YoU aRe MiNE SuKoR – part 13

Hello guyz ?? don’t worry I’m still alive?until you guys kill me for being late .A big thank you to all my readers  ?? for your constant support

Main events in the story :
1. Chakor found divorce paper in suraj’s Jeep

2. Suraj telling about his feelings and they day out incidents( he did’nt tell them that kn had asked to get divorce from chakor)

3. Ranjhana over hear their conversation and plans with kn & Ragini …according to their plan they will make chakor hear their conversation that suraj is actually on their side and is acting to be nice with chakor to make her fall for him so that he could break her heart

Important note :

**Suraj after his fallout with  chakor turned to old baddie suraj ( chapter 11)
**After the divorce drama he went missing  for a day then in his re-entry ( chapter 12) you could see him romancing chakor ,he was behaving like  our cute naughty suraj right…
**I’m trying to bring this change in behaviour of suraj to your notice?

Let’s begin

Precap :  sukor njhok- jhok (floor romance)
vimli seeing sukor in a very intimate and awkward position

vimli  was standing there with their mouths open seeing the scene infront of them…soon their shock turn in to a smrik..

Sukor stood up and looked at each other shocked and is having their telepathy (talking through eyes)

Suraj : we are dead  now ,it’s all your fault motti

Chakor : really idiot ? Who pulled me ,you right?

Suraj : who started? You right?

Chakor : what will they think of us
Suraj: ???

imli : ehmm ehmm.. imli said breaking their telepathy

Sukor looked at vimli with a worried face,they forgot that these devils are standing here only

Vivaan : sooo, what’s going on here? ( vivaan is saying about seeing them together on top of each other)

Sukor  together : nothing like you guyzz thinking

Imli : ohooo? so you two know what we were thinking?

Vivaan : ahaa,then tell na what  we were thinking ,right imli

Imli : yaa , Didi tell Na what I was thinking.

Chakor : actually imlu I forgot 

Vivaan : ohh chakor you forgot, it’s alright suraj is there na,he  will tell us, right bro?

Suraj : meeee????

Vimli : yaa you!

Suraj : I….
Suraj looked at chakor with puppy eyes for help

Suddenly chakor said : he too forgot actually ,right suraj

Suraj nodded his head like a good boy :yaa I too forgot he said with a relief

Vivaan : imli  , I guess it’s up to us now?

Imli : ya baby let’s remind these Alzheimer’s what they have forgot and smirked at him.

Sukor looked at them confused but before they could grasp anything imli pushed chakor towards suraj ,both sukor were now on floor with chakor on top of suraj as before

Vimli :  Now you guys remember something, vimli said in a teasing tone,sukor were so embarassed chakor was blushing like hell and suraj was scratching his head and smiling like an idiot.
Both vimli was laughing hard seeing their siblings state

Imli : Get a room both of you

Sukor mouth was wide open hearing this ..they were dumbstruck actually..

Vivaan : “hahaha..right..have some privacy at least ” (vivaan too joined his wife teasing them.)

Imli : Right!

Vivaan : “Thank god we only saw the trailer of your Ramleela , poor us we will get spoiled seeing all this”..he said dramatically

Imli : I guess we should  only arrange everything for these two

Vivaan : Anything for my little chakor

Imli : No it’s little suraj okay

Vivaan : No it’s little chakor only ??

Imli : how can you be sure it can be little suraj also

Vivaan : same too you??

Imli :back to you??

Vivaan :No return??

And they start fighting..
Our poor sukor was seeing all this with their mouth open..they were so embarassed..suddenly they turn and both face each other ,suraj could sense her shyness he was also feeling shy..chakor looked at suraj ,for the first time she saw his cheeks turning red….her heart skips a beat?Their thoughts were disturbed by Vimlis fight

Sukor : Shut up you two???

Sukor were fuming in anger

Vimli gulped in fear?
Imli : are we in trouble

Vivaan : I think so

Imli : then what are we waiting for ,let’s escape

Before they could go sukor held their ears and made them do sit-ups  for troubling them

Imli : I’m done with this exercise and that too in midnight  saying this she sits on floor itself

Vivaan : me too saying this he also sits on floor

Sukor was sitting in sofa .. four of them looked at each other after a sec all of them burst out laughing

Vivaan : you two are heartless you guyz made us do exercise in midnight

Chakor : oyii hello you two also troubled us okay

Imli : whatever??

Suraj : okay guyzz let’s sleep it’s already 2’O clock

Vimli : yaa

Chakor : but suraj where were you till this time ?

Suraj : I was with……he was about to tell then  he thought something and said ..”why should I tell you ?”

Chakor was really hurt by his words , she was hell worried about him whole day and he does’nt even find  it necessary  to inform her where he was + his cold reaction

Suraj continued :you are so eager to get divorce from me right,then why these un necessary question…wait are you having a change of mind? he said with a smrik

Chakor was baffled by his question ,a min ago suraj was rude to her saying why should he tell her where he was ,now he is asking did  you have a change of mind..he is smriking too his eyes were having a sparkle the same spark that he had lost…Is his smrik a mask to hide his real emotion? Is he trying to know something from me? May be he is trying to know if  I have a change of mind..she was finding a ray of hope ,she was happy….but why? Why am I happy?

Imli : didi? Where are you lost?

Chakor : what?

Sukor : I was asking are you having a change of mind?

Chakor : Why should I change my mind for someone like you

Suraj : Thank god other wise I had to bear your bak-bak life long.

Chakor huffed in anger and left to room

Vimli after making sure that chakor had left smirked at suraj smiled at them sheepishly

PRECAP : Suvimli ???

I  know this chapter was not that good i will try my best to make the next one better

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  1. Thank you for continuing the story! Amazing update! Loved Vimli teasing Sukor. Sukor convo at the end was very nice. Please update soon.

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much dearie??

  2. Loved cant wait to see more sukor

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  3. Shreya.

    Finally u r back…..I missed ur ff allot…

    Coming to d episode loved it from d core ???? d way vimli teases chakor is awesome ???? nd I loved vimli’s punishment which is give by sukor is too nyc ????? hope soon sukor will clear all their misunderstandings ?? eagerly waiting for d next part…

    Plz plz update as soon as possible it’s my humble request ??

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much yaar?I am happy that you liked the chappy? don’t worry everything will be sorted out soon? I will try to update soon this time?

  4. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Loved how vimli teased sukor. Sukor’s punishment to vimli was funny. Loved sukor conversation at the end. Waiting for next

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much buddy??glad that you liked the teasing section…I will try to post next update soon?

  5. Amazing update. Loved it how Imli said that sukor have Alzheimer and they need reminding. The punishment was so funny. Lol! ? keep going and update soon. Cant wait 4 Suvimli.

    1. Liya

      Thankyou soo much buddy??happy that you loved it?

  6. Lvly. Please post soon.

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  7. It’s good to have you back Liya. I genuinely missed you and reading your story. The way you write Sukor’s not-jokh and their cute romance never ceases to bring a smile on my face. Anyways I hope you’re doing well and update as soon as you can. 🙂 🙂

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much tarn???you comment really made my day buddy sorry for the late reply

  8. Amazing update. Loved it to the core. Loved the teasing part a lot. Plz update as soon as u can . Missed this story a lot.

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much dil dhanushi??? love you buddy for the constant love and support ..I’m sorry for the late reply

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