The miracle of my life (Episode 4)

Sanskar’s POV

Swara Gadodia…. The most chirpy girl I have ever seen. She used to be full of life. She always had a smile on her face no matter how grave the situation was. Though she appeared to be a happy go lucky girl she is a girl of high morale. She used to be fair and frank. Many loved her for this attitude of hers but there were some who even hated her for this. But she never cared. As me and Swara belonged to the elite class of Mumbai we met each other one or two times at some wedding. She never attended any social party which was why I did not know more about her. She was my junior in my school but I never paid any attention towards her.

But one day I got to know how clear her heart was. Some girls were teasing Ragini about her poor fashion sense. Well that day Ragini wanted to try out something different but it turned out to be a disaster. I know Ragini very well. We are good friends. I wanted to give those girls some piece of mind but then I saw Swara. She came there and looking at her those girls faces lost their colour but they acted as if they were unaffected by Swara’s presence.

“So Ragini why are u crying?”

“Shona they are teasing me. They are making nasty comments about my dress.”

“They have done the right thing. Haven’t they?”

Swara’s question came as a shock to Ragini. She was expecting her best friend to support her. But Swara was doing the opposite. Now Ragini was on the verge of breaking down. But Swara’s next words impressed me to the core.

“Because of them u are going to learn the most imp lesson of your life today. Ragini when u carry the dress u r wearing with confidence it becomes a style statement. We need not follow someone everytime. We can make our own style staments. But sometimes we come across creeps like this and u need to learn how to deal with them. I am here right now but I may not be with you next time. Its high time u stand up for yourself. If u won’t support urself u will make them win and they will be right. So now the choice is yours.”

After giving this extraordinary speech of hers she stepped back and I was waiting in anticipation so as to what will happen next.

Ragini turned towards her bullies and slapped one of them hard. Swara laughed and was clapping and cheering for her friend. Before anyone could make one more move Swara interfered.

“Look Tia u teased her and she gave u a befitting reply. A tit for tat. So end this right here. Otherwise I may be forced to give a hint to your mother about ur boyfriend Rakesh.”

Those words of hers made those girls back off and Swara was hugging her best friend and congratulating her on her courage. Ragini was super happy on being able to answer them back. Swara has proven herself to be a true friend. She has instilled courage in her best friend and taught her how to give back to those who try to hurt you.

But this Swara is different. She is not the girl whom I admired. She is not the girl whom I looked up to. She has completely retreated into a shell. I knew about the death of her father. I even heard that it affected her badly but little did I know that it would have such an adverse impact on her. She is changed. She has completely transformed herself. She is wearing a mask. The girl who used to be so against of one hiding their feelings inside them, is now doing the same.

When I called her Shona for a moment her expression softened and the next moment it turned into a cold one. She used to love the name Shona very much. But today even Lucky and Rags also don’t call her so. And then Laksh told me that after her dad’s demise she did not let anyone call her by the name Shona as she did not want anyone to call her by the name by which her dad used to call her. None were allowed to talk about her dad or about his death infront of her. I wondered why she did that.

When I went and talked to her she deliberately avoided me. She was infact a litttle nervous on seeing me. I did not understand why. I don’t know how but I can clearly read her mind. I feel like I know whats going on in that brain of hers.

I had been observing her the whole party. She wanted me to stay away from her. She did not properly talk to me when I went to talk to her. Am I feeling bad for that? But why am I feeling so. This girl is seriously unique. But she avoiding me makes me want to talk to her more. Sanskar what has happened to you? You want to talk to a girl who avoids you? Well I have never done that before. None managed to impress me but Swara is special. Really? Stop it Sanskar you are going too far. Stop your thoughts before they become too dirty.

Swara is pretending to be the girl she is but at heart she is still the same old Swara. I feel so. I heard from Laksh that the bonding of Swara and her dad was unique. Very different from others. For Swara her day started and ended with her dad. And so was the case with her father. She was still young when her dad passed away. And so many responsibilities at such a young age may have made her into what she is.

Well I myself have no idea so as to why I have been thinking of her since two hours. Arrgghh so many confusing thoughts of her. I have been trying hard to divert my mind from her thoughts but I am not able to do so. So I let them be and slowly went into a deep slumber.

Precap: Swara opened her eyes and saw that she was in Sanskar’s arms.


Hope I have not disappointed you guys. Actually I am not well. So I could not do complete justice to this episode. Suggestions are most welcome.

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  1. Simin

    Amazing dear
    Cant believe swara used to be like this earlier and now this cold swara

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks simin.?????

  2. Kritika

    its truely damn amazing!!!
    Read all parts in a go!!
    And seriously i cant wait for next one
    Its just soooooo awesome!!!!
    I can’t wait..
    Post the soonest!!

    1. Fanficoholic

      Hey kritika. I am reallyy sooooo happy on seeing ur comment. Thanks fr such sweet wrds. And by the way one of my bestiee’s name is kritika. So i was like double happy on reading such sweet wrds from a girl whose name resembles the na,e of my bestiee. Nxt one on sat r sunday dear????

      1. Kritika

        Your most welcome dear!!
        Aww.. even you bestie’s name is same!!
        Thats so cool!!
        I will wait eagerly for the next update!!

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  4. Pooja26

    superb part……
    post soon……..

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      Thanks pooja. Nxt part on sunday??

    1. Fanficoholic

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    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks kumu. U too take care and keep encouraging me like this.??

  6. Ashu

    Vyshu! Gd gng…. Sanky’s pov was interesting u knw…like got a glimpse of the old swara!
    And precap? Pls don’t say tht its a dream sequence… But then i don’t mind even if it is, coz dreams or no dreams….. I love seeing them together!??
    Waiting fot nxt ep
    Love you!!
    Happy diwali girlie!!❤

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u soooooo much my swweet akka. Well I wanted to give a glimpse of the old swara in sanky’s POV. Well precap is a dream sequence or not????????? well u need to wait till the nxt epi to knw that. I want u to be in dark till them.

      Love u too❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Hope u had a dhamakedar diwali.

  7. Superb dear…..

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks xavia.????

  8. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Outstanding dear…keep it up..Hamm,sanky is confused,no problem everything will be clear with time??…precap is interesting….. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Anjali30

      Oye nanad ji… how are you??
      Baat hii nhi ho paata ?

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      Thank u. And shd i call u abdul hafiz or uma? Well i knw u as u comment on anju di’s and sme other ffs which i read. And yah u ppl even hav a family ryt???
      Nxt one on sunday.

  9. Tweetypankaj

    It’s awesome buddy!!?. I loved it. Thanks kritika for suggesting me this story. I loved it.ur writing is splendid..

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks tweety pankaj. Even i shd thank kritika fr suggesting my ff to u. Because of her i got to knw a sweet person like u.

  10. Anjali30

    Fifiiiii…. amazing episode…. love sanskaar’s frank and wonderful words…

    Precap ❤❤❤❤
    Can’t wait for it….

    1. Fanficoholic

      Meri pyaaaaaaari di. Verry glad to see ur comment. Well i am thunking to post two episodes nxt weekend. If it wrks out ur gng to hav a treat

  11. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
    Sanky is confused nw dun worry u will undrstnd soon dat u r falling for her ?
    Precap ?

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks arshaanya. Yes he wll understand soon. ??

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  13. Super interesting

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