YoU aRe MiNE SuKoR – part 14

Hey I’m back guyzz?? little early this time
I’m really sorry tarn and dildanushi for the late reply? maaf karo plzz

Let’s begin :

Chakor huffed in anger and left to room

Vimli after making sure that chakor had left smirked at suraj who smiled at them sheepishly?

Vivaan :  he started singing,
              Ang laga de re
              Floor pe aag laga de re
              Ang laga de re
            Floor pe aag  laga de re…

And came sensuously towards suraj and kissed on his cheeks

Suraj : yuck…! Go and kiss your wife idiot

Vivaan : I will do that later  broii and winked at imli

Imli blushed and suraj looked at him with debeleif.

Vivaan : you say broh , floor romance and all huh?

Imli : and that to soo fast? right vivaan

Vivaan : yaa too fast , entry and Romance happend together

Suraj : guyzz don’t start again please

Imli then goes near suraj and started hitting him

Suraj : now what’s this for paagal?

Imli : for making us do exercise you creep

Suraj : ohhoo what about you to spoiling my floor romance , always make entry in wrong timing  ,plus the teasing section you two have done this punishment is nothing,okay!

Imli : such a jerk

Vivaan : exactly

Suraj : hihii

Imli : guyz since everything is clear  to us now , I guess we should make our move.

Vivaan: wow imli finally you said something sensible?I guess you have become smarter after staying with me baby

Imli : and i guess you have lost all your senses idiot

Suraj starts laughing seeing the duo fight

Vivaan : ohh that’s because I’m staying with you wifey ,not my fault you see

Imli : your dead now

Vivaan : we will see about that

Suraj : areh stop it you two? don’t fight.

Vimli glared at each other? and turned their face?

Suraj : oh god where am I stuck? ….wait…why should I waste my time on these monkeys?…I should go to my wildcat?

Vimli in unison : ohhoo??

Imli  : Oh yaa you don’t need us now right..go to your wild cat

Vivaan : yaa imli let’s go …vivaan said faking tears…but suraj took his words seriously he did’nt notice their antics

Suraj  gently said: Guys I don’t want a life with out you two ?    I don’t know what good deed I did that I got two angels in the form of devil by my side he said while laughing and crying at the same time……..chakor was the light of my life but you two ,you both were my back bones,she only showed me the way to light..but you two walked along with me through out my journey……  .he said tearing up.
I had everything in my life money ,power ,luxury …everything except happiness and love..I was that unfortunate kid who felt to be orphan even having parents…Even my parents did’nt love  me then why you two? Why you guyzz love me so much huh?After the fight with chakor I thought I was left with nothing in my life ..but I forgot that I have you two by my side….you both did it again..You Showed to me that I did’nt lost my light my wildcat? I need you guyzz forever?

Vimli were also crying hearing him ,they both went to him and hugged him

Imli : you made me cry idiot

Vivaan : yaa duffer, you ruined her make up..poor soul

Imli hitted  his head and the trio laughed.

Most of the problems in our life is due to misunderstanding either its created by someone or it may be due to our assumptions,the only way to solve this is just to talk  ; Communicate each other

Suraj : Jokes apart guyz ,if you both did’nt findout the actual reality that had happened and told me..I don’t know what my life would have been.

Vivaan : your right bro he said remembering the recent incident.

( On the day of divorce ,sukor were told to stay together, 3 more months,sukor had some njhok- jhok  in their room but remembering their sad reality and the hurtful words said by chakor suraj left the room….he took his Jeep and drived off…..)


Next day (morng)

vimli and chakor had conversations and vimli came to know about divorce paper that chakor saw in suraj Jeep and also about chakor hearing kn-rag-ranjana convo…..finding something fishy vimli left to their Room .

Vimli’s Room:

Imli : so many dots to be filled

Vivaan : There is nothing be filled

Imli : what you mean by that

Vivaan : It’s all Kamal narayan’s  game , urghh  i  should have guessed  it ,when chakor said  that she heard kn-rag-ranjh Convo I confirmed that these three donkeys are root cause of all the problems..I know our suraj won’t do anything like that

Imli : ya I too trust him, But what about the divorce papers that chakor saw

Vivaan : only suraj has the answers for it.

Imli : yaa,but where the hell is he,we enquiried everywhere

Vivaan : No , there’s one more place left

   Flash Back Continued

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  3. Amazing update! Vimli are funny and sweet, loved their cute fight with Suraj. Suraj’s talk was so emotional. Waiting for next.

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  4. Loved it di. Suvimli convo was so emotional and so interesting. Vimli teasing was funny. I’m waiting to know the truth behind the divorce papers. Keep going di and update soon.

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