You are Mine (Something is special in her) Ch. 3


chapter 3

Aman didn’t let me drive again and he didn’t talked to me unit we reach his home!!! what’s problem with him man??? this dude never stopped talking now he is silent.

“dude what happened” I asked

“u are asking me what happened? ??? I told u don’t drive fast..u was about to hit her man” aman yelled

“come on dude. ..she is fine…why r u behaving iike her bf?”

he angrily stormed to his home.I came after him..

“Zayn”… a familiar voice…my nani…now she will start shedding tears…

“oh my son…u grew up and look maimoona(my aunt Aman’s mother) he has beard” nani hugged me..

“assalamualaikum nani” I smiled at her..

“waalaikumusalam” everyone said!!!! I don’t know from where everyone came suddenly.

my mum has two brothers. .elder brother ali his wife sakeena is living in other house with their 5 disgusting children and younger brother hamza and his wife maimuna is living in this house with their 3 children and my grandparents. I don’t remember any of my cousins name except Aman. Aman was the one who wanted to be in touch with I decided to make him my friend. ..being the Zayn Mansuri I don’t have friends. . everyone needs my dad’s money so I ignored that monkeys. .

“Zayn. ..u r looking cute” someone said..’I know I am cute’ I said under my breath.

“don’t u remember her??? she is Amna, Aman’s younger sister” aunt maimuna said..

“yeah” Its true that I don’t remember her name but I can’t forget wanna know why..coz 2 years ago when I came for my vacation, I was sleeping in coach. .no one was in home except we kids..this girl Amna kissed me!! ! (don’t be over excited. .she was kissed in my cheek) that time she were barely 15.being the Zayn Mansuri I slapped her mum said slapping a woman is bad..but this girl was doing bad so deserved a slap…

I just nodded at aunt maimuna. .I didn’t looked at Amna. .

“come Zayn eat something u must be tired” nani said..

I love Kerala foods..u know nani and aunt maimuna can make anything…I had my dinner with mamu and my cousins. ..delicious biriyani…being the Zayn Mansuri I like to eat Kerala foods..that’s why my mum makes rarely πŸ™

after dinner I said I am going to my appartment but nani insisted me to stay there for tonight. .being the Zayn Mansuri I refused…I don’t want Amna to kiss me again…I hate kisses..I never let anyone to kiss me anyone even my mum..

Aman dropped me in my appartment

“your bike will come tomorrow” Aman said

“don’t u wanna come in?” I asked

“no dude. .am fine..good night” Aman smiled at me

“r u still angry on me for a girl?” I decided to tease him

“no man…Aisha and Nivin are my friends from college, so I don’t want them to hate me coz of ur stupid driving” he said

“chill dude….good night” I headed to my appartment. .my flat is in second floor. .I came towards escalator..
.OMG there so many people are waiting for it…being the Zayn Mansuri I like to be unique. I climb stairs. .finally I am here in my own flat…

I took a shower and changed in to a white t-shirt and three apartment is well furnished .a hall, a kitchen, a bedroom with attached bathroom and balcony and one more bedroom is there but its empty.

I was standing in my balcony with a cup of hot tea…street light is scattered in road.the vision was beautiful. I grabbed my camera from my bag .I clicked the scene.beside my appartment there is a house in left side.not so big house but beautiful. .I focused my camera on the house…after clicking the photo I was about to turn to my room but someone came to the balcony of that house.the girl in white nightware is drying her hair with towel…being the Zayn Mansuri I don’t care about girls. ..but this girl’s face is familiar. is that Aisha? ?? my inner mind asked me..

‘yes it is Aisha’ I told

‘The Zayn Mansuri remember a girl’s face and name’ my inner voice said..

what???? I remember her name???I am the Zayn Mansuri remembering a girl’s name???? what happened to me???

‘something which u r not aware of’ my inner voice said..

‘”whatever” I shook my head..I was tired..I jumped on to my bed and slept. ..


my phone started ringing. .it was Aman. ..what the f**k he wants this morning??

“what” I asked frustrated..

“u have an interview at 9AM” Aman said

“what’s the time now” I asked in a sleepy voice

“8’O clock dude” Aman shouted on the phone

“oh teri” I ran to bathroom. .I put on a black jeans and white shirt and took my camera..just then someone knocked the door..I found watchman there..

“sir..are you Zayn Mansuri? ” he asked


“here is ur bike key..Aman sir gave this” he smiled

“thank u” I smiled back at him..I am rich but I don’t hate poor and middle class people. .because of them I am rich Lol.

I went to close my balcony’s door.I snapped to Aisha’s balcony

‘hey u r looking for her’ my inner voice said

‘no I am not’ I said and locked the door..


I started my bike…bike is awesome. .I was passing through a bus stop..I saw them again the same girl and boy Aisha and Nivin. .they were laughing…


I parked my bike in Manya Advertising Company’s parking area.Aman told me that MAC is a new advertising…Aman lied to me..I don’t have any interview here…he already planned to surprise me..he got job for me in MAC…okey fine..Management liked my photographs which Aman showed them..

Aman took me MD’s cabin..

“hello mr.Mansuri welcome to MAC..I am Sasidhar managing director of MAC” he greeted me.

“hello mr.sasi” I smiled at him..

mr.sasi looked at me then at Aman. .

“actually Zayn don’t know Malayalam ” Aman lied..why should Aman lied??? I know I am not fluent in Malayalam. .but it doesn’t mean that I don’t know Malayalam but I remain silent..

“its ok” mr.sasi called peon. .

“take him to his cabin” mr.sasi said to peon..peon took us(me and aman) to my cabin

“not bad” I said

“why did u called him sasi?” Aman asked

“coZ his name is why u lied to him that I don’t know Malayalam? ” I asked back

“u fool…we malayalies use sasi for saying someone is ‘he became sasi’ it means he became fool. got it??” he said

so this is the matter ..

Aman left for his college. .he is a MBA student. .I concentrated in my called me to his cabin.a girl was standing there wearing a college uniform with hijab on her head..

“hello Zayn. .this is Aisha Rahman” MD said

why I am hearing her name??? am I dreaming? ?? I pinched myself. .auch…it is real..

the girl Aisha Rahman turned to me and said hello with a smile. .this Aisha and that Aisha is same!!!!!


“she is our brilliant student” MD spoke

“student? ” I raised my eyebrows. .

“yeah..we have a college for advertisement. .she is a student from there and I want u both work together for our college’s annual day” MD said

I and Aisha nodded..

“Aisha..u may go” MD said to Aisha

“thank u sir” she disappeared. .I looked to the way she went. .

“mr.Mansuri take ur seat” md said

“sir why u want her to work with me?” I asked

“I know u will ask this question. ..he smiled and continued…she is brilliant. .she has photographic skill from birth”

“birth??” I laughed

“yes man. I saw some of her taken pics on Facebook it was outstanding. .” he showed me some pictures.

everything was natural in her photos .a cat and her childre, playing kids, butterfly and rainbow. .each photo had uniqueness. ..

“I gave her scholarship to study here” mr.sasi said

“I think she don’t need to learn anything from ur school…her photos are like a profession photographer’s” I said ..I was surprised after seeing her skill.

“yeah…but u mistook me Zayn. shw is learning about advertisement and working here as a photographer” mr.sasi gave a broad smile…
“that’s cool” I said

I was standing in my balcony. . thinking about Aisha.something is special in her..but I couldn’t get it…

‘u r thinking about a girl’ my inner voice said

‘shut up’ why he(inner voice) always interrupt.?

‘and u remember her name too’ he again spoke
he is right I am remembering a girl’s name after my mum and sister. something special in her!!!!

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  1. Superb episode dear.So they r going to work together.

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  3. Why u always mentioning being zyan mansoori dr u like that name? Story was awesome

    1. hayathi and liya…like ananya said..Zayn is a attitude boy that’s why he is mentioning himself as ‘being the Zayn Mansuri’…if u guys don’t like this..then I will stop mentioning it…thnx buddies

  4. Zayn is an attitude fellow I think.. Today’s episode was good one ruby.. Loved it and thanx for long update..

    1. u r right dr…and don’t thank me…I should thnk u…thnk u dr for reading commenting and encouraging me u (sathyaitum)

      1. Love you yar??…

  5. loved it dear…

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