YoU aRe MiNE SuKoR – part 16

The stupidest update ever? I was not getting idea for  starting sukor romance so I wrote something  .hope you guyzz enjoy the last part

Okay Let’s begin ;

Next day , Sukor Room :

       Chakor was shocked to death to see the scene before her?she can’t believe her eyes? is it for real ? …Some one go and pinch her please??…no it can’t be true??..Cause It’s just 6:15 in the morning and Suraj Rajvanshi is already up??????? on top that he is getting ready to go somewhere? Where is he going by the way??

      our suraj was busy combing his hair at that time and  chakor sitting on the bed  & is  thinking where is he going to , suddenly two figures appeared infront of chakor… to her shock both are having her same face..but one was looking like an angel ?with a beautiful smile and the other looks little devilish ?with a smrik ? ..chakor was shocked to see her angelish & devilish side?..poor soul is getting shocks one after the other… ( As I said devil & angel are her devilish and angelish side ..meaning they say what she is thinking  )

Angel : your thinking ,where Suraj is going right ?

Chakor nodded her head in yes

Devil : I think he is going to meet his Secret Girl friend,look how he is getting ready ?

Chakor was shocked to hear that??
Chakor : girl friend???

Angel : Don’t listen to her, are girls so stupid to  fall for him?

Devil : see chakor she is calling you stupid  ,she is Soo  bad, you listen to me  only okay

Angel : areh I did’nt mean that

Devil : forget her listen to me ?

Chakor  nodded to devil confused

Angel was like ootheri?

Devil smiled evilily ?

Devil :  chakor did Suraj tell you where he was yesterday full day ?  He didn’t right? Do you smell something fishy? I think He is hiding something from you dear

Chakor : yes yes I am smelling?? he doesn’t love me anymore??? he even has a gf?? I won’t spare  him and that b*t*h???

Devil : that’s like my girl

Angel : arehh chakor don’t listen to this b*t*h

Devil showed her toungue to angel???

Devil : i feel so bad for you chakor .how can he do this to you ?? ..what’s wrong in you? You are  so beautiful ,you are too hot and super s*xy then why? he is such a phattu he has such a beautiful wife like you and he is busy romancing somebody else?

Angel was like such a drama queen this devil is??

Chakor : yaa how dare he ,suraj didn’t even romance with me properly  and now he is going romance with that b*t*h ??…Suraj didn’t even kiss me and now he is going to kiss that..
    Chakor said the last line little louder that suraj stood numb hearing it and the comb fell down from his hand breaking chakor’s thoughts….Suraj turned  to chakor in shock..but chakor who was sitting on bed  was looking for her angel and devil who went missing suddenly…

Chakor : where did these two go saying this she was scratching her head and looking around suddenly her eyes caught Suraj who was looking at her in shock..

Chakor in mind : OMG??? did he hear me???

Suraj in mind :  ohh freak!!what did she just say now …He looked at her suspiciously!

Chakor in  mind :  why is he giving me that look?? No No No God ,he should not hear that plzzz???… She started praying but  her cheeks were  slowly turning hot crimson red in embarassement ,she was blushing like hell.

Suraj in mind : she is blushing ?which means ? ..ehmm ehmm..I heard right!

Suraj smriked at chakor and she knew he heard it .he was coming close to her.. chakor was getting nervous seeing this,her heart started  pounding hard.she was going weak seeing his infectious smile . 

      while he was enjoying his effect on her she was having a hard time controlling the adreline rush seeing  his perfectly chiseled hot body……Suraj was getting crazy seeing her he move towards her ,she crumbled the bedsheet more harder..the moment itself was giving them bliss…each passing moment was creating anxiety in her..

         Suraj came closer and is now sitting on bed facing her…he slowly held her chin up and made her look into his …she could only see love for her in his eyes…Suraj came more close to her,she closed her eyes in fear..he simply smiled seeing that..he whispered in her ” I didn’t knew that you wanted a kiss from me”..chakor was numb hearing this….his husky voice was creating a different kind of sensation in her body..she was panting hard..Suraj now moved towards her lips..they both knew they wanted this..both came more closer .. chakor closed her eyes & moved closer ,Suraj was happy seeing that ,he moved away from her lips and planted a kiss on her forehead ….and left the room leaving a shocked? and disheartened chakor..

Shocking of chakor in suraj’s action is fine but why disheartening ?  let me clear that, poor soul?? she  was really expecting  for a kiss?? but I didn’t let that happen ?? so she is disheartened ??

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  1. Hey this ff is great. I read it on wattpad too but I thought I’ll comment here anyway. Chakor is so cute and she really does love him. Suraj is planning something big isn’t he? Eagerly waiting for the next update.

  2. Nice update. Please update next one soon.

  3. Amazing update! The talk between Chakor’s angel and devil was funny. Sukor scene was awesome ???. Not only Chakor, I too expected them to kiss, can’t believe you and Suraj teased us. Eagerly waiting for next part.

  4. its really sweet.. poor chakor.. I liked her innocence. I think there is something big will happen I mean their confession
    and guys I m not in wattpad and I can’t read any ff.

    1. you can read most ff on wattpad even if you have no account, just search for sukor and you’ll find the links.

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