The Miracle – A Shivika ff Part 1

Hey friends ! I have attempted a new story based on the current track of Ishqbaaz and on our favourite couple Shivika. This is its first part. Enjoy…
Shivaay has gone to Goa in search of the truth behind the fire at Kalyani Mills. Anika follows him but he is unaware of the fact that even after forbidding her from following him , she is not leaving him alone. Here is the rest of the story.

Tanya comes to know that Shivaay is leaving for the airport and so she calls up Abhay and tells him the same. Abhay tells Tanya to meet him at airport as they will be following Shivaay whenever he goes. So as a result of this Shivaay, Anika, Abhay and Tanya also reach the airport. He is unaware of the fact that he is being followed. Fortunately, for them there was no drama on the airport and the flight and they safely landed in Goa. It had been a misunderstanding for Shivaay, the previous night because Tej had seen Shivaay’s reflection in the mirror and to mislead him said that they were going to Goa but none of the Oberoi family elders headed to Goa.

As soon as the four people landed in Goa, they all headed to the hotel. Shivaay checked in the reception.
Staff,”Welcome Sir, your room is 209. It is opposite to room 210 and between 207 and 211. Enjoy your stay here. ”
Shivaay just nodded his head and left for his room. Not long after, came Anika.

Staff,”Welcome Madam , your room is 210. It lies opposite to room 209 and between 208 and 212. Enjoy your stay here.”
Anika wasnt aware that the room opposite to hers was taken by Shivaay. In the fear of not losing track, she hurried towards her room to freshen up. Unknowingly, Shivaay and Anika got into the elevator at the same time. Anika couldnt be recognised, because she was wearing a burkha. He, suddenly looked at her and she too stared at his kanji aankhen. They had an eyelock. Shivaay could feel the familiarity in those brown eyes, but shoved off his thoughts on seeing the burkha.

At the second floor , where these two were supposed to get off, the elevator door opened and both tried to come out first. In this manner, they crashed and fell on their backs.
“Oouch!,” exclaimed Shivaay.
“Oho, lag gayi….,”came from Anika.
They both got up and settled themselves.
Shivaay, ” I m sorry. I didnt know that we would try this ! ”
Anika,” Even I m sorry , Billu-j….”
Shivaay,” Err…excuse me”
Anika, ” Sorry, I meant I m sorry, janaab. ”
Shivaay looked at her and just nodded his head. He felt very familiar with this lady.
Anika thought,”O bete ki. Abhi raita phail jaata. Anika , control”
They both bent down and picked up their room keys and crashed their heads into each other.
Anika ,” Oho Sh…”
Shivaay, ” Huh ?”
Anika,” I mean Oho Sh..Sh..Shauharji. ”
Shivaay,” But Shauhar means husband.”
Anika,”Oh! Yes. Sorry. Actually I had a love marriage recently. My husband’s family speaks these words, and I m still learning. So I get confused often. Sorry haa !”
Shivaay, “Haa..Its okay. ”

They both went towards their rooms from the opposite sides and met again in front of their rooms.
Shivaay, “Tum !”
Anika ,” Bill..arre janaab aap ! ”
Shivaay, “We meet again.”
Anika,”Maybe for long. Our rooms are next to each other.”
They both entered their rooms , banged their doors, stood stuck to it and heaved a sigh of relief.
Shivaay,” Oh God ! This lady reminds me a bit of Anika. Dont know why ? Am I missing her? No , why am I thinking this. Shivaay, focus.”
Anika , “Phail gaya raita. Mar gaye samjho. Saamne waala room hai Shivaay ka. Zyada saavdhan rehna hoga. Hufff”
I havent decided whether I will write further or not. It will depend on whether you all like it or not. Have a happy and safe Diwali. Stay happy and blessed always….

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