YoU aRe MiNE SuKoR – part 7


Hai lovely people? I’m back?…hope everyone missed me?…my exams got posponded ,don’t know when will that tragedy happen??….please pray for me guyzz ,Its my 3rd sem and it’s the toughest! I really don’t wanna get any supply??…..This epi dedicated to all of you in the happiness of my exam pospondation…as I have not studied anything?.sorry for my bak- bak.

This epi will contain #suvimli njokh-jhok & Sukor Milan?#

(Suvimli decided first suraj should meet chakor.He should find out why she left him without informing as chakor is very responsible and kasturi has informed imli that after she came back her mood is off.)

Next day

The sun is shining bright ?and so do our suraj, he is not less than sun. He is also glowing …he is smiling ?after ages…his happiness is visible in his eyes?…..he is getting ready to meet his lady love?…so he is confusion what to wear?? Should look handsome naa?
He tried about 15 shirts and is not happy with any of these and sit with a sad face?!
Vivaan : how much more time will you take!
Imli : we are leaving you come by yourself!
Saying this imli dragged vivaan and was about to go when suraj opened the door wearing white shirt and blue jeans looking handsome as always?.
Imli : wow jiju …your looking hot?
Vivaan : what about me ?
Imli showed like vomiting ?and suraj giggled at her act…and poor vivaan showed a puppy face
Suraj : if your drama is over let’s go
Vimli : look who is saying! You made us wait 3 hour…both of them shouted at suraj,but he didn’t give them a heed ,he dragged both of them to jeep and ragini was watching all this,far away
Vivaan : Somebody is in a hurry and winked at suraj ?…imli laughed a bit.
Suraj glared him through the front mirror.

Vimli was sitting at back side and suraj was driving!
Suraj heart beats started raising?… Only his moments with chakor was coming to his mind…a special anxiety and excitement was filled in him,as if he was going to meet her after ages!
Finally ,finally they reached !
Suraj step out from the jeep ,so do vimli! Vimli was standing in the left and right of suraj! Suraj took a deep breath and vimli showed their support by placing their hands on his shoulder!
Suraj then went to window side and peeped in through the window….imli’s mouth was wide open seeing this….
Suraj : I think kasturi and bhuvan left for work ….he said to them while peeping into window.
Then he turned to see imli,who was about to gulp him and his idiot brother who is laughing at his state.
Vimli : really?you duffer ,you were taking this much starting trouble to look through this window! You are unbelievable suraj and started laughing!

Imli : both brothers are same! Shameless she said dramatically???
Suraj and vivaan give her a idiotic smile ?and imli nodes her head in disbelief.

To change the topic ,vivaan started his teasing process “maai & baapu are not here,hmmm….”and smiled naughtily at suraj “that means she must be alone” and winked at suraj who is blushing hard.
Suraj : vivaan …I will see you later.
Imli : will we stand like this ,whole day??let’s go inside
Vimli then started moving to the door.
Suraj : Excuse me?…where are you both going?
Vimli with a confused look?..pointed to house.

Suraj : I mean ,is it necessary for you guys to come?…he said while scratching his head!
Imli holdes his ears and vivaan gives him death glares….
Imli : yesterday you were begging to us for coming .you flooded the house with your crocodile tears??dramebaaz
Vivaan : today when you came to know that Maai baapu is not at home ,you changed the plate…cheater cock??
Suraj gave them a cute smile( awww soo cute???)
Vimli was annoyed suraj hold his ears ohh my monsters sorry guys….sorry ….sorry…plzz …plzzz
Vimli smiled at his cute antics
Imli : so jiju ,don’t waste your time…knock the door …we will hide their.
Vivaan give him a smrik
Suraj : guys what if I enter the house without her knowledge and give her surprise.
Vivaan : Not bad bro! Never thought your brain will also work he said dramatically
Suraj : will you stop joking and start thinking! I mean How can I enter the house without her knowledge?door should be opened by her naa?
Vivaan : point?
Imli : when imli is here not to fear?. Kitchen’s will not be locked! So you can go through there…
Suraj : your are the best imli?…vivaan learn something from your wife and winked at him.
Vivaan : now you go and enjoy bro? and smriked at him.
Suraj : till I come you to enjoy bro and smriked back at him.
Both vimli was embarrassed….suraj then rush to kitchen…

Chakor came out from the bathroom wiping her head with towel she was wearing a white salvar and was looking like an angel……she suddenly remembered an incident with suraj….on the Day after their wedding ,at morning suraj coming out of washroom…wearing a towel and he started flirting with her then they started their njok-jhok and tashan and then she temembered when she was about fall how he holded her….everything was flashing to her mind!….a small smile occupied her pinky lips…but suddenly it faded when reality struck her! When she came from her dream world suddenly she saw suraj in front of her,he was coming closer to her and she was in shock & moving her steps backward …she then hitted to the wall and suraj came more closer to her,she closed her eyes in fear after sometimes she opened the eyes and find suraj no were! A tear drop occupied her eyes …she was missing him badly…she is feeling emptiness all around….she is only thinking about him. …..and is now living in his memories.
She then came towards her shabby mirror which is little broken just like her,to wear her earing .just then her eyes glued to the mangalsutra which she kept on the table before going for bath!
Mean suraj is seen entering the house through kitchen!?….
Back to chakor who is looking at mangalsutra:

Chakor’s POV:
What is the meaning of wearing this mangalsutra as there is no meaning for our relationship! Its just name sake,suraj don’t even care if I wear it or not and this sindhoor on whose name should I put ??…he wanna kick me out of his life….not this mangalsutra but my life became meaningless….
Clearing all her thoughts she was about to wear her earing ,Suddenly she saw an image of a person in the mirror….she looked once again and her heart beat started raising,she was numb and is not moving from that position ….suraj was standing behind her and was mesmerised seeing her….many emotions were jugling through them… ( the song mohabbat barsa dena tuu saavan aaya hei plays in B.g)

Their eyes reflected the affection,love and care for each other and most importantly the longing for each other ….he started moving closer to her…she could feel his presence,his gaze on her ….both of them are not taking their eyes from the mirror….he was just behind her….he gently holded her hand which has earing he took it from her and moved towards her ear….and looking at her through the mirror he made her wear the earing…her body was shivering feeling his touch! Her nervous system stops responding,she is enjoying this moment with him. Then his eyes catch hold of the mangalsutra and sindhoor placed at the table…he took the mangalsutra she looked at him through mirror …he made her wear the mangalsutra…she closed her eyes and a tear drop escaped from her eyes….suraj now made her face him and gently wiped her tears…both were looking at each other lovingly…he then took the sindhoor and filled her forehead……then suddenly chakor hugged him it was indeed a bone crushing hug,suraj was at shock first then he too hugged her….she was crying hardly…bursting out all her feelings.. All her pain….suraj was feeling her pain and tears started flowing down from his eyes too….they never uttered a word…it was complete silence…..

PRECAP : 1.Sukor njok-jhok.
2. Chakor remembering about
Divorce papers.

At least one of the above will be precap, as I am not sure ,most probably three of them?

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