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Hai everyone ? Liya here! I am really sorry friends for this late update,I was having my model exam and next week I am having lab exam and then in December university exams…?? I only have Sundays as leave .. So really sorry hope you all could understand!! A big hug and thankyou to all of you…… ???…thankyou everyone for your love.Hope I could live up to your expectation.
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Note: I started writing keeping the precap in mind but after writing it came out be something else …so forget about precap??.
So let’s start!!


The moon? was smiling brightly seeing Sukor. Our lovely couple are now in a village named gavi,close to aazadhghanch. This place is known for its beauty, with grassy hills and mountains that freshen up the atmosphere. The Rivers that move down to infinity…each and everything are now brighten up by the dim moonlight!!
Sukor are in jeep facing each other, Suraj came more close to her,they were only millimeters !! Suraj was looking into her eyes with much love,affection and hope!!
Suraj : Do my ignorance matter to you? Do I matter to you?
He cupped her face ,tears? were rolling down from her eyes and he cannot bear it…
Suraj : Once I used to be the reason for your tears but now its changed!??
He slowly wiped her tears ,chakor is looking at him with much love and passion.She is melting on his sweet jestures!

Suraj then continued I wanna know chakor,I I wanna know Why you care for me ❕ Why my ignorance hurt you❓Why you trust me! Why you Saved me ❕ I need answers to these questions….
Chakor looked at him with mixed emotion,she don’t know what to say or how to react…
Chakor : it’s nothing like that Suraj ! I didn’t meant like that….She said without looking at his eyes!
Suraj : If you couldn’t answer me at least answer your self !
Suraj found chakor sad! He brought her here to make her happy &to have fun .But what had happens now..she is sad and its all because of him.He then thought of Something!!
Chakor was in deep thoughts . she asked her self! Does he matters to me? Do I care for him ? Why can’t I tolerate his ignorance.Why did I cry ? ….. I feel soo much happiness, exitement and madness when I am around him? Why my heart skip when he is close by… I don’t know …I think I am thinking too much,its all misundestandings due to situations .I should talk with Suraj and clear everything …..she came back to senses and found suraj no where ,luckily the jeep was close to a street light but rest things all around were darkness! She got scared and is worried about suraj!She then senses a person,little far away from the jeep…the person is standing under need a tree..she cannot see him due to darkness…
Many bad thoughts were cracking in her head …..With broken voice she yelled,!!
Chakor : S…U…R.A..J! Is it you?j
No response came from the person. Chakor got more scared… the person was standing ,with his back him is facing towards her…chakor looked at the person with fear,curiosity & anticipation…
Then the person starts whistling !! And he turned and is coming towards the jeep!! Chakor is trying hard to see his face….as she cannot due to darkness!! Then the person came to light and is smiling naughtily…Its our Suraj ,He then put the song MATARGASTI in speaker on his phone and started dancing to the tunes!!
Chakor’s mouth was wide opened seeing suraj’s this side.
The music plays!!!

Matargashti khuli sadak mein
Tagdi tadak bhadak mein
Aule girre sulagte se
Sulagte se sadak mein
Chatri na thi bagal mein
Aaya hi na akal mein
Ke bhage hum ya bheege hum
Akkad mein toh socha phir
( suraj pulled chakor out of the jeep?…he cutely? forward his hand for a dance? ,chakor showed him fake anger for troubling her…he then kept his hands on ears and started dancing around her!!)
Geela hua hain wo sukhana ho ho ho..
Chahe janana ya mardana ho ho ho..
Phenka naya paansa
Phir de gayi jhaansa
Ainveyi mujhe phaansa
Teri aisi ki ho taisi zindagi
( now suraj forcibly made her dance ,he twriled her and turn her around..chakor was happy deep inside but showed anger on her face… suraj came closer to her and whisperd in her ears “Sorry”she was shivering by his closeness.. His voice made her heart to skip…and both were looking at each other and are having a cute eyelock??)
Phenka naya paansa
Phir de gayi jhaansa
Ainveyi mujhe phaansa
Chirkut zindagi you know
Na na na..
ting ding ding ting ding da..
Tu hi hai wo
Jis se khela tha main kho kho khela thappo
Tu hai Laila, Shirin, Sohni, Juliet
Sunlo! mujhko dhundo na jungle mele mein
Whatsapp pe hoon ha ha ha..
Na tera na mera zamana ho ho
Na ye zanana na mardana ho
Pakad paana

( chakor who sensed their closennes pushed suraj and was composing her self but lately she realized that suraj was on ground blabbering “fatso wild cat”…she give him an angry look and forward her hand for help.Suraj hold her hand and give her a smrik??…she was confused by his reaction…..all her confusion got clear when he pulled her too on the ground!!She looked at him angrily but suraj started laughing holding his stomach.. …Now suraj got up and forwarded his hand for her help!! She thought to do the same, pull him on the ground???…but before she could hold, suraj took his hand and showed her his tongue!!?? …)

Chakor : you idiot ,I will kill you? She yelled at suraj and started chasing him….
Suraj : Someone plzz save me from this Wild cat!!!???
They were running ,then suddenly chakor was going to fall and suraj holder her in right time. Chakor hands were on suraj chest and suraj was holding her by waist ….chakor looked at him and both have an eyelock….he was completely lost in her beautiful eyes ,through which he could see himself….
After sometime Chakor came to sense & is trying to free herself from suraj, but he was in his own world thinking about their lovely moments…
Chakor : Suraj!! Suraaaaajj!!eyy helloo…
Suraj :No response
Chakor then shakes himm
Suraj : No response
Chakor finally stepped on his foot with her high heeled shoes?…
Suraj: mummmmmmmmyyyyyy!!!!
Chakor was laughing seeing his state….suraj was standing in one leg , holding his other and is jumping in pain!!!
Suraj : hey you fat cat,I saved you from falling and you kept your elephant leg on my soft leg!!
Chakor : ??? you idiot!! How dare you call me that!!
Suraj confused “what”
Chakor : ?? angrily yelled Fat
Suraj : what?? ,when did I call you fat…fat no way …fat huhh…fat really ..let me see you…you look little fat! But I won’t call you fat! Becozzz faaatt…..
Chakor : you monkey!donkey !fool!???..stop it you said it a 100 hundred time?? …your impossible!! I don’t wanna talk to you…
Saying this she walked angrily and suraj is calling her from behind
Suraj :hey fat cat…chakor turned back and glared at him..he said “ I mean wild cat” he give her a idiotic smile and is walking behind her through the village….
Suraj : after walking behind this wild cat I became a hungry cat?? hey wild cat stop!! I am hungry…
Chakor : What? Really? Till now you were eating my brain and still hungry…she said aangrly
Suraj then saw a dhabha (hotel) near by..he pulled her and they made their way to dhabha….
Suraj whose stomach starts singing ?? is at the peak of hungry he ordered mostly everything and raised his eyebrows to chakor to order…
Chakor : you have ordered for about 10 people , I don’t think food is left ,for me too oder???
Suraj : I was bearing you from evening …so obviously I am hungry!!
Waiter was laughing seeing their njokh jhok
Suraj glared at her and signelled the waiter to get the food
When the food came suraj started gulping everything into his mouth and chakor was looking at him ….she was smiling seeing him eating like a kid !she remembered the old suraj…the arrogant, egoist and stone hearted man…whom she hated before and the person now sitting in front of her ,both have great difference… old suraj used to be the reason for her tears and this suraj leave no stone to make her smile! Chakors chain of thought was brokened by suraj who stuffed food into her mouth but her gaze was on him.They started chatting & eating.

After having food suraj took her to a hill top,the whole village could be viewed from there.such a pleasant sight to the eye,which is enhanced the moon light…the cold breeze touching their body is giving them goose bumps!! Chakors eyes were shining like a tiny star after seeing the view ,she looked at suraj said “ its beautiful suraj,never seemed something like this,I feel like I can touch the sky and hold the moon who is smiling at me!”
Suraj looking at chakor and said “ beautifull’ and smiled!

Both of them sat their and spend whole night looking at the moon,where they could see each others face….
Moon has bid bye and now sun is waking up from his nap! Suraj worked up listening to the music of birds ,he found chakor sleeping peacefully on the ground close to him! He smiled at her and thought to bring coffee for her from the dhabha …so he left to dhabha….chakor who was sleeping peacefully was disturbed my our Sun??….she woke up and found suraj no where
Chakor : ohh god ! Not again!where did he go now ?
Saying this she also started walking,she thought may be he will be near the jeep!!soo she headed towards jeep??!!
But to her badluck he was not their, in the mean time suraj with came to the hill with two glass of hot coffee???……..he was tensed as he didn’t find chakor there!
Mean while chakor was near jeep…suddenly her eyes stuck to something inside the jeep.she took it from the jeep and tears were rolling down her cheek…it was like her world turned upside down!

PRECAP : Not decided.

Hope everyone liked this chapter?.

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