You are only mine part 6


It was hard to get sleep. Ugh? He really crushed me. Such an egoistic person huh? I wanted to hit him beat him but that will be inviting death. His one look is like a bullet.
But he crossed his limit. How can someone,no, anyone. How can anyone enter my room without permission. I clutched my hairs from front and laid in bed on my back. My eyes drooped because of the tired some work I did.

Next morning I prepared myself for a good day. After shower I combed my hairs and made a bun and made myself comfortable in a red half sleeve top that just ended at waist with the black pepe jeans.
I got ready in ten minutes and checked my bag then went to college with farah.
I had already made my mind to avoid Rishabh at any cost. We headed for our classes.
Our first class was attended by the very young around 30 prof. He looked very descent and charming. All the firls were already flattering. I paid no interest and started taking out the books.
“Miss Vidhi!” I heard someone addressing me. It was the prof.
I looked up to face him.
“Heard a lot about you. In just a week you have shown your talent well. I would like to know it by person.”
I kept looking but thinking about his words. What was he talking about? Any test?
He turned around to face everyone and announced.
“Test. Flower Anatomy. You have five minutes. Mug up students as fast as you can.”
As his words ended the fingers of each student started working flipping and revising every page possible.
I also joined them but little slowly.
I hadnt Gone through it last night due to the busy schedule. So the pressure worried me. In fact, this time it was especially to examine me so I was really super tensed.
“Times up students. Lets check your intelligence now.” he said with an eye on me.
Uh! I was shivering. I never wanted to make my impression bad.
He starts asking questions to three four students one by one. Then came my turn.
“Ah! Miss Vidhi!…” he paused then asked the question.
“what is epiblema of root euivalent to?”
My body became numb and mind stopped working. I looked down as I knew I cannot answer so I didn’t even tried to think. That was the biggest stupidity I can commit.
“Epidermis” suddenly a boy answered but that sound came from the door. All looked front and the prof also turned. It was Rishabh.
“Epidermis is the answer Mr……” he continued.
And my head shook. Oh yes that was a simole question. I knew the answer. God! Such a fool I am.Meanwhile I was thinking, the prof and Rishabh shared a glare.
“Mr. Gupta. Prakash Gupta” the prof cleared.
“Yeah! Mr. Gupta I am Rishabh Mahajan. Good to see you as a prof.”
They both again shared a tough galre but it suddenly broke into a laugh.
Every eye’s there was curious to known what is going on. They cant be friends. There is so much age difference. No they cant be. Relatives? Maybe…
“leave that girl. She dont hav a brain. You are giving her stress.” Rishabh mocked. Mocked at me.
My brows puckered and I really wanted to through a brick on his head but remain still.
“Heard she is smart but unfortunately all were mistaken. Anyways, my class is over. Will catch you latder bro.” the prof. Said and left.
Bro??? Brother sister? How big family? I already had faced his Arrogant sister and the jackal brother Rehaan. Now who is he?
“Hello juniors! So anyone interested in assisting me for my project?” Rishabh announced.
Every girl raised hands as if they were asked for shopping freely. Even many boys raised hands. That was because he was the topper and really a very intelligent student.
Oh only my hands were down.
But last night je came to my room frightening me just to inform this right? Inform that I am going to assist him? What is this drama now?
Idiot! Or rather the Idiot is me. My mind poked.
“Stop it. I am assisting him.” I shouted making everyone hand’s down. They all stared me harshly.
What the hell am I doing? God! Please help.
I saw him smirking from the corner of my eye.
That was really very stupid of me.
I tapped my feet on the floor in anger and hung my back to leave the class.
Just then my wrist was grabbed.
“Oh silly girl! Not so fast. Follow me to the library.” it was him.
“But…” I was stopped midway by his raised eyebrows.
“I mean yes.. Following” I surrendered.

The library was all silent with only few students with book in their hands. Most of them wore spects. So they were the bookish students.
“This is the list. Bring it to me.” he mumbled.
“But you can also do that.” I opposed again but bit my tongue the next second and went to bring the books.

I came to him with the three big books in my hand. They were damn heavy.
“Study that. You have four days now. Before becoming my assistant finish reading it…. Clear?”
“Hmm” I said gulping the shock that he just gave.
And he left.
I attended all the classes and had lunch in the canteen with Farah and Pari di. Our class ended at 5:00 pm.

Now I had to read those books??? Those big books? Really?
I started with the smallest among them and very lazil opened the first page. There was a note in it.
“Silly girl! There are two more books to read. Fast!”
I smiled little and started reading.
I was really veey tired after five hours and stood up to make coffee.
I opened the window. The sky looked beautiful with all the blazing stars flickering and filling the empty seeming space. The moon the stars the clouds all were sparkling with their omnious light.
I breathed out and inhaled more calmly. I felt cool in the breeze. My hairs started teasing me. I smiled, I laughed.
Suddenly my eyes went down to him who was staring at me leaned to his car.
I stopped smiling and embarrassment filled me.
My phone rang.
Rishabh? But I never asked his number nor did I saved. So… Oh… Yestersay??
Before I could amswer he dominated.
“Gorgeous Princess you are wasting your time” he spoke.
“Now, keep the phone and start studying babe.” he continued.
“Uh.. Ya!” the call was cut before I completed.
“Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!” I yelled furiously. I wanted to curse him heavily but I had never so I dont want to break my Good record.

Hello dearies, how all you doing? I am really really very overwhelmed to read your views. Really, it is delightful and i really wait and want to see your feedbacks whether bad or good….. Good motivates me Bad improves me
And really sorry for committing any mistake guyzz I didnt read it and haven’t looked back. So many mistakes might be there. I just wrote that went through my mind.
And yeah! There will be many twist and turns. So to know please keep reading and join me in spreading smilessss. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Love you all

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  1. Wow…..he knows many thing about her.It is really impressive!!!!No other words to say except “plzzzz update one more ff today”

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  4. I loved it. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  5. yr guyz I am really very sry i am unable to reply.. got some problem with phone and right now replying with another one.. i wipll try to update till that day and other part of this ff in some days but i am not sure.. all depends on when will phone get ok 🙁 see ya guyz… so sorry

  6. Awesome episode I just loooooooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeeeddd it….the note was very cute….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you so much roma.

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