You are mine. A tale of love – Epi 1


This is the continuationof the current track guyzzz.

Scene 1
Swara messages Laksh meet me tom at bakelit cafe at 7 pm.
Both of them comes there.Swara tells Laksh its time to fulfill my promise .I promised u that if I found ragini I will found help u to get her out of ur life I will tell a plan.( ……….)Laksh comes home and says u have to do it Laksh u have to do it for ur love

.Scene 2
Ragini enter her room and is surprised to see Laksh seeing her photo
and hides there Laksh knows and says looking at
her photo y r doing this ragini we were friends then enemies and I don’t know when this hatred changed into love.(Ragini as we know she is not of the one who believes everythings so quickly testes Laksh and after so many she stupidly falls inthe trap and Laksh frankly takes her signature on the documents saying that he returns all property
and is ready to divorce him.

Plz suggest me pairs guyzzz and do comment plzzz…

Credit to: Megha

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  1. Too short but seems like intresting plz continue and swasan and raglak plzz

    1. As ur wish dear

  2. Raglak plz

  3. Plz make ragini positive ??
    And plz ragsan and swalak cause there are loads of ff for swasan

  4. Swasan


  5. Swalak and ragsan

  6. If it’s continuing from the current track obviously the couple will have to be Swasan

  7. Dear it should be swasan only as you continuing the current track because swara has fallen for sanskar nd 2nd reason is that rags has fallen Sankar bhaiya so it should be swasan nd raglak only

  8. Swasan…as according to current track swara is in love with sanskar…

  9. Megha, plz make it swalak but after their divorce.

  10. Amaizng keep it up swasan and raglak pls pls pls they vil rock

  11. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make it swasan and raglak

  12. Swasan plzzzzzzzz swasan only. Swasan is my favourite. Plz make it swasannnnnnmm plzzzzzzz

  13. Make swasan pls pls pls……………………

  14. Swasannnnnn

  15. Nice starting
    Swasan and raglak

  16. in current track swara loves and only loves sanskar..
    then it should be swasan..

  17. Swalak and ragsan

  18. Nothing to offend you guys but i don’t want ragini as my wife.

    By the way you won’t believe but my real name is sanskar maheshwari only.

    1. Nice joke Mr.snskar

      1. What a pj!!
        If u r true ( which I really dont believe) show us proof
        Mr. Sanskar

  19. Swasan please.. We all love them

  20. make ragsan ….and swalak ..

  21. Swalak plssss

  22. plz….Swalak!! there are lots of swasan ff’s !! so plz…Swalak nd ragsan !!

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