YOU ARE MINE ,ME ARE THINE (nee endetum, njan nindetum) VITHARV FF part 1

Hi friends I’m come back with an Vitharv FF . This story don’t have any relation with Jndsd serial.
Please ignores the grammar mistakes.

Vivitha it’s was now three years you coming
to Kerala after leaving your family. You
didn’t speak about your family and husband
till now. Now kushi has two years old, she
is starting to asking about her father, you
always said to her that her father is
living in an distant place and he will come
one day for seeing her and her mother
. I didn’t ask you anything about your family,
because you promise me that you will
reveal about them after completing your
and settled down your life. Now You are
your MBA. I want to know about your
family and what the reason that leads to
leave your family and husband asked
Janaki, a fourty five years old women
sitting next to Vivitha.
V: Amma (mother) I promise you that I will
reveal about my family and husband after settle down my life. Now I completed my
MBA. But I want one more day too. I will
surely reveal about my family in next day,
J:Ok don’t change your promise. I want to
know about you. It’s was night go to sleep.
Good night ponnu (amma call me like that)

Vivitha’s pov
After amma goes to sleep I remember how I meet her after leaving my family
It’s was now three years I leave my family
and coming to here.
I come to Mumbai after leaving my family
and try to find out a job ,because I want to
take care of my baby, she is on my womb . That time I meet Janaki aunty, she is an
malayalee . She
comes to Mumbai for seeing her son, Who
worked in Mumbai . I meet her at Railway Station, When I fainted in front of her, she
took me hospital and take care me. She
asked where about of me. I only said her
that I’m vivitha from RJ I came to Mumbai for finding a job and didn’t reveal
about my family and Atharv, my love and
my life. When I decide to go from the
hospital after my treatment She is took me with her and goes to her son ‘s home. She
is a kind hearted woman. She asked me about my family, so she can contact them and inform about me. That time I reveal her that I came here after leaving my family due to some personal issues and I try to goes from there . But she is don’t leave me. When she is return back to Kerala she is took me with her . She care me like
her own daughter. She is like my own
mother , I call her as Amma. First I call her as ayi but later I call her as
Amma . I learn this from Hari Ettan ,he is son of Amma. He is an engineer. After meeting
Janaki aunty I get one mother and a big
brother. I’m elder child of my family. I
always want a big brother or big sister. After meeting Hari ettan I get a big brother.
He is care me like his Own sister. Amma always asks me about my family. I
her that don’t ask about my family. And I promise that one day I will reveal about my
family. Before that I want to complete my
study and get a job . After that Amma didn’t ask anything about my life. She helped me for getting admission in an MBA college. When I goes to college she take care of Kushi like her own grand daughter. Now I completed
MBA,Now kushi have two years old, she was the symbol of my and Atharv ‘s love.
He is leave me and broke the relation with me, that
hurts me very badly. But still I love
him. Now the time arrive to reveal about my life to Amma. I will surely reveal about my family, my love Atharv

What’s was Vivitha ‘s story, why vivitha leaves her family and Atharv ?what reason leads to leave her family and Atharv?

If you like my ff then comment. I’m waiting
for your all’s response.
Ahsana ?

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  1. Sreelekshmi

    Amazing concept dear ??? awesome episode ??keep writing next episode as fast as possible dear ????

    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you so much Lachu. I’m happy that you liked it.

  2. Marliyashahul

    Keep writing ……. awesome

    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you for reading and your support . I will update soon.

  3. excellent story. waiting for vitharv story.

    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you for your support . I will update soon.

  4. Asana321

    Superb FF
    I am eagerly waiting for next episode to know about why vivi leave atharv , nice twest Di
    Keep writing

    1. Ahsana98

      Love you ???? Afsu for your support.ninku istayi ennu arinjadil sandosham. Njan next episode update cheyam.

  5. Zaina

    Wow ahsana,its really awesome… please update the rest tomorrow itself yaar…iam eagerly waiting for it

    1. Ahsana98

      Zaina ninku ee story ishttayi ennu arinjadil sandosham. Njan next part update cheyan sramikam. Ende manazil idinde whole story um und. Adu engane avataripikum ennu alojichu kondirikukya. Ya I will update soon dear

  6. Gouri

    waahh……enik vitharv pair nalla ishta…njn actually ff angne vayikarilla..pne chechi ezhthithalle kandapo vegm vayikanam enn thonni….regular aaytt vayikan pattonn ariyla…….

    aa pne ee storyne pati parayanenge storyline enik ishtayi….pne all the bst for upcoming episodes….ith pole adipoliyaytt rhanne ezhthu????????
    pne vivithede pole enikum oru eldr brthr venann bayngara aagrahind…..

    1. Ahsana98

      Love you Gouri nee vayichu ennarinjadil sandosham und. Idinde whole story um ende manazil und. Njan next part update cheyam. Njan update cheyumbol ninku link send cheydu taram. Pinne nee TU yil varunnadu epozha, time paranjal njan aa neram ende childhood picture ninde wall il post cheyam. Nee kandal eniku apol tanne delete cheyan pattum. PM me . Eniku swandayitu aniyanum aniyattiyum und. Njana veetil mutadu. Oru Big bro or sister undayirunnenkil ennu njanum agrahichittund. Ende agrahangal anu njan ende kada yilude avatrapikunnadu

      1. Ahasana Chechi…. Are you a malayali…..

  7. Super duper episode dear I want to know their story soon plsssssssssssss keep writing dear

    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you aisha. I will update soon dear.

  8. Sandy17

    Ahsana, its superb dear.?..interesting plot and thankful for keeping vividha’s nickname as ponnu because mine is also d same? and I love that name ?
    Waiting for vivi’s story…keep going dear ?

    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you for your support Sandy. Njan next episode update cheyan sramikam. Ponnu ennadu ente favorite name um kodiya. Nee Ponnambili kanarundayirunno?

      1. Sandy17

        Illada njan aake kanunnathu jndsd ayirunnu ?

  9. Sunanda12345

    Hi dear nyc ff…with gud concept… ??eagerly waiting for the nxt…sry for late rply

    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you sunanda . Thank you for your support. I will update next episode soon. Don’t say sorry dear. You are read my ff that’s means a lot to me.

  10. Nalla ff,grammar mistake is not a problem since the content is strong ,just an opinion,if u wish to u can make somebody very close to u to proof read,m sure,then the impact will increase, but I liked it,pls don’t feel bad,njan ente opinion paranjathanu,njan jndsd idakke kaanarundarnnullu,updatesum regular vayikkan pattarillarnnu,but Vitharv pair was good,chilar mathrame chemistry kondu manassil Oru special nedullu,after Arnav Khushi,Rk Madhu and Rudra Paru,this pair I liked..good luck for ur ff.

    1. Pinne nammude naadine Oru nalla kadhapathramaakki present cheyyanam ennu apeksha,Keralam Oru sambhavaannu purathullavar onnu koodi ariyatte,nammude rituals,festivals ,tourist destinations,main cities okke pattiyal ethenkilum Oru reethiyil,back groundl use cheyyane ennanu request..

    2. Ahsana98

      Thank you V for your support. Njan mobile il anu article ezhudunnadu. Nerate ezhudiya article paste cheydu post cheyunnadalla. Apol ezhudunnadu. Ende manazil already full story und but ezhudan tudankumbol manazil tonnunnadupole ezhudukyanu. Mobile il article vendum eduttu proof reading nadatunnadu budimuttanu. Njan pramavati tettu teruttan sramikarund. Pinne nammude nadine kadapatramakunna karyam, njan nokkam. Thank you for your support .

      1. Ok,I understand, I have written ff and is yet to complete one,and i know we will modify it while typing,some good scnes will happen just like that,it is not so easy to type in mobile,since u have the whole story it is good,hope readers will get to read a good story.Keep writing.

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