Oberoi? ”
Shivaay got all the more angry.
“Dr. you are asking me what happened ? When we told you there is some fault with the blood, you never paid heed to our warning. None of our family did anything to the blood or its container so if there is a fault with the blood, then its the responsibility of the hospital . The change of blood and the operation concerned with it is your responsibility and you are making me sign the papers which say it isnt your responsibility !!!
How could the hospital be so careless and irresponsible that a patient is injected with the wrong blood ? And then you are asking me what happened! Wow! ” he literally screamed. Then holding the Doctors collar, he threatened,
“Listen, I dont care whose responsibility or who did what, I want my Anika safe and sound. She should become fine again. Safe , sound and fine, do you get that ? ”
Omru tried to free Dr.’s collar from Shivaay’s hands but his grip was tighter than usual. Shivaay looked directly into the eyes of the doctor and Dr. Bhansali could see anger and worry in his eyes, upto such an extent that the fire they were emitting at the moment could burn anyone down to ashes.

Om,” Shivaay, leave the doctor. Leave him. ”
“No Om, today I wont leave anyone. They are responsible for Anika’s present condition and now they cannot guarantee her well being. I wont spare anyone today. ”
“Shivaay, try to understand. If you wont leave him then how will he perform the operation ? If he doesn’t perform the operation, then how will bhabhi get better again ? ”

Shivaay gave the fact a few thoughts and then breating heavily, he felt the doctor’s collar. He gave him an angry glare and turned aside, after signing the papers.
Om,” Doctor, I’m sorry on his behalf. You prepare for the operation. ”
The doctor nodded and left.
The red light on the OT started glowing.
There was silence all around except for the silent sobs of Shivaay, heavy breathing due to tension of Omru, clicking of sandals due to movement of Pinky in the corridor like a pendulum and the chants of a mantra in the hospital temple by Tanya. All wanted Anika to get well soon.

After two hours:

Shivaay was in the most vulnerable state as he could ever be and his trance was broken when Pinky’s clicking of heels stopped. He looked up to find that the red light of the operation theatre had gone off and it was time for the result. The door creaked open and the doctor came out nervously to find everyone waiting on him for the results. He gave a heavy sigh….


I m sorry I couldn’t write more. Will try my best to update within two days. Thank you everyone once again…..

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