You are only mine! part 7


“Well, if you remain like this my aprilfool thoughts will turn real babe.” He said.
At his words I broke the hug.
“What do you mean? And..and why did you came here?” I asked hesitated at his presence.
” you were not coming to farewell right?”
“yeah but thats not my answer. Why you came here?” I again asked.
He came closer and buried his head on my neck. I froze the very next second.
“Cause you was not there babe.” he whispered softly at my ears.
I got straight and stood up. But just then he again caught me.
“I have to sleep. You need to go now.” I requested in a cold firm tone.
“Oh! We both can adjust here. Its not that small.” he said keeping hus left palm on the bed.
“What??? Are you mad? ” I said in a loud tone totally astonished by his words.
He pulled me again to lie down after lying himself and put his legs around mine.
“Hey! Are you mad? Leave me…” I tried to oppose but he didnt even replied once and kept his grip firm and powerful till I stopped struggling.
I breathed heavily.

“God! You are an insane.” I said panting losening all my strength trying to lose his grip but it was as it is.
“Enough of your workout now. Close your eyes and have some sleep.” he intoned all gently.
“What do you mean ha? I will sleep like this with you? You are wrong then… I wont close my eyes even for once..” I grunted.
“maintain the spirit.. you will sleep eventually… ” he concluded ” and yeah.. If you dont I am eveready to make you sleep forcefully.. In case if you need you know??? When people get tired they sleep well”

What??? He is such a shameless brat. How can he even say that in front of a girl? I wanted to just hit him but my all strength was lost with my hands on his hard toned chest. I was hell worried what if he does something like he is saying? No, never! I wont close my eyes.. never.

After few hours in the same position I was feeling really sleepy but still I didnt closed my eyes and thought of starting a convo so that I remain distracted.
“You are a bad person.” I mumbled on his chest.
He tightened his grip of hand around my waist.
“thank you sweetheart.” he replied.
“you simply pointed on my character.”
This time he didnt replied but I kept chattering.
” I was shaken by your words. You thought I am having fun with a boy in a closed room? How cheap of you?” I muttered again with my eyes feeling heavy.
“I cant tolerate anybody touching you.” he said and kissed on my forehead.
I wanted to ask more But my eyes drooped and I fell asleep on his chest.

The sun shine reached my eyes and the sparkles opened my eyes. I yawned and stretched my arms freely.
Yeah! Freely. Where was he? I looked around but he was nowhere.
Where he went? He didnt even woke me up.
Anyways good he isn’t here. I sat up and yawned again.
I checked my phone. It was 8:00 am.
God! So late! Just ine hour to get ready?
I took a dress in random from the cupboard and went to bathroom.
In fifteen minutes I came out dressed with all damped hairs falling.
I got ready in ten minutes more and went for the uni. I didn’t even had breakfast or a cup of coffee either.
I will surely fall asleep today during classes. Even if not that, I surely will be caught while yawning several times.
In a hurry I reached class.
Suddenly my phone beep.
A message from Rishabh.
‘ two days two books.’
Just itna sa hi? Chotu sa msg! It reminded me I had two more books to compelte. It had become a headache to me. Its not like reading a novel and enjoying,.. I need to remember whatever I read and with this heavy head I simoly can’t.
I had my course to complete and now thiss..???
I texted back.
“I know”
Again it beeped,
“utilise your ‘know’ledge than”
I can feel him smirking while typing this. With an arrogant attitude as always.
HuH? Two days left.. What will happen when I assist..god damn! I am sure I’ll faint every day with his tortures.
But why did he came last night? What if anybody touches me. It shouldn’t matter him right? Oh! What am I thinking.

“Focus!Focus!” I whispered to myself.
Just then again that Prakash Gupta came to take the class.
My mind was travelling all around thinking about his relation with Rishabh. Sometimes in the mid some words struck me
“George Palade in 1953 observed ribosomes.”
My eyes were on the blackboard but I didnt understand anything. Everything was blurred the chalk, the letters.. Some white pecks were visible as if cheese sprayed on a black coloured cake.
Something hit me. I accumukated my consciousness. Evryone were looking at me. A piece of chalk was in the table that hit me. I looked up. Prof was furiously gazing at me.
“What the hell are you dreaming in the class?” he shouted.
I shivered and stood up at a jerk with my head low.
“Get out of the class.. NOW!” he emphasised the last worried and tears dropped heavily.
“Leave..I said” he again shouted.
I snapped my bag with the book in mg hand and ran away.
The drops were streaming endlessly. I have never came acroos such humiliation ever. It was unbearable.
I broke down at the ‘not much used’ stairs with a support from wall and slid down slowly sobbing along.
I sat down with both my elbows on the kneww and open palm on my forehead thinking of whatever happened.
Just then someone kept his hand on my shoulder. Yeah it is ‘he’. I can feel. I wiped and raised my head.
It was Anand.
“What happened lady?” he asked.
“none of your concern.”
“well, you can share.”
“don’t you have a class?” i asked annoyed at his insistence.
” I asked first.” he smirked.
I looked aside and wiped again.
“prof threw me out. I was absent minded during the class.” I said absorbing the tears. I needed to share it. I needed someone to listen to me. And I spitted out to him. To the boy who is the friend of all this, who is the reason of all this.
“Hmm” he sighed.

“Who is that prof.?” A voice from behind asked coldly in a low tone.
I turned back to look. It was Rishabh.
He stared flatly waiting for a reply. I gave him a arrogant stare and turned around as before.
Jsut after a moment he grabbed my arm with his one hand and pulled me at once making me stand facing him.
He turned back and signed Anand to leave.
“What? What is your problem? Are you not happy? Are not you satusfied after doing all this?”
His grip tightened and I winced at it. His stare turned all terrifying.

“Who is that Prof.?” he asked rudely but maintained the silence.
“ Prakash Gupta” I said.
And his grip loosened. I staggered at the sudden loose but he caught me in his arms and we shared an eye lock. His eyes were observing me, my face. I felt it. His gaze moved to my lips and stopped there. I got conscious and stood properly with my eyes low but he didn’t left his hold.
I looked up again signing him to leave his hand but still he didnt.
He kept looking at me.
“Leave me” I yelled slowly.
He came closer leaning down with his eyes on mine. At a moment it broke and his head was on my neck over the hairs. He inhaled heavily and tugged my hairs.
He kissed at my bare skin and his lips remained as it is on my skin. The warmth seized my body.
He looked up and caressed my face then leaning more towards me he whispered “he will pay for this.”
My eyes got wide open.
“Bu…but it.. It was my fa…ult” I completed hesitantly at his words.
He left and my back hit a bit at the wall. He turned to walk away but I hold his hand.
He looked at my hold and then at me.
“Dont do anything wrong.. Please. It was my fault.” I said calmly slowly silently pleading him with my eyes.
And he nodded and walked away.


No more wait buddies. I know I understand. I myself dont want to make you wait. I am also a reader and I wait sooooo eagerly for some stories. So I understand very well. Just as I got some time I wrote down both the stories and posted.
Hope you guyz enjoyed. 🙂
I got halka sa current shock yesterday but I’m totally fine. Short circuits!!! 😮 so cant switch on wifi either and dats y I uploaded today otherwise I would have posted yesterday night only. So sorry guyzz..
Till then
Dhinchak raho


Precap: Assisting Rishabh

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  1. Awesome yaar ridhi’s moment ws cool nd romantic and plzzzzz introduce a villain plzzzzzzz it will bring them closer and also can see their jealousy post soon can’t wait

    1. Trust me yaar..lots of twist and turns are there to come.

  2. it ws a voww epi but who is that prakash idiot well i don’t think rishabh will leave him soo easily let’s see wht will happen
    nd plzz be careful dear while operating electronic gadgets although i knw u would have but still i hope u r all perfect
    bye love u tc

    1. Yup i touched switch boards and it was passing current a jhatka.. 🙁
      And somethi interesting
      Rishabh is not only a medical student 😉

  3. does he knw already knw viddhi nd woah not a medical student means is he d real rishabh MAHAJAN also aah ur this comment made me more excited nd confused let’s hope for d best haahahah byee

  4. Wat????? Wat r u saying……he is not only a medical student???? I really don’t have patience to know the twists….Eagerly waiting fr ur ff……….And take care of ur health.

    1. Yeah! Many things to be revealed. 🙂

  5. OMG..!! Lovely update..! Ridhi scenes were amazing..! Very eagerly waiting for ur next updates.. Nd take care dear

    1. Thank you so much kavya. I missed you

      1. S dear.. I missed u too.. Actually some net prob

      2. Oh its fine dear and my name changed haha… 😉

  6. Awesome episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you so much roma

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