YoU aRe MiNE SuKoR – part 12

In previous chapter there was no sukor scene,hope I was able to compensate it today : ) and sorry for the short update.


“How much they fight or how much they say they hate each other the truth is they can’t live without each other and even a one day separation have made them desperate to see at least glimpse of the other to make sure that your partner is fine. At that moment nothing matters to them even their previous fights,the only thing that matters is each others presence but they won’t show their happiness exploding inside them  because of their ego”

The night was getting creepier ,whole haveli was in deep Slumber but sleep was far away from chakor..there is no news of suraj till now ,many bad thoughts were coming to her mind .chakor is feeling scared of loosing suraj. Its that feelings are not born  to die …they can’t neither be created or destroyed…like just happens and when it happens there is no way to wash it out…that’s what happening to chakor now…how much she try to ignore,resist or control her feelings, one day it has to come out some way or other!

Chakor being stressed decided to take a walk to cool her mind…the whole haveli is invaded with darkness as everyone’s sleeping and all lights are off…chakor was climbing down the stairs carefully, but suddenly  she bumped into someone and in no time they  both find them self’s  on ground lying one over the other.

Ouchhh!!!he screamed ,chakor realizing the owner of the voice beamed in happiness.
Chakor : suraj is that you ?
Suraj : How much I wish its not me …ouchhh…get off me you motti.
Chakor : you stop calling me that okay .
Suraj : you stop eating so much okay.
Chakor : what’s your problem?
Suraj : you are my problem!
Chakor : and mine is you !
Suraj : My problem is bigger he said while chuckling.
Chakor : you idiot how dare you call me big ! I will kill you one day she said irritated.
Suraj : I think that day is today..he said sarcastically ..get off me or else I will be R.I.P soon.
Chakor : Then get ready to die you monkey ,cause I am not going to get up.

Suraj : you heartless women get off naa .

Suraj tried pushing her but chakor being arrogant clinged  to him.

At the end of this pushing and pulling process they were lying in a very close position on the floor….chakor could hear his heart beat and suraj could feel her hot breath on his chest..they were feeling awkward realizing their position, due to darkness they could’nt see each other but is able to realize what the other is feeling. Suraj  then gently   travelled his hand around her waist making her spines shiver,he pulled her more closer ,she was enjoying his warmth and clutched his shirt more harder…he gently moved his head towards her ear and said you are getting naughtier now a days wild cat .

Chakor : huh ? She said in confusion .
Suraj : Don’t be so innocent naughty,I know I am so hot and happening that you are desperately falling on me he said with a smrik yet again to irritate her.

Chakor’s mouth was wide open hearing this : my foot ,not even in my wildest dream I will drool over you..have you seen your face buffmonkey,I am not interested in an idiot like you, She said proudly.

Suraj : Really ? ,so why are you still over me get off na motti

Chakor : excuse me,you were the one who pulled me okay?

Suraj : ohho ,you could have pushed me away right? Why you did’nt do so..he said with a naughty smrik on his face.

Chakor : I…. actually…. I… Chakor was feeling embarrassed,she was searching for words and blushing hardly

Suraj could sense her shyness which was driving him more crazy “What I?? I?? “he said with a chuckle ..he then again pulled her more closer to him ,squeezing her over him giving her shock…he then rubbed his cheeks on hers making her shiver.

Suraj : Get one thing straight into your head wild cat neither you can push me away from Yourself nor from your life…..because

Before he could complete the lights were on and sukor could see vimli standing infornt with their mouths open seeing the scene infront of them…soon their shock turn in to a smrik..which scared know sibling are sibling…teasing is in their blood..sukor cursed themselves for fighting and vimli was getting ready to have fun .

Thankyou soo much everyone for your support and love 🙂

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  1. Amazing update! both nok jhok and romance. I hope vimli will tease them a lot about this. Looking forward to the next update.

    1. Liya

      Thankyouu so much nemo?? I will make sure that vimli tease hell out of them???

  2. After so many days liya.But I am happy u came back

    1. Liya

      Ankur so long dude , hope you are doing well??I am also happy to be back .thankyou so much buddy for the constant love and support ???take care .

  3. Lovethis ff so much

  4. Wow liya ur ffs are so good and amazing iv just read all of them i love ur ideas they are soo good hope u update soon

    1. Liya

      Thankyou tippu for such a lovely comment its really encouraging, I am happy that you liked the ff??will try to update soon take care dear : )

  5. Sukorlover

    Awesome, loved sukor nok jhok & romance

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much sukor lover?? Happy that you liked their romance ?take care lol

  6. Awesome. Sukor scene was amazing. Waiting for the next.

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much dear??

  7. Shreya.

    Awesome ff dr…just loved it…tdy only I read all d parts of ur ff….I really loved all d parts.. dis is one of my fav ff nwonwards…nd dis part also simply superb…eagerly waiting for d next part dr…if u hv time in-between ur busy schedule kindly post ur next part liya…

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much shreya ??I am happy this is one of your fav ff??I will try to post dear??

  8. Just loved it….nd the way u wrote it…ur dialogues….were very nce…liya…

    1. Liya

      Thankyou soo much zoya ?? I have spend a lot time in that dialogues lol??thankyou for mentioning …it means a lot??

  9. Liya!!! I missed your fanfic so much. I’m so glad to see you back. An amazing update a per usual ??

    1. Liya

      Tarn??I love reading your comments??hope you are doing good ?thankyou so much

  10. Wonderful fiction. Full of varied emotions !!
    After sooo long… !!! I thought you have discontinued writing . Keep it up . <3

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much dear?? happy that you likes it?

  11. AMkideewani

    Superb jaana, I love it a lot❤️❤️❤️???

    1. Liya

      Janneman..??thankuu buddy??

  12. Best update ever, and great sukor romance. Hope it lasts forever.

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much dear? ya this time things will go good I guess

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