That minute (Episode 1)

Hello friends. My self vidhi. Feeling very excited to tell u all about my own story so i will start now.

One area in kolkata, one white car is stopped. One girl is present inside. Then another car which is following this white car also stopped but some far. In that car two persons are observing this white car. They will think that is the girl. They will wear masks & thinks to do fast. They will take gun & they will come outside of the car. Here in the car she is talking in phone suddenly they will beat her with their gun. They will bring her out of the car & beats her very hard. She will bleed & falls on road.They will take her car also & they leaves from there.

After some time in another area again those two people who attacked that girl will be seen. One person is talking in phone & asking that when should he send material to banglore? Then he will listen something in phone & says ok we will be ready by 6. Then he will end call & turns to second person & says that means we should complete our work by 4.

Here in another place another two persons will be seen & thinking that to kill outer country people it will cost more. Then we will see some people killing those two people who had attacked the girl.

Here the girl will be admitted in hospital.

Then the scene shifts to san francisco 2 months later. One big company will be shown where they are discussing about some project & shares. Hero will be seen here. He is disturbed by getting some message during meeting. He says sorry to everyone & he leaves from there. He will go to some place & will meet one person & get into the car.

Hero: What’s that urgent man? I was in board meeting.

Friend: Just get in man.

They are going in car.

Hero: Will u say what is the matter?

Friend: There is a girl stacie. I thought if u both meet each other……..

Hero: Stop the car.

Friend: No i will not. From 4 years i have stopped when u want.

Hero: Please yar.

Friend: Listen u have to forget her. 4 years has completed after ur breakup. Thats enough.

Hero: Who is this stacie yar. I dnt even remember her.

Friend: She had met u in my birthday party. She likes u man. Thats y i had made a blind date for u both.

Hero: What? no…

Friend: Yes.

They will reach the place & hero will go in.

Stacie: I know this is weird. I had never met anyone like this before.At the party i liked u very much. Then i thought to meet u. Is it okay to call this a date?

Hero: U know what i can’t do this. I am sorry. I am not correct for u.

He will pay the bill & leaves from there.

He will come to his home. He will on his messenger & checks whether he got any messages or not. He will get 3 messages.

Mesg 1: His mother & father went to party & they will be late.

Msg 2: His friend scolds him for leaving stacie their alone.

Msg 3: Hi lucky its me swara. How r u? I got ur US number from my old phone. I don’t know whether u r using it or not. If this is ur’s & if u r listening this message please call me. My num xxxxx….

he will note it fastly. Bye lucky.

He will think whether to call or not. He will take one photo & watch it. He remembers swara. Then he will call her & talks with her.

Hero mother: Why r u going to india?

Lucky: There is marraige of siri our cousin they called me.

Mom: They called u. What is the full name of siri?

Lucky: ……….

Mom: This is all for that girl only right.

Lucky: I dnt know.

Mom: Dnt know or u dnt want to tell me.

Lucky: Mom…..She told she will meet & i am going thats it.

Mom: Then what should i tell to ur father.

Lucky: He will think for sometime & asks what is the full name of siri sister?

Then he leaves from there. He will go to airport & will sit in plane. Then the flash back starts a few years earlier. Thats it guys. Bye take care. see u tomorrow.

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    Nice.Plz continue.

  2. It is a movie story

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    good plz rit in present or past tense

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