When miracle meets man epics are born- Love saga of man and miracle – Character Sketch

When miracle meets man epics r born—
an epic love saga of man and miracle

Hai friends, here comes my first story hope u will like it…
Characters of isqbaaz r same but have some additives,

Anika : girl without any past

Priyanka : obroi girl also a medico anika’s besty

Goury : a graduate student in social work from a village, lively nature spirit

Bhavya : also a graduate student in parapsychology and some mystery obviously

Ouch! Some big changes but Hero’s r same isqbaaz –taddibaaz, perfectly imperfect, musti barri obroi brothers.
Start action camera

Shivai looks bit worried , ‘why I am thinking about her, l didn’t done anything wrong its her mistake!! ‘
“Seriously shivai u really think its her mistake??”
“Omru just stop it, we already discussed it. I am not at all interested in her ”
Omru started laughing, shivai become more irritated-“now what!!!”
“Ya shivai u r not interested that’s why u r rolling her name in every five minute!!”
Shivai with confusing face” no that girl…”
“Phirse shivai “omru made a face.
“U two na !!do whatever u want…”
“Shivai u must apologize to her” omm said with a serious face.
Shivai –“apology but for what, its her mistake!!!”
“Bhabhi se sorry kahne se apka height kam nahi honga bhaiya” rudra said with a laugh
“Okkkk what u r expecting me to do???” “Just give her a romantic dinner shivai” omm commented with a smile. “A date!!!! r u mad omm?? she will show her thadi with full swing now”. “Grow up shivai bhaiya we know u can’t live without her” “Hai Hai nothing like that okk” shivai said with a angry tune.
Omru starts laughing “ofcoursee shivikaaa”

‘Dinner!!’ Goury said with excitement ‘shivai bhaiya kithni romantic hai!!!!!’
“SSO or romance!! tu pagal Hai goury” anika said with her usual tune but she seems happy
Bhavya taunting her, “stop dreaming didi_ I come let’s get ready”
“Wee!! But dinner is for anika di ” goury remains her.
“Goury shivai called all of us you, bhavya, omru and me its a family date yaar”
“What!! Omkaraji mujse date karne!!! No its impossible..”

“Goury u know u r important to omm now he is very special pls don’t underestimate him” anika said with a caring note….

“But di, obroi brothers r getting attached with us, I don’t think its right ” bhavya became furious now. Happiness for love and faer for relationship simultaneously come to her eyes!!! Goury and anika look each other with same concern. Both became teary eyed.

Anika got her grip back _ she said with a firm note, ” no our mission is first and foremost important , we must hold ourselves back, not cross any limits ”
“because we r warriors” goury and bhavya said with a different voice!! They shared a high five.

Dinner time

Three couples r sitting in tree tables,they look hesitated
Shivai said a sorry, anika with sudden impulse ‘whattt!!’
“Anika I am sorry, but I misunderstood u” shivai said this with out any thadi!!
“But u never understood me shivai , I think u never ever able to do it.”
“Hai anika it just u know, I thought u did unfair to pinku and I lost my control it happens u know my anger!!”
“I know shivai , u love u r family a lot but pinku is my besty and…”
“Stop it anika , there is no need of explanations. It just my fault sorryyy”

“SSO said sorry twice!!! Whow let’s celebrate..”
”U started again anika” they both share a laugh, anika look in to his deep blue eyes ‘ meri kanchi eye wala SSO’ she lost her in his eyes which saids a lot without altering a word…

Goury look little frightened, “what is it goury??” Omm asked . he also feel bit shy. Its odd he thought ‘why I can’t face her??’ He called her again.
Goury came from her thoughts,” ya omkaraji , its a big restaurant, but there is any others here” .
omm give a small smile, “ya shivai need some privacy so he booked whole restaurant”.
‘Badi lok badi batheim’ goury murmured ,
“shall we” asked omkara _ya gouri started eating. He looked at her , she looks innocent but something is wrongs _her eyes r not calm they look worried.
“Why r u staring at me” she asked omm with pronounced irritation.

“Nothing special gouri but it seems odd u r restless though it is a calm night” omm was curious .
“So u r reading my eyes!!! But u r wrong I am perfectly cool, mujhe to abh dance karne ki mood Hai”.
‘ She is lying but why ??? Gouri’ omm called softly;
“u r upset because of me, hai na? Don’t u forgive me , l know my behavior was not right in fact its too rude . u did a lot to me and what I did just humiliated u sorry gouri pls forgive me”
“I know omm u r saying this from heart but I can’t live with u and reason is far behind u r expectation” she thought silently.
“Gouri I know why u r silent” omm said in a low voice. She made a jerk,’whatttt’.
“Ya I know it is not easy for u u need time sure u can take as long as u need but I will keep trying. Pyar mem enthsaar ho na saroori Hai!!!” Omm just confessed it, gouri looked in to his eyes, she just felt his heart , his pain ,his love. She wept silently.

Rudra was jocking and laughing bhavya looked him with love, she know she had fallen for him ,”what no bhavya love is not for u!!! leave him don’t drag him to u r messy life”.
Rudra was asking her some thing but she heard another sound and she know its meaning very well. Bhavya jumped from her seat anika and gouri turned around , three became alarmed.
” Let’s go” three said to their partners. ‘Come fast shivai, no argument this time’ anika and others went out hurriedly,
shivai and omru looked at each other. “What is this anika u r showing thadi again!!!” Shivai stopped anika in car parking, “what is it , is there anything wrong??”
” Not JUST wrong shivasi disater is on the way”.anika said in a voice that is very much different from her usuasl tone.

Precap : a bunch of people in obroi mansion , obrois can’t believe what happened next.

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