You are only mine! part 4

He took me to the canteen and to Farha’s bf, Jai who was enjoying the burger. To my surprise Farha was sitting with Pari in another table. I moved a step towards her but was pulled back by him.
“What?” I asked.
But he didnt replied and took me to Jai.
“Slap him!” he ordered me.
I was agitated and looked at him again in complete disagreement.
I glided my eyes to Farha who didnt looked back at me.
God! What is happening? Someone please tell me.
“I said slap him Vidhi.”
I looked at Jai whose face was swollen and red.
“God! What happened to you Jai?” I cried.

” What is your problem? Why are you after him?” I yelled at Rishabh.
“f**k it! Slap him or you better know what I can do.” he gave me a very frustrated look.
“Slap!” he shouted and it increased my heart rate, blood started flowing rapidly. As a result I raised my hand at Jai.
“Told you! Dont f**king dare to look at her. Dare touch her again and you will be perished the very next second.” he warned and grabbed my wrist again.
I justfollowed him quietly. Everything was running in my mind and hit like a storm.
“God! He was beaten very badly. God knows what happened. Last night only he came to me 2 talk but I …” I stopped murmuring to myself and suddenly I remembered his disgusting stare at me.
“Done?” he mocked.
“what the hell is your problem? Just leave my hand and let me go.” I yelled.
“Just remember one thing. Stay away from that f**king Jai. Remember that.” he warned and left my hand at once and walked away.

Suddenly Pari caught me.
“Hey! I am so sorry I didnt knew that bastard Jai is such a loser. I had no idea and Farha is really disturbed. You better make her mood.”
“but di! What happened? I dnt remember anything.”
“Oh you were drunk girl and that blo*dy Jai.. Huh? He had such a bad intention but thanks to god. Rishabh saved you and beat him hard. Really I am very sorry.”
I stood there completely lost.
“Its ok di. I’l talk to you later.” I said and went to Farha.

I saw her sitting lost and crying in the class.
“Hey Farha! Dont cry. Itwas not your fault sweetheart.” I pacified her.
“I am so sorry Vidhi.” she cried and hugged me tightly.
“Its ok. Its ok. This city is like this only. We need to adjust and please dont lose heart. That Jai bloodsucker doesnt deserve you.”
“Hmm” she cried more but stopped after some time and we talked till the professor didnt came and I left for my Botany class.”Good Morning students. Come to lab now. Five minutes.” he announced and left.
There were two apartments. One for botany and one for zoology. Everything was set well. Our class was for botany so we went there and took a look of the specimens.
” students! Take a seat. Two students in one. There is microscope in front of you. Prepare a slide of a dicot root and mention all the characteristics. Ten minutes. Fast!” he asked and we all started washing and rinsing for the preparation.

I completed it in six minutes.
“sir! Done!” I said happily.
“Good!” he said and came to check it.
“Thats impressive. Very good!.. What’s your name ?” he asked.
“Vidhi Chopra” I replied.
“hmm.. If you keep performing like this there is a lot of chance for you to assist a senior for a project.” He said with a smile.
“Thank you sir”

The class ended. Everyone started cleaning their counter.
“Ouucch!” I screamed as my finger bleed while washing the slide.
Shit! I am haemophilic. God damn! It wont stop. I rushed to the medical room fast. The doctor wasnt there.

“Doctor! Doctor!” I shouted.
“What happened? Dont shout!” nurse yelled.
“Please call the Doctor fast! The bleeding isnt stopping.” I requested.
“Wait. He is checking another student of third year.” she informed.
“oh God! Ok thank you!” I hurried and went to the third year batch and stopped at the door.
“Doctor!” I called breathing heavily. My hand was all red with just a small cut at the forefinger.
“f**k man! What the hell happened to you.” Rishabh shouted and came running to me.
“doctor! Hurry up” he barked at him. The doctor left the student and came to me.
“I am haemophilic.” I said with heavy breath.

“oh my god! She needs to go to a hospital.” the doctor declared.
I had no energy left as I came running upstairs. In Punjab mom was always careful and never let me do anything besides studying. So I didnt have any idea of what to do in such cases.
Rishabh lifted me in his arms and took me to his car.
He drove to the city hospital.

“Doc. Is she fine?” he asked.
“Yeah! She is alright. You can see her.” he said.
“Thank you doctor!”
Rishabh came to my room.
“Cant you even take care of yourself? ” he yelled at me.
“thanks for bringing me here. Now you can leave.” I stated hearing his anger tone.
He was stunned and gave me a very fierce look.
“listen! Dont dare say that again. Or else I have many ways to keep you mouth shut. And You know that very well right?” he said leaning downwards.
“I.. I .. Water” I blabbered in fear.

He moved back and took a glass of water.
I gulped that at once.”Dont act like a dumbo” he whispered.
“What??? Did you just called me A DUMBO?” I asked all irritated.
“I dnt think there is someone else in this room ” he mocked.
I looked at him very annoyed.
He smirked.
“you are sick!” I blabbered.
“Oh! Yeah I am. But why are You resting in that bed?” he again sarcased.
“huh?” I was lacking words.
I had no presence of mind. Its different if I am in class but if its him then I lost my senses and thinking of something to bark at him.. Is too far to be thought.
“What?” he said with raised eyebrow.

“Hurry up now. Need to go to college.” it sounded like an order.

I headed to canteen during break with Farha and Pari.
“Vidhi! We have got the room in hostel. We can settle here now.” Farha said.
“Oh thats great. We will get our luggage.” I exclaimed.
“girls! Actually lucky girls!” Pari intoned.

“What happened di?” we asked little worried.
“arey, freshers party na. I will have to do some adjustments. I cant even drink or else mumma will kill me” she said all sad.
“you can share the room with us di.” Farha said and i agreed with her.
“Oh yea thats great girls! Hurray!” she exclaimed with a big smile.

Heavy storms and rain nowadays. The weather is beautiful here. Hope you all are enjoying the weatger around you as well.
Keep reading sweethearts and I am very sorry for making you upset especially ‘nan’.
And I really love you all a lot for making me so happy and reading my story. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Y is rishab so posesiv ovr vidhi at 1c. . .did he knw her frm b4?
    Ur story is very intrstn dr. . . Keep it up n updt nxt part too. . . ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. No no.. He doesnt know her from before.. Actually lets keep it a secret.. Will be revealed in the story ๐Ÿ™‚ keeep reading dear

  2. Too gud..

    1. Thank you ananya. Plz keep reading and commenting

  3. aww i just loved it
    it ireally feels soo good after reading ur ffs especially this 1 my favv love u byee tc

    1. Thanks you so much and I really wait for your comment after the story gets published.

  4. Hello Roshni. This is Kavya.. I just now cmplted reading all ur 4 episodes..! Thy were amazing..!! U r rly a very creative writer. Is this ur first ff? If nt can u give me the list of ur previous ffs..! I really want to read ur stories

    1. Thank you so mucj kavya for enjoying it . I am really very very glad.. And my first ff is TILL THAT DAY and another one I tried but that completely was a bore.. So i wont like you to give time on that.. But mentioning it I NEVER WANTED TO LEAVE YOU …. I have stopped writing that ๐Ÿ™ and plzz keep reading and do comment..

      1. Thnk u so much..! I will defintely go through those 2 ffs and will let u know my opinion on stories..! I will keep on commenting as i knw it will keep u going. For writers comments are the pleasure and those will encourage u to write so many such beautiful stories.

  5. Hey u mentioned in Till That Day fF that u are gong to give PMT I was waiting for ur answer and please do reply ….. waiting for the reply in episode 10

    1. I am so sorry dear i didnt reached you.. I will reply asap.

  6. Relly….. it was very realistic….i think u r a medical stud…bec both of ur ff are related to medical.. And i have a doubt that she is a medical student and that should be a hospital…but y he took tto hospital by car…i have a lot to talk…but i am in college…talk to u late….but remain to update one more ff as i said

    1. Haha.. Thank you yr for reading it itna dhyaan se… Plzz forgive my mistakes !!! I totally forgot about that.. And di what are you doing? I mean study? Which college?

  7. Awesome episode, love you loads

  8. Hey kavya yr thanks youso muchfor understanding. really means a lot

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