So I am back guyzz after a long break but with a promo, which is very very small, ya my exams got over on 30th Jan all exams were disasters actually and college started on 1st of feb breaking our hearts without any sembreak!!!about ff I am really sorry for being a irresponsible writer….hope you all like the promo!! This just sneek peak to coming epi!! I will post 11th chappy soon as possible.


Tears ars are flowing down like a river through eyes !!guilt is the only word that can describe her feeling … she felt disgusted on herself…each passing moment she feared of loosing him…loosing her love, her life…..she has not seen him from yesterday night …yesturday night were her blind eyes were lighten up, the night she would never forget in her entire life….on this night she was able to catch hold on to the truth but not on her to her love…..!! Time has move ahead its 12’O clock midnight still no news about suraj…she is crying hard on her stupid fate and her stupidity!!!

A lot has changed after that day!A lot ….Suraj Rajvanshi who got a Rebirth as the idiot of chakor is dead…the guy who blindly loved the girl,the guy who could give his life for his lady love no more exist!!!

Love a simple four letter word…this simple word can bring a big change in human life both as good and bad! Every relationship are rooted on trust ….what if ,the person for whom we change ourself,the person whom we love the most,the person who is the single and only reason to live your life,the person whom you trust the most….what if that person untrust you!!! ….hope yes we have hopes from every relationship according to human psychology…we have hope of getting the same amount of love,trust ,respect and care from all relations we have…what if that hope is broken….!….his hope ,trust and love on her is broken…will she able to fix his broken heart !

Truth is gonna unveil soon! Our evil trimurthizz evil plans will be exposed! But…..will sukor relation remain the same as earlier…will suraj forgive chakor for not trusting him? Their situation reminds me of famous saying “words cannot be taken back” …so will suraj be able to forget all her words which pierced his heart!……will chakor be able to seek forgiveness!…so may questions and I have to answer it all ,poor me…I hope I get some good ideas!


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    Amazing promo
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    1. Tigress

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      But your promo was absolutely purrfect
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  3. ShinyGeorge

    amazing yaar. continue soon. take care

  4. wow nice promo I’m eager to read d nxt part n plz give recap of previous part

  5. Heyyy you are back ?
    Promo is awesome ??
    Update soon….

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