YoU aRe MiNE SuKoR – part 8


hey folks liya again . After reading todays epi and next epi you may feel to throw slippers,egg and tomatoes on me ,everything is whole heartedly welcome. sorry if you feel i am not up to your expectation.

” relations are complicated, if love completes a relation then pain binds the relations”

The scene begins with chakor breaking the hug and looking at suraj full confused, am i dreaming him again?? is it really him,she then pressed the mangalsutra on her neck tightly to check wheather its reality or its him only. mean while suraj is lost in her deep brown eyes….he missed his wild cat soooo much that he don’t wanna take his eyes off from her.
Breaking her thought suraj shooked her up and she gived him a irritated look.both started their njok-jhok ,chakor forgetting her bitterness and suraj unaware of the upcoming hurdels.
Suraj : where were you lost?……..hmm I know you were lost on me right! He said while smriking naughtily and chakor’s mouth was wide open .she was lost in his charm.
Suraj :its not your problem chakor! I am soo hot and dashing that every girl dream about me.
Chakor :ohhh ….helloo.Don’t dream soo high, me and that too lost on you impossible you idiot. Have you seen your face ,if not let me tell you it’s a combo of dog and buffalo’s face .
Hearing this suraj was in shock ,he imagined himself as monkey sitting on tree and scratching all over his body then he imagined him as a buffalo playing in mud in paddy field and crying…chakor was laughing seeing suraj’s expression while he was thinking.
Suraj : look who is saying ……you know what your face is a combo of dog and hippopotamous ……doghippoo…he yelled at her then started his imagination process and started lauging holding his stomach.
Seeing him chakor was boiling in anger.
Chakor : stop it you idiot!
Suraj: aww looks like my doghippoo is angry on me
Chakor: stop calling me that
Suraj : what ?
Chakor : that
Suraj :“I don’t know what your saying doghippoo“he said while stressing the word doghippoo
Chakor after thinking something said naughtily :aww my buffmonkey don’t know what I am saying.let me give you some bananas then you will know buffmonkey ….she said while stressing the word buffmonkey.
Suraj : hey don’t call me that
Chakor : “what “ And smirked at him.
Suraj :urghh your impossible.
Chakor : now stop your drama and get lost….wait a second how did you get In to the house she said suspiciously
Suraj give her a idiotic smile of thousand watt
Chakor took a pillow from bed and threw at him” you theif”
Suraj : what ? I came to my sasural what’s the big deal
Chakor :sasural?? Seriously haahaaa are you my wife or what .
Suraj bited his tongue
Suraj : my house is your sasural so your house is mine..he said to coverup the embaraasement……
Chakor: okk then you stay here its your sasural right
Suraj : why not!
Chakor : and I will stay in haveli
Suraj : why ?
Chakor: its my sasural
Suraj gave her death glare and she started laughing …..
Chakor :okk then tell me why you came here and that too like a theif? She said raising her eyebrow
Suraj : we met after 24 hours and your asking me how I came ? why I came rather than asking how I am?he said while pouting..
Chakor : I know you will be happy without me and would be enjoying….thats what you wanted right? She said while turning her face ,coming out from her happy phase and remembering her painful reality,now her eyes are wet,tears started oozing out from her eyes.suraj was now facing her back so he did’nt notice her tears.
Suraj was first taken aback hearing her words then he thought she is still in irritating mode and said it on a he continued irritating


Chakor POV
Why does he affect me soo much ,he could make me smile even in worst condition just like now, he could even make me forget my pain,like now…..why did I even speak to him ? how can I forgot what he is doing to me .even after knowing his true face why can’t I hate him and why can’t I stop myself from doing silly fights with him……why can’t I stop lov…i..n..g…………before completing the sentence she started crying silently
suraj was super happy because a while ago she was hugging and crying him now she is back full of life. suraj came to her and put his hands over her shoulder,before he could see her tears she wiped them hurriedly and thought how much more will he stoop low and how much more will he act!
Suraj: yup ,you are right I was super happy in the past two days………..and he thought his return from gavi ,how he realized his love for her and everything a small smile occupied his lips and he is looking at chakor.
mean while chakor rememberd today morning incident which she forgot for a moment
chakor thought to take a morning walk she was far away from home ,suddenly her eyes caught three familiar figures it was kamal narayan,ragini and ranjana.
ragini : i will broke that chakor into million pieces that it will take ages to join her together.she failed my every plan but this time my plan is intresting as its a game of love and if it works out chakor is gone.she only have her mental strength left we will break that soon.
kamal narayan : once chakor is clean bowled we can easily take control over village people.
ranjana: i must say ragini what an excellent planning you did…..first you patched up kamal jii and suraj .
hearing this chakor shocked then realized that suraj is only acting in front of ragini.
ranjana : then you planned the kiddnaping drama…you kidnapped sukor and vimli
hearing this chakor’s jaw drop because suraj & imli planned to act infront of kn after kiddnapping drama.
kn : that drama was really fun
ragini : yes suraj was able to gain their trust from that single kidnapping drama. that made our work more easy, and for executing our plan swiftly only i asked suraj to make imli and him act like being our side so that we could communicate and they won’t have any doubt.
ranjana : till now everything is going per plan and now waiting for the impact of our game of love.
kn: i hope suraj will make her fall for him…. i asked him to give her love for a lifetime that when he leave her she should only think about death….hahhaaa…….but it won’t be soo easy as he think ,i have tried numerous time to break her in childhood,all went vain,her heart its made of strong hopes,dreams and love…..we can only shatter her by love.
ragini :but suraj is doing a great job!my bhai really is a romantic hero….i wish she has no doubt because bhai told me that she left without informing him when they went to gavi.
kn : i don’t want this plan to fail!
ragini : today bhai is going to meet her,we will soon know wheather our plan fails or not.don’t worry papa i promise you that the girl who made you suffer in jail will suffer like hell this is my promise to you.
chakor was shocked hearing all this ,they know each and every moment of her,suraj was acting like being with them but was actualy on ragini’s side……..her world turn upside down once again ,now she could read everything clearly ,the sink of divorce paper and why he did not tell her about divorce paper and why he is acting sweet infront of her
she ran to her room and locked her self inside and started crying vigoursily…..the song khoo ghaya dil khoo…chunariya from badlapur plays in b.g
she was keeping on thinking about suraj and their lovely moments,she is missing him badly ,he was the ray of hope in her shattered life and her maai came in and saw chakor face which is pale and her eyes which are swollen ,kasturi asked her to get freshen up and told her that they are leaving for work.she went to take bath.
] ——————————————————————————————–

mean time AT haveli
ragini : give me information about each and everything happening their
ragini roared to her men through phone,he was stalking vimli and sukor and sending their pictures to ragini.
kn : calm down ragini ,we have ignited fire in chakors mind ,i am sure it will spread soon.
ragini : instead of that idiot it would have been better if you went to stalk them she said while pointing to ranjana
ranjana : what you mean? why will i do his work she said while muching popcorn.
ragini : you are expert in stalking,if you was not their how will we came to know what was cooking between four.
flash back shows ranjana hearing what suvimli was saying as she was passing by the way…she heard everything including the gavi trip that sukor went ,his love confession,their talk on how chakor went without informing suraj and their planning to meet chakor tomorrow… she was standing in front of door when suraj came out with pillow feather all over him she got scared.
kn : yaa it would have been better if we sent her!
ranjna : are you both praising me or making fun of me .
ragini : both. but now lets concentrate on this. i wanna break their union and one by one need to finish them all.
ranjana : excluding my son!
ragini: whatever…don’t know whats happening ,i hope our plan works and sukor split apart.

At chakor’s house :
chakor came out of the flash back ,the words of kn and ragini are haunting her….their laughs are echoing in her ears…when she close her eyes she could see only the divorce papers…..she have forgotten about this mess for a moment but now its haunting her and she is unable to hold on and she is at the peak of frustation,anger…….she feel cheated but at the same time from the corner of her heart she feels suraj is innocent his eyes only shows his love for her, beacuse whenever she seems his eyes he forget the world and will be completly lost in them,because her heart still beats for him,his presence make her forget the rest but her mind keep on saying ” he does’nt love you ” ” he does’nt love you ” …….its hard to digest for her but she is trying hard to store it on her head… as always mind wins over heart……logic wins over feelings…….she concluded and inscribed her love ,the love of her life …..whom is her world does’nt love her and is cheating on her.
suraj was still looking at her ,she came out of her thought and moves towards him his heart beat started raising due to her proximity …


PRECAP 1. sukor fight (obviously)
2. ragini planning sukor divorce but vimli adding some twist to ragini’s plan

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