You are only mine! part 6 Contd.


When I reached the uni Pari di informed that a professor is resigning due to health problem so a surprise party rather farewell is arranged by the seniors.
“But when? I mean now?” I interrogated.
“No yaar, 7:00 pm and will last all night. Some students will go to the quarters to bring ma’am. She taught us when I was in the second year batch. Anyways, I informed you. Now, go to class dear.”
And pari di left.
“Will you be attending?” Farah asked doubtful examining my expressions.
“Well, I dont want to.. Last time you guyz took me to the club then left me with that Idiot.” I complained thinking of adding humour but it got spoiled.
Her face got low.
“Hey! I am kidding Farah. Oh god! I am so sorry. But please yaar I cant come this time. I have a lot of pressure you know na??” i tried to console and distract her.
“Hmm.. Its okay. We have time so we’ll think.”
“Thats my girl.” I said and hugged her.


There were no classes today. All the students were preparing for the farwell and the freshers party was postponed.
So I went library for studying the book he gave. Yeah! One I accompanied to read in free time. Who knew? I will have all day.
The library was all silent. Yes, it always is but there are some whispering sounds. I noticed there were not a single student there.
“Hmm.. Great!” I murmured and kept my bag in the table and made myself comfortable and ready to make notes on it.

After 3-4 hoursthe door clinched.
It was Rishabh. Actually, I must have guessed it and should never expect someone else. Cause in the whole uni the only person that can search for me and disturb me every second is none other than Mr. Rishabh Mahajan.
His pace fastens. He came towards me and grabbed my arm all of a sudden.
“Are you insane? I searched for you in the whole uni and you are sitting here all alone in this dark dusky room like a crap? What the hell are you doing here?Oh I see might be doing romance with a man right? So where is he? Where did you hide him?”
His each word pinched every inch of my skin and burned my cells. I kept my eye on him all perplexed.
“You are sick Rishabh. You are sick. How can you even think of saying that? How dare you point on my character. Each word you said was ridiculous, awful, humiliating…” my words broke as eyes started shedding tears, nose blocked and throat grumbled. I staggered and fell down in the chair.
” I am so sorry Vidhi. I didnt..”
“Just go away.. Please…” I kept sobbing.
He hugged me and tried to console.
“I was.. making notes…. Your books..” I tried to explain.
“Hey shhh… I know. Dont give any explanation…the security told me that a boy is here and you also. I am so sorry babe. ”
“Leave me.. I want to go to hostel.”
“but everyone will be here all day. Farewell?” he said raising his brow after loosening me a little.
” I am not coming.” I cleared.
“Hmm.. Ok go then.” he said and I moved to hostel side.
I entered my room and took a bath and dressed in the pajama and sleeveless black tank top.

It was 10:00 pm.I thought of the accusation by Rishabh and cried again. It was unbelievable and he didn’t even tried to stop me and invite me for the party.
I wiped my face with the open palm and sighed. And laid down in the bed. Just few hours had passed when somebody knocked.
I lazily stood thinking it might be Farha trying to persuade me.
But it again was him. I wanted to break my head or better to break his.
I hadn’t opened the door full but he pushed it and entered.
“wh..why you came here? What about farewell ?” I interrogated.
Instead of answering my Question he laid
“come here.” he ordered.
“I asked you something.”
“Come here babe.”
Seems like he is completely deaf.
I went by his side slowly and soon he pulled me by his side with my head on his arm and my shoulder grabbed ny the same.
“Yeah! Farewell is going on.” he said.
“But… Why are you here then?” I enquired.
“Well, to be honest to make love.” he said.
“What????” I shouted feeling vulnerable and got up at once.
He also sat beside me and pulled me burying my face on his chest. He gently lifted my chin and came closer. His beard tingled my cheeks and he kissed me on my earshell. I trembled.
“Aprilfool babe.” he whispered.I was left all shocked and embarrassed.
“Well, I see you are blushing!.” he added more pink colour to my cheeks.
He again came closer leaving just an inch gap. His breath mixed with mine. He gently pressed a kiss on my cheeks.
“Sorry babe.. For hurting you.” he whispered again.
My eyes turned all wet and he hugged me on an impulse.
I cried endlessly and his shirt was wet in the next few moments. I hugged him back feeling the warmth. His hard chest heated me and I felt secure in it though it was the same soul that hurted me but my heart felt it the safest.


Well, I gave you fast update this time.. Isnt it? But there are many mistakes I know and I have really a bad habit I never check what I ahve done( write) in this case.
I just wamt to make it more interesting amd entertain you guyz.
Any compalin, queries regarding the story? And your feedbacks and regards please please post it and let me know. I will try to improve and honestly after some days, I will be very busy, soooo….. Dont fade away guyzz.. And do comment your thoughts. πŸ™‚ bye bye good night πŸ™‚
So jao mere pyare behen’s aur didi’s

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