YoU aRe MiNE – SuKoR – part1

Hai guyzzz this is Liya .I am doing by btech now so I was little busy with studies! I am back with a OS

(The plot is same as that of serial,suraj giving money to KN from vivaan)

Kamal Narayan (KN ): Suraj!! You have done a great work by getting money from Vivaan!!
Suraj : its my duty to full fill your wishes!
KN :haahaa… then your duty is not over yet he said with a smrik
Suraj was confused and thought what is he up to now? His chain of thoughts was disturbed by Ragini! Who gave him some paper.
Suraj : what’s this?
Ragini : chakor &your divorce paper…she said staring at him angryly and continued “get them signed soon!!”
kN : I need you to full fill this duty too!!
Suraj was shocked to hear the word “divorce” , even though he was behind her for divorce at this moment he felt very sad! With a heavy heart he nodded in yes and left from KN ‘s room!
@chakor’s house.
kasturi : you know chakoriya this is my 23rd kavarchaut! Kasturi said while preparing for karvachaut!
Chakor : wow maai it’s a long journey!!
Kasturi : yaa! I still remember during our first karvachaut,your bappu also took fast for me and later he got gas trouble
Changan who entered the house with bhuvan and chakor started laughing hearing this and bhuvan was shying away…..
Chakor : I never knew my baapu is soo romantic…chakor said while controlling her laughter.
Changan : Wait a sec!! This is chakors first karvachaut right?
Chakors face fade hearing this ,surajs face was coming on her mind! She rembered their cute njokh jhok…he calling her wild cat,their wedding night….she was missing him madly!!

Kasturi who found chakor lost, to change her mood asked her to go out for a walk!
Mean while Suraj was in his jeep going to chakors house with divorce papers.

Suraj’s POV

Many things changed in my life ..!! Its like my life took a 360° turn…From an animal,I started living the life of a human!! I only cared for myself,my happiness,my problems!!! But when I saw chakor sacrificing her life to save three of us… I was shocked! How can someone put their life in stake.. But she did! She always showed the meaning of LOVE and LIFE to me …but at those time I was blind…but now when I can see the truth around me ,she is going away!!……Its only a week since she left haveli but everything seemed to be so gloomy ,on top of that papa and ragini is back to trouble us….why are they in a hurry than us ,for our divorce…urghh I will kill that ragini devil one day!! She would have instigated papa for our divorce!! I don’t know why I am feeling soo much pain!! And anger !!! As if I gonna loose …her…I don’t understand anything!! Now when I look at my life … I think the girl who always irritates me! The girl whom I have hated once to core ! The girl whom I love to fight whole life…she is the only fun and happiness in it! ! I feel like I am going to be left alone!!

Chakor who was walking saw the village people preparing for karvachaut,which is tomorrow….chakor then remembers changans word….its my first karvachaut and I am…no!! Why should I think of fasting and for whom?? She said trying to coverup her thought and to console herself deep inside she wishes to take fast for suraj!!
Then she saw suraj jeep coming!! She was on cloud 9 .but she don’t know the reason for her happiness!!her excitement!!Suraj step out of jeep and moved towards her……( Raabta song plays in bg) suraj &chakor both of them smile seeing each other.chakor is little bit blushing when she saw suraj staring @her!
Both of them came back to senses and started their tom&jerry show!
Chakor : So what is Mr.Rajvanshi doing here? She asked with raising eyebrow!
Suraj instantly shot “ Just came to meet Mrs.Rajvanshi” suraj just realized what he said and bite his tongue!
Hearing this Chakor turn red ,but she control her self .
Chakor : So you started missing me huh?
Suraj : Me missing you…..hahaa not even in dreams! I think its not me but its you who is missing me …he said raising his eyebrows naughtily! And coming close to her!
Chakor : she playfully pushes him and said how can I miss a bore person like you she shot with a smrik!
Suraj : whom did you call bore? Me ?
Chakor : ya you are soo boring!!
Suraj : I am best in everything!
Chakor : Really ! Then prove it?
Suraj : hmmm…challenge accepted!! But on one condition if I am succesful in entertaining you ! Then you gotta do what I say…suraj said naughtly
Chakor then remembers the scene where suraj is asking a kiss from her! She was shocked and thought ,is he planning to ask it again!.ohh god what will I do now!!
Suraj from her silence realized what’s she thinking and said “Not that one”
Chakor felt awkward and shy hearing his reply and noded to him accepting his challenge.
Suraj : So let’s go!
Chakor : where?
Suraj : You only challenged me now ! So I thought to take you out!what do you say?
Chakor : that’s cool! Let me inform maai &baapu
Suraj : Done !

Suraj is living his time with her, he forgot about the divorce and is much excited to go out with chakor! Let’s see what destiny store for them!


———————————————————-I am sorry for less Sukor scenes ! I write randomly without any plot in my mind, and still have no idea about part2 …so Hope you guyzzz like it! Thankyou everyone for supporting on My first OS!

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