You are Mine (Zayn Mansoori) Ch. 1


ananya, advaitha, vivi, haya, mira, hayathi, nive, faima and zaira…thanks for your support buddies

chapter 1


“Dad I don’t want to work with you”

” Zayn. .I let u learn photography. .it doesn’t means that u don’t work with me”

“my decision is final dad”

“if you can’t accept this….you can leave this home”

“if this is what ur decision. ..then okey..I will go from here”

I and my dad, the millionair Rashid Mansoori we fight with each other daily..but today he said me to leave this home for first time.I really feeling bad..

“Rashid what are you saying? ?? ” this my mother india Nishana Mansoori. .she loves me lot..she always supports me as she know I am always right.

“mum..don’t argue with him for me..I decided I am going to India” as I said some glow came to my mum’s face..

“Nishana. ..if u want to support him then go with him” dad said.

“Rashid. .he is a child” mum said

I and dad said in same time same tune ” I am not a child mum/he is not a child Nishana”

I and dad looked at each other and started laughing. .mum was dumbstruck. .when we realized we stopped laughing. .

“whatever Zayn. .but u can’t stay here anymore” dad said

“okey..I am going” I went to my room. .wohhh…my sister is started packing my stuff!!!!! 8th wonder of little sister zaira is helping me in packing! !!!!!

“hey vampire. .what happened? ?? why are u helping me???”

“I am not helping you..I am helping myself” she said


“if u go from here mum and dad will pamper me more and I will get whatever I want” she made a weird face.

“you a***hole” I threw a pillow at her.and we started our pillow fight..this time I let her win coz I am going to India and I will miss my vampire so much.


“haa beta”

“I AM GOING” I was shouting coz I want my dad to hear me

“why are you shouting Zayn. .mum is beside you” Zayra said

I slapped on her head and headed towards my car.mum stopped me..she gave me some Indian rupee!!! I don’t know where did she get this coz we rarely goes to india..but I love India so much especially Kerala.

I hugged mum and Zayra.

“I arranged an appartment for u in calicut (kozhikkod)” mum said

“what the need mum?”

“coz ur father is going to block ur cards” mum spoke

“WHAT???IT CAN’T BE HAPPEN…I can’t live without my cards something”

“don’t worry. .I told Aman to find a job for you” mum say

Aman is my maternal cousin. so mum arranged everything..I headed to airport.
.by by London. ..calicut..I am coming. .the Zayn Mansoori..I sit in my seat in plane..

precap:Zayn meets Aisha

wanna know ur reaction after reading this story. .feel free to comment. .

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  10. O ruby dearrr, it’s superb episode, zayn is tooo cute n naughty. ..the family bonding is super cute. ..precap very exciting. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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