YoU aRe MiNE SuKoR – part 9


Hai guyzz , I am back with another epi ….hope everyone enjoys this part!

suraj was still looking at her ,she came out of her thought and moves towards him his heart beat started raising due to her proximity …

chakor :” you did’nt answer me suraj! “she said in a cold voice “why did you came here”.
suraj : to see you…..he said cutely.
chakor : why? who am i to you Mr. Rajvanshi…..she said angrily
suraj was boggled by her sudden change in reaction…..
chakor :” who am i to you Mr.Rajvanshi ?” she yelled at the top of her voice “your wife? your friend or…..your enemy?”….she said with a burning heart and teary eye.
suraj : chakor are you okay? is everything alright?why are you behaving so wierdly……A minute ago you were hugging me and crying then you fought with me and was smiling happily and now you are angry at me….i am not able to understand you?
chakor : Thank God that i was able to understand your true colour…..
suraj : what are you saying? hey you are playing some prank right?

chakor : stop it suraj , i should have thought earlier that you are unchangable, Like father like son…you were the shadow of your father and will always remain like are a cheater….she said while tears were flowing down her eyes unstoppably.
chakor: what did you thought uhh you will play with my feeling and i won’t know about it …..i thought you changed and became a good person but i was wrong in knowing you….you are the same old ruthless guy,you can never ever change….

suraj : CHAKOR! its enough….stop this bullshit! what are you blaberring? what have i done that you feel i am a cheater? tell me?what have i done that you think i am still like my father ?what did i do that you are giving me soo much pain?
chakor : don’t act innocent suraj! you know pretty well what i am saying? and i must say what an actor you are she said while clapping her hands ….you have succeded ,you have broken me,you have destroyed me are you happy now ?are you happy seeing you your enemy in this state.
suraj : i cannot even think of hurting you, i can do anything for your smile……i think there is some misunderstanding? you are getting me wrong?
chakor: i was getting you wrong till yesterday but now i can see everything clearly? she said remembering the divorce paper then what ragini is saying……leave mr.rajvanshi from my house and from my life.

suraj was stunned by her words
suraj composing himself said” on what basis are you taking this decision ,to make me out of your life”
chakor : on the basis of the truth.
suraj holds her by her shoulder and pinned her to the wall both are having a painful eyelock.
suraj: then let me tell you something chakor ,this is not the truth …this is not the truth..he shouted at her in full range.
chakor : it is the truth and she pushed and moved away from his grip.
suraj : you are wrong chakor ,you are wrong ……. i don’t know what is the reason for which you are punishing me like this,but i know one thing its not the truth…….you are wrong for the first time,get one thing in to your head you may not be always right….and he was walking to the door.

chakor : you will get the divorce paper soon…which you wish for?
suraj became lifeless hearing this it was like someone took away his soul from him….suraj turned and give her a fake smile
suraj: “i wish for or you wish for?” he said looking at her “there was a time when i wished for it and you did’nt fullfill my wish……this time you are wishing for it and yaa i will fullfill your wish unlike you.”
chakor was silently hearing his words,now again her heart and mind are batteling each other,mean while suraj is trying to walk,his eyes are filled with tears,his heart has become heavy,he remembered all their beautiful moments together now everything will remain as a memory itself…his dreams his hopes everything is shattered……now he turned back and looked at her once again

suraj : chakor trust me for once ,i really don’t know why are you behaving like this , i have no idea about what your speaking… should atleast give me a chance to prove myself……tell me atleast whats
he was cutted by chakor
chakor : leave suraj ! just get lost from my sight! i don’t wanna see you……I HATE YOU.
suraj was was hell angry at her
suraj : Have you lost it chakor? what have i done that you are doing this much drama huh… i don’t even wanna know what your telling….what is point of knowing the reason unless you trust me?. Is our relation so weak that you won’t even give me a chance to make you understand …NO how will the great chakor believe me …….for you what you think and what you believe is the truth… cannot be wrong ,right… are always true….keep on thinking like that ,now i don’t even care because now i realized that…..there was nothing between us as per you….you did’nt even consider me as a friend… have hurted me badly chakor….what did you say i have broken you and destroyed you…….nope you have broken me and destroyed me completly…….i hate my self for lov……suraj think about how he realized his love for chakor his eyes got wet then he remembered her words “your were the shadow of your father and will always remain like that” “you are a cheater”…these words are piercing his heart…..he looked at her in full rage,anger and pain and said…… was you who created the goodness in me , the sweetness in nor it came from myself nor i was acting and now you only killed it…..its good to be a bad boy….no pain,no vain….good bye
after suraj left ,chakor started crying thinking about her fate..

vimli was waiting for suraj for a longtime now,they were ready to tease him up and was very much excited to know what had happened.suddenly they saw suraj walking in full rage to the jeep,vimli who approached him find something fishy….they were about to ask something when suraj asked them to get in…..he was drive in fullspeed to the haveli…imli started praying bhajaan ….vivaan is shouting at suraj to lower the speed but suraj was hearing only chakors words,it was echoing in his head…..he was getting mad…..his eyes turn red in anger,they some how reached haveli …………without uttering a word suraj went inside……vimli looked at him and then looked at eachother .

[ the stalker had send some pictures of sukor and suraj coming out of the house to ragini……..from suraj’s face expression itself they could make out what had happened….] ranjana : they have came……..hehee
ragini : so lets begin the show,are you ready papa?
kn : hahaha…..yes beta
suraj was about to climb the stairs when kn stopped him. suraj was much irritated but he still went to him.
suraj : yes papa
kn : you were so busy that you did’nt even notice when i returned
suraj : nothing like that …..
kn : okay, is my work done?
suraj : what work?

ragini : you good for nothing creature you forgot what papa told you
before ragini could speak further she felt a muscular hand on her cheek and the next minute she was on the ground…..everyone looked at shocked ………suraj was burning in anger ,his eyes were blood red…….even kn got scared seeing him…ragini was holding her cheek and was looking at suraj……suddenly ragin’s men was about to hit him and ragini was smiling seeing it …..suraj took his gun ,without thinking twice he shoot at him and the bullet pierced his shoulder and the man was crying in pain…….vimli who saw the scene from the entrance got shocked…..
suraj pulled ragini by her hair and made her stand and held her hair more tightly,she was wincing in pain but her anger was visible in her eyes…..he held the gun in her forehead…kn and ranjana got scared.ranjana fled from the scene
vivaan : suraj are you gone mad ? leave her!
kn : suraj beta….she is your little sister ,leave her
suraj to ragini : don’t even dare to raise your voice next time otherwise i won’t even think before pulling the trigger he pushed her to the floor and he made his way to his room.

imli : suraj babu
vivan : what ?
imli : suraj babu and looked at vivaan
vivaan understood what she meant
vivan : what happened between sukor that our duffer is behaving like before
imli : we gotta findout
meanwhile ragini was screaming
ragini : how dare he slap me…..i will kill him!!
vimli did’nt give her much heed and left to their room to discuss about sukor.
kn : stop this drama ragini ,you spoiled everything … deserve it
ragini : papa!! shouted ragini
kn : i was handiling him well why did you pop your head in it?
ragini : you are thinking about the plan rather than my insult.
kn : we can make up for your insult…we will pay back with double intrest but now its not the right time.we cannot loose this chance did you get what am i saying?
ranjana from behind : no
ragini to ranjana : for that you need brain.
ranjana : ok.
ragini : i got it papa ,i am sorry!
ranjan to ragini : what you mean by that , i am brainless
ragini : ya you are a brainless bimbo
kn : stop it both of you.we have to concentrate on suraj now ,he is a wounded lion much stronger and more than that he is very dangerous ….but people stop thinking in anger,we should make use of that.
ragini : what you mean?
kn : you got angry on suraj ,instead of controlling yourself and work according to our plan ,you bursted out at him without thinking,same way we will manipulate him,i don’t think we should put much effort…hahhaa
ragini & ranjana : your awesome.
vimli decided to meet suraj after he cools down while kn,ragini and ranjana went to him
suraj was sitting on the bed ,he was totally broken…….he remember his childhood how he used to crave for love from his parents and how they ignore him and get themselves busy in their crimes and greed….then he remember his life which was nothing but a waste…. from childhood itself he found happiness in alcohol which was only his true friend,who stays by his side always unlike others ….then he remember the entry of chakor in his life ,then he remember how she took over the place of alcohol….she became his addiction she became his medicine….now everything back to square 1,he is left behind with his same old friend alcohol…..he was about to take a sip of wine when kn stopped him.

kn : what are you doing ? you had stopped drinking right? now you started again?
suraj was hell irritated by his nonsense so make him leave soon he patiently listened to his crap.
suraj : come to the point papa,i know you don’t care wheather i drink or not so stop this drama!
kn : nothing like that suraj, actually i came to tell you sorry on behalf of ragini ,forgive her suraj she is still kid and yaa i am also angry at you for forgetting my work you have promised me you will do it
suraj : which work are you talking about?
kn : about your and chakor’s divorce…did you get it signed? if not go and get it signed soon.
suraj: divorce paper??

then suraj slowly try to recollect that day yaa, everything started due to this divorce paper,he went to chakor, to take her sign on the paper but ended up going out with her,then what ever happend flashed as mini movie in his head…..suraj expression changes to that of a wild animal who is completly wounded…….her words are stabbing him to and fro again and again……he could hear them clearly ” you will get the divorce paper soon”…….he got angry remembering that more that it pained him to hell…….kn was carefully examining suraj….ragini & ranjana was watching everythig hiding behind the door.
suraj : yaa i remember now…….he said angrily.
kn : so have you get it signed?
suraj : no
kn got angry hearing this but he supressed his emotion as he rembered ragini’s state.
kn : go and get it signed!

suraj : no
kn ,ragini & ranjana was shocked hearing this they thought their plan had flopped.
kn : why? don’t you want divorce from her?
suraj : why should i go and get signature from a bandhuva? she should come here and get it signed ….she is only a mere slave ,why will i go to her…
kn : now your speaking like a rajvanshi
suraj : yaa i am a rajanvashi and remembers chakors word you are the shadow of your father and will remain like that……he shouted at the top of his voice i am a rajvanshiii……i am your son….i am your shadow!!….
kn was shocked by his statement meanwhile ragini was getting jealous and ranjana was enjoying the scene….
kn : ragini !!!called out kn
ragini : haa papa …….
kn : bring that girl here…….we have to make her sign the papers
suraj : i lost the papers…get a new one.
ragini was about to say something when kn signalled her to not
ragini : ok ,i will call the lawyer and ask him to bring the papers ….and also i will get that girl…she said angrily and left the place……

chakor is pulled by ragin’s men to haveli they were followed by bhuvan and kasturi whom are hell worried and trying to free their chakoriya from ragini’s men
chakor : leave me ,i said leave my hand raskels!
kn,ragini and ranjana were sitting in the hall waiting for her arrival…meanwhile vimli cameout from their room and tejaswini from kitchen hearing her voice ….then suraj is seen coming down with full swag looking total bad ass…first thing he notice is ragini’s men holding chakor’s hand ….his blood starts boiling…he came down and signled the men to leave …and he came sat in middle of ragini and kn….vimli & tejaswini were standing and watching everything.
chakor : what the heck? why you brought me here
kn : to get my son freedom from you ……
ragini : let me clear the confusion, for your divorce……
chakor and suraj looked each other and shared a brief eyelock…….
chakor : i am ready to give him divorce ,i don’t wanna be in a relation with a cheater……so why this drama?
vimli and tejaswini was shocked hearing chakor’s statement and kn,ragini and ranjana were all smiling…….suraj got angry
suraj : don’t shout ….don’t forget you are a bandhuvaa so stay in your limits…..
chakor : i am not anyones slave
sukor was about to fight when lawyer entered the scene.
ragini was super happy and asked the lawyer to start the procedure……sukor who was fighting a second ago stop fighting………..and looked at eachother helplessly…..they don’t wanna this to happen but their ego was stopping each other……..
kn to suraj : go and sign.

bhuvan to chakor: chakoriya go and sign ,go get free from this relation……
suraj and chakor were moving to the lawyer from opposite direction…..they are looking eachother with lots of pain,hatred and hidden love..they stopped when they are infront of him……..their eyelock was breaked by lawyer with his shocking statement ” This divorce can’t happen”
sukor were super shocked and looked at lawyer with full confusion.
kn,ranjana and ragini together : what ?
lawyer : actually its not even 3 months since they married and only after 6 months they could apply for divorce?
ragini : you idiot why did you say it before
lawyer : sorry mam i only checked the marriage date yesterday…….

ragini : you useless…ragini was cut by kn as always
kn : so what can we do now?
lawyer : suraj and chakor should stay together for 3 more months and then only they could apply for divorce, for easy legal procedure and to avoid further legal problems they should stay together……saying this lawyer left the haveli as there is no use of him staying….
it took a second for sukor to understand what is happening ? and what will be happening next? after their tubelight glowed ,they shouted together “NOOOOOOOOOO” and turned their faces…..
kn was having heart attack,ragini wa feeling dizzy and popcorn was stuck in ranjana’s throat……. this song from singham returns plays in B.G, Mera solah ka dola ,chialish ki chaathi
seedhi baat bolun ,baatein ghumaani nahi aati
Aata majhi satakli

behind five of them there were three people who are smriking at them and giving hifi to each other ,they are vimli and tejaswini and vivaan is singing the song mera solah ka dola,chialish ki chaathi…..imli and tejaswini are trying hard to control his excitement!!

PRECAP: 1. Chakor staying in haveli
2. sukor full on tashan

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