YoU aRe MiNE – SuKoR – part 2

Hai guyzzz this Liya again! Happy diwali everyone,!I know I am late and I am really sorry! Thankyou guys for you Love and support?.Thankyou Dini,varshu ,nisha,komal,devika ,megha,lucky,sasha,shinyGeorge,mitha,Vinlora,gungun,Nisi, prakurti19 .I am sorry I couldn’t reply !and thankyou silent readers! I hope I could live up to your expectations .
Link to 1st part.
Part 1

Suraj was walking to and fro like a pendulum and is waiting for chakor about half an hour!! He was getting angry and was about to go to her house….when he saw Chakor moving towards him…..He was awestruck seeing her beauty??… She was wearing a yellow anarkali and some light jewel complimenting them .Her hair was left open and is dancing to the tunes of wind! Her deep brown eyes which is shying away without meeting his eyes is driving him crazy!! As she was moving Closer to him ,his heart beat was increasing.
Chakor was blushing like hell seeing suraj staring at her!She turned to a Red tomato from mango??

Suraj’s POV

Just before I was angry at her for being late but now I think I would wait for a thousand year to see her like this?? …I don’t know why I took my jeep??today, kakka told me to take bike ,as its longtime I had a ride on it….chakor calls me right ,I am a idiot..…Suraj then dreamt of him going in bike with chakor!

Now chakor came near to him and was standing in front of him,Suraj was looking at her lovingly.chakor also looked up to see him and their eyes meet….they were having a cute eyelock…their eyes were speaking to each other!!they were speaking about the unknown feeling in them for each other….both of them came back to senses and composed themselves ….there was an awkward silence between them which was broken by Suraj .
Suraj :get in fast!
Chakor : But where are we going?
Chakor said while sitting in jeep! They beginned their journey
Suraj : you will see when we reach,now no more questions ! Its already late. Don’t know why ?girls take so much time to get ready….

Chakor :, you mean I took long time to get ready
Suraj : Wow chakor your tube light Glowed early today! He said while switching on headlight.
Chakor innocently said I only took 5 minutes …
Suraj : 5 minutes??my foot!!you were getting ready as if you are going out with your bf….he said with a smrik
Chakor : you are complaining as if you are my bf …she smriked back!

Suraj : I was stupid to wait for you!
Chakor : better late than ever??…I came late…. and you realized late that you’re a stupid!! Chakor said while controlling his laughter!
Suraj : you are Impossible!!
Chakor : you tooo??

Suraj was simultaneously driving and fighting with chakor!
The only word to describe suraj feeling is happiness ….the biggest asset in a persons life is to be loved,cared and Pamperd by someone.suraj has always carved for love in his life…he never showed it but deep inside he was longing for a happy life when it was denied or not given he became an animal! He forgets everything when she is around him!The time they spend their unending fights are the only reasons in his life to smile!
Back to sukor! …chakor Is speaking like a nonstop radio and eating Suraj’s brains..
Chakor : offo I am getting bored …she said dramatically
Suraj looked at her with a question mark look and turned the jeep towards right ,they now entered a village close to aazadhghanch the time was about 7:00pm.mean while chakor continued her drama to irritate suraj.
Chakor’s POV
Its time to have some fun!!! I will teach this idiot a lesson .He always irritates me now its my turn .see what I do to you Mr.Rajvanshi??.

Chakor : come on Suraj ,Sing for me! She said cutely
Suraj : What ?
Chakor : I know your dumb!but deaf tooo???

Suraj give her a death glare and she gives him a smrik…which he find little fishy!
Suraj in mind …Ohh god what’s she up to! I don’t know when this wild cat get violent.What’s cooking on her head! I am sure she is planning something to irritate me but.. why she asked me to sing ? ??
Suraj : Me & Singing❓. Are you gone mad!
Chakor : You have to sing!
Suraj :No way!
Chakor : So then admit that you loose the challenge!chakor asked while giving a evil smile
Suraj was dumbstruck to hear the word “Challenge”…he litrellaly forgot about that …
Now suraj is Simultaneously driving the jeep,fighting with chakor,boiling his head to escape from challenge but he know he is trapped and is biting his nails also!!
Chakor was laughing inside, seeing his state .
She then started asking him to dance and sing …etc. And is irritating him more and is having lot of fun! But after sometime suraj is giving no heed to her.He is ignoring her and is driving off silently. This irked chakor she cannot bear his silence . she is doing this much ,only to grab his attention! But instead he is ignoring her! She is hurt,she don’t know the reason.She cannot bear his ignorance. She at least wanted him to try singing or anything to entertain! But his cold reaction make her feel that ,she is not important to him!
Chakor : you were saying that you are best in everything! What happens now?why are you ignoring me? If you cannot fullfill the challenge why did you aacept it? You are boring and will Remain boring…she said little angrly…Learn something from vivaan he care for imli and look after her! …
Suraj stopped the jeep.chakor was shocked by his sudden justure.Both of them are sitting in jeep . Suraj looked at her and said
Suraj : You are behaving like a typical wife’s!! He said with a smile and raising his eyebrows….
Chakor was puzzled with his behaviour and later understood that he was acting to be ignorant
Chakor : you are a idiot! I won’t talk to you!
Suraj starts laughing holding his stomach and mocked how she shouted “Learn something from vivaan”. Chakor was embarassed. She felt shy and then started laughing with suraj.she hitted on his shoulder and he shouted cutely ouchh ouchhh
Chakor : stop your drama …dramebaazz!you know how much I was hurt when…..
She stopped realizing what she said and remained mum.Suraj was happy hearing this ,he was happy to know that his ignorance matters to her!that means he matters to her! Chakor was cursing herself for speaking her hear out!
Chakor who is sitting was facing away from suraj to avoid his eye contact. Suraj who is in the driver seat moved close to her,chakor could feel his hot breath on her neck ! Now chakor turned her face and both are facing each other!


I know this epi is boring ,I tried my best to write a good one. If you guys feel ,I am too much dragging,then plzz tell.

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  1. No it’s fine dear not boring I loved it

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    U r not at all dragging it. Infact its just fabulous. one more thing this ff is not at all boring its dam interesting. I just loved it yaar. Plz continue……

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      Thankyou komaljanu? I am happy that you liked the story?

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  11. Awesome update. ..not boring at all dear…keep writing. ..
    By the way I want to read an OS about a scenario of after KN-SURAJ fiasco that is Friday episode. ..KN try to kill suraj ,sukor escapes then enter haveli again …..I want to see after this what is suraj reactions, Chakor’s decisions then ragini questioning their divorce then their remarriage with mangalsuthr and sindoor etc….
    I want to read a story about these scenarios with your imagination and your wonderful writing skills….if possible can you write. ..thank u ?

    1. Liya

      Thankyou vinlora? .I surely post a OS based on Fridays epi,but you gotta wait?? till this OS is finished! Most probly 3 more parts! After seeing Fridays epi all sukor fans are on cloud 9,hearing the word “husband” from chakor again again is giving me goosebumps?..

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