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Friends I was changed Hari’s name as Adiwait Das. He is married. His wife name is an Engineer worked in the same company as Adiwait works. They have a daughter. Her name is Diya . She is four years old. Vivitha call Adiwait as Adi Ettan (Bhai).Adi and family live in Mumbai.

Vivitha (V),Janaki (J),Adiwait (A),Yaashi (Y),Kushi (K),Diya(D),Atharv (AV)

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Vivitha’s POV
I remember my meeting with Janaki Amma 3 years ago. That meeting change my lives .I decided that I will reveal my past to Amma in Next day. After that I was go to sleep. Kushi is not with me she is her grandma. I was wakeup from my sleep after hearing amma’s screaming.


Amma call me loudly .I was calls Amma but I didn’t get any response. I am fears if something happens to Amma. Iam again call Amma loudly but I didn’t get any response. It was increased my fears. I was try to On the switch of the light. But it didn’t On due to rain current also goes. It was increased my tension. Now iam comes to the hall. Amma….iam again call Amma that time the current comes. I was surprised. Amma ,adi Ettan,Yaashi bhabi, Diya ,Kushi are here in the hall and they all says ” happy birthday to you Ponnu “” Happy birthday to you mumma””Happy birthday to you Maami(Bua) ”
Me “Love you all ”
I was surprised because I don’t expect this all.The whole hall was decorates with balloons and the wall was decorates with my photos with Kushi ,Amma,Ettan, bhabi, Diya. In the middle of the table a big chocolate cake is there, it was wrie”Happy 23rd Birthday PONNU “(today is her birthday, June 23)
V”Amma what is all these ?you know how sacred I’m after hearing your screaming.
J” sorry ponnu,we all are do this for giving you a birthday surprise.
V”it’s OK Amma, but didn’t do anything like this again.And Amma I was surprised .I can’t understand what happens to me. Because it’s was me who always remember your all’s birthday and wish you all. But today I was forget my own birthday.
J”it’s was adi’s idea. Ponnu you always remember your birthday. So we can’t able to give you a surprise
V”Adi Etta I didn’t expect you are here .when I called you (she is call adi before talking to Amma) and ask you when you come to Kerala, you says that you don’t get leave. So you will come in next week.
Y”when you call Adi. We are here in front of our house. we are come here after you go to sleep. And all birthday surprise is Adi’s idea only
A”ya it’s was my idea .I say to Amma that talk to you about your past .so you will think about your past .And you will forget your birthday. So we can able to give you a surprise. How was my idea.
V”I didn’t expect this is from you Etta .You know how much sacred iam after hearing amma’s screaming
A”Do you not forgive to your Ettan”.
V”you are my only big brother he Na Etta. You do this for surprising me.I forgive you.But didn’t do anything like this again
A”Love you Ponnu. Iam happy my sister is forgive me
V”Love you too Etta.And Adi Etta what about my promise?.
A”we should want to know your past life Ponnu. But not Now. Came here and cut the cake

Vivitha’s POV

I was cut the cake and feeds all .After meeting Janaki Amma I get a mother and a big brother and bhabi, she is my best friend. I’m happy for getting a family like them.But iam missing my own family and my love,my life Atharv. I was thinking about it. That time Amma says
J”Ponnu this is my birthday gift for you
Saying that Amma give me the key

V”What is this Amma? ”
J”This is key of Flat in Mumbai, I was buy that flat for you Ponnu
V” what is this all Amma. I was not needed it.I was only wants your love Amma. After meeting you I get a mother and get a big brother and get a bhabi she is my best help me for completing my course. I don’t want anything other than your love Amma
J”you know Na ponnu I have only a son.I always want a daughter God knows about it. It was he who sent you to me.After meeting you I has get a daughter and a grand daughter You are not my daughter. You are my daughter Ponnu. I give this to my daughter
V”Love you so much Amma.iam very lucky to get a mother like you Amma.
J”Even I too lucky to get a daughter like you Ponnu.

That time Ettan ask
A:Are you both stop’s your emotional talk. Then came here ponnu it’s was my birthday gift for you
Saying that Ettan give me a envelope. I was opened it and surprised. Tears appears on my’s was appointment letter to me from a Mumbai based Company V&A company.
After seeing my face Ettan asks
A:what happens to you Ponnu. Do you not like this
V:it was not like that was best gift from my bestest Ettan. Thank you Etta for your love that you shows in these year’s
A:Hey poonu don’t say Thank you dear it was you always says to me no sorry no thank you between siblings. Then why did you say thank you
V:ya Etta. It was me who always saying this. But sometimes it was needed Etta. OK I was take my Thank you back. Love you so much Etta.
A:love you too ponnu.

That time Kushi ask to Ettan
K:Mammu I don’t talk to you. You are don’t love don’t give me anything
A:who said Kushi Mammu don’t love you. See this what Maamu bring for his princess

Saying that Ettan give her a big teddy bear.
K:wwwwww Maamu love you so much
A:love you too Kushi

And Diya this is your Teddy bear
D:love you Papa
A:love you too my princess .Kushi &Diya go and play with your both’s teddy bears.
After getting Teddy bears both are go to playing.

Y:vivitha do you want to know what is my birthday gift for you
V:ya bhabi what is your gift?
Y:it was a surprise Ponnu. Do check my profile posts in TU.(bhabi have a TU account. Writing stories is her passion. That is her stress breakers ).
Saying this she was given me her mobile and opened her TU account. There was I saw a birthday surprise OS for me.its title is “Birthday surprise OS for Ponnu ,My bestie “. I was reads the OS. After reading that
I says to bhabi
V:love you bhabi. You are the best bhabi in the world. Iam very lucky to get s best bhabi and friend like you
Y:love you too Ponnu, you are my bestie

A :Ponnu ,when me return back to Mumbai,you and Amma are should move to
Mumbai with me .I was decided to return back in next week. Before that we all are go for a trip to all beautiful places in Kerala. After come back from the trip the next day we all are go back to Mumbai.
V:iam exited Etta. A trip to all the beautiful places in Kerala with my family
A:Even I want a relieve from hectic schedule .The beauty of Kerala give me a stress relief
Y:Kerala, is Known as Gods own Country.One of the most beautiful state in
India. I can’t enjoy the beauty of Kerala till Now. So iam very excited
J:it’s was become memorable trip with my family

Adi Ettan calls Diya &Kushi. Both are come to Ettan
A:Kushi & Diya tomorrow we all are going for a trip.
K&D:love you Maamu /Papa .we are exited.

All are happy for going a trip .That time Kushi came to me and asked
K:mamma do yuo give me a surprise?
V:what surprise Kushi?
K:Maamu,Bua,dadi all are give you a surprise. So you give a surprise mamma?
V:say Kushi what you want mamma will give you that
K:” I want my Papa mamma ”

I was speechless after hearing her wish .I don’t know what to say her

.Same time in Hotel White pearl, Ernakulam ,one of district of Kerala.
It was the same place where Vivitha live with Janaki.
A man in his mid 27s standing at the balcony of the hotel. He is none other than Atharv. Looking at the Moon he says ” Where are you vivitha .it was now three years you leave me .Today is your 23th birthday Vivitha . You know Na I can’t live without you. Please come back. Vivitha I know if was my fault, I’m very angry on your father that time, that’s why I behave like to you in that time. You also know Na my situation in that time. After realising my fault I was goes to your house for bring back you to my life. That time I knows that you are leaves your family and goes to MH.I know this from Guddi. That’s why I came to Mumbai for finding you but I didn’t find out you .But my heart says that you are living in MH.So I return back to RJ and bring maa with me and came to Mumbai and settled there.I was started a company in the name of V&A company with the help of my friends. I hope that one day you will come back to my life. When I was going to any other places in India for business deal I always search you in everywhere. But didn’t found out you till now. Now iam here ,Kerala ,the Gods own country for a business deal. I will here for one week. My heart says that you are living here in Kerala. I hope Kerala, the Gods own country will return my Vivitha my love back….


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