You are only mine! part 3


In the evening Pari took me in a club just near our college where most of the students spend some fun time. Farah was with me as well but was clinging on her boyfriend who was ignoring me since Rishabh thing happened.
Pari was already dating a handsome guy who was waiting for her in a black suit. He looked cool.
The four of them went to the dance floor and I went to the bar counter and sat on the stool. I was not feeling comfortable in that knee length maroon coloured dress that Pari offered me. Just to keep her heart I did wore it but lacked the confidence to walk freely. It is not like that I am a typical Indian desi look girl wearing salwar suit all the time. I am modern but in Mumbai I couldnt match them.

Since I had entered I felt a constant eye on me, that cam I want to break in pieces. My hands shivered and heart palpitated. I couldnt gather courage to look around to find the one, rather find him. I heard some footsteps coming to me. Oh I again went cold.
I gulped a shot of vodka to overcome. It was my first time and I felt disgusted at first. Then I ordered one more but was suddenly gripped tight by a man.
Gosh..!! My guessing was right.
“Vidhi! Have you losted?” he said in a very rude tone with a concern.
I tried to stand but fell on his arm, My hands around his shoulders for support and his hands around my waist.
“Leave me. Dont you dare touch me!” I said frustrated though my voice was too low with the drink making me dizzy.
He left me just there pushing me back to the tool. I was totally shocked at that action.

Just then Farha’s bf came by my side and took a shot.
“Hey!” he paused and then gazed down looking me from head to toe. But I was not in my consciousness that I can slap him hard for his ridiculous action.
“What?”I asked.
“Sorry sweet! Its been long we didnt talked”
He moved his hand towards me but just then my eyes drooped. I fell but something was there that didnt let me hurt.

Next morning when I opened my eyes it remained wide opened.
What the hell was the sight? Is it a nightmare?
Rishabh was sleeping beside me and I had presed knees on his abs with my hand on his chest. His hand were wrapped around me. I was devastated at what I just saw.

I pushed him hard at his chest but the action n reaction both were on me only. It didn’t moved him,not even an inch.
“dont hurt yourself baby.” he said in a sleepy tone.
“Just leave me” I said and pushed him again but he caught my wrist.
“I said DONT HURT YOURSELF! Dont you get a simple thing?”
“leave my hand..leave me” I compelled twisting my hand to release it from his grip.
He held me more tightly then released at once and stood.
He was dressed completely like going for a meeting just the absence of a coat over his white light almost transparent shirt. He is a student. Isn’t he?

“Where am I and WHY?” I asked exasperated but he just didnt replied and gave me a very soft look.

“Next time. Dont drink if you cant” he stated leaning closer to me.
“Will you please tell me what happened last night?” I muttered bending down in the bed as he leaned more and his gaze being the same.
“No!”he said taking steps bck
“Why? What had happened?? Please tell me.”I pleaded with hopeful red eyes.
“Oh baby! Dont shower rain.” he said giving just a one look to me as he opened the cupboard.
“Go! Get Fresh!” he ordered.
I ran to the bathroom at once shedding endless tears. I looked down at myself and I had that maroon dress on me as before.Then looked at the mirror, It was all same as I went to the club. How come this happen? My hairs are always a mess when I wake..then?
I looked back again at my dress and released a breath little relieved. Taking it off took a shower and dressed again.
He was just there staring at me.
“What are you looking?” I asked irritated by that cctv cam on me
“you!” he said without even moving a bit.
I was freezed and coldness again seized me. He came closer that worked on my goosebumps. He cupped my face and whispered “you look beautiful baby!”
I just looked back at him with lack of words.
“Come!lets go to college!” he wrapped me in his left arm.I was still freezed and wanted to get an answer of my question what happened last night?
But instead I simply answered to him
“No. I will go myself.” I denied him.
“you are in my room in my house. Nothing happened yesterday.” he said it calmly.
I looked back at him with a glow in my eyes.
“now you coming?” he glared as if ordering and not asking.
“Hmm” I just followed him.
We passed by the corridor when a tall handsome man incarnated as if twin of Rishabh came to us.
He stared at me with a very bad intention that leaked through his cat-like grey eyes. I gazed at the two towers standing in front of me. They were around 6’2 exchanging glances with burning heat.
“Lovely! So little brother got a sweet honey.” the man said gliding his eyes on me.
“Move back” Rishabh roared and pushed him back by his left hand.
Rehan giggled with his bum on the floor.
“Hey honey! Seems you did not entertained my brother?” he chuckl
“Rehan!get the hell out of here!” Rishabh barked at him.
Oh they were going to fight. I used my tiny pot and distracted Rishabh “lets go!” and hold his hand.
He looked at that and I also looked down to see my action. I was going to free him but he hold my wrist with his other hand and patted on it.
“how was your last night dear Honey?” Rehan asked insulting me when we reached to the stairs.
Rishabh made a step to hit him just when Risha came and slapped him hard.
“Stop passing your silly comments Rehan!” she threatened him.
I was looking at them when Rishabh hold me by his arms and took me to his car. I didnt opposed that.

“Sorry baby!” he paused and exhaled heavily. I turned my head to him and he continued “…for the scene.”
“Its ok. I trust you” I assuaged him.
He just gave me a beautiful hypnotic look again with a little uplifted lips that was really amazing. I just looked back at him as if it locked me. He glided his eyes to the road.
“Sorry babe! Driving now.” he smirked.
I was embarrassed of my action again.

We soon reached the college. Everyone had the same glow in their face as I saw from the black polished window.
But just as I stepped out All the glow turned to a shock. They were utterly displeased seeing me.I can feel they were seriously pissed.
I was still in the maroon knee length dress with a four inched heels that Farha bought for me.
I stumbled.
“Walk stiffly baby!” he comforted me making his grip more tight on my forearm.
“Uh.. I am walking properly only” I whispered.
“If that’s what you call a proper walking staggering at every step then all other here are zombie! Is it?” he mocked sarcastically.
I just gave him a very unpleasant look. And he smirked.

A boy bumped to me on the way who probably didnt saw me due to the large quantity of books in his hands.

“oh! I am sorry.”he apologized to me.
Then his eyes under the big round spects moved to see Rishabh. He was sweating profusely with the fear.
“Rishabh! Lets go!” I tried to distract him remembering the drama happened on my first day.
He just let that boy pass.
“chill!” he said tapping at my hand which holded his biceps. I removed it just the next second.
He looked at me with full anger. His jaw locked and the viens seem to get explode and rupture.

“Go to your class” he ordered me in a low tone but very hoarsely. I moved but turned to look at him. He was sliding his fingers on his hair. He noticed me and get furious again.
I made a move to my class afap.

After the class Farah comes running to me. She had different class and our courses were different.
“Hey where were you last night? Pari is pissed as we had to lie to your parents.”
“I am so sorry Farha! I.. I..” I was lacking words.
“You what?” she enquires.
Pari comes following her.
“Hey Vidhi! You are here? God! I got to know you came with Rishabh in his car… Is that true?” she asked in complete amusement.
“No.. I mean yes but…..” I stammered.
Just then everything went silent again. Rishabh entered my class and asked me.
Don’t know why I walked to him. It maybe due to the fear of his anger or maybe because I didnt wanted to feel uncomfort among my friends.

“Sorry babe. You had Too much question answer session.” he started.
“Stop calling me that.” I said softly but with annoyed face.
“call you what?” he raised his brow questioning.
I freezed. I felt the question session was better than his presence. I get numb when he is around. All organs stop working except that heart which increase its rate more n more as he comes closer.
I wanted to run but couldn’t as if my legs are buried under the cemented floor.
He was staring at me constantly.
I blinked and get back consciousness.
I turned to go but he grabbed my wrist and raised his left eyebrow.
Thats the only word he said.

Come where? Does he have selected important words in his dictionary that are used to give an order? Like seriously? I cant just makeout a whole sentence and get his intentions with just a blo*dy one word. I am a medical student not an English lecturer.
I got lost in my thought just when he stopped n gave me a tough look.
“God sake.Dont piss me again Vidhi!” he intoned hoarsely.
I walked to him and followed.
He just called me Vidhi, with my name I noticed and as all can see he was really enraged. So he called me that due to his anger? Oh! So I got to know something.________β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘____

That was all sweethearts. I hope you all enjoyed. I was writing this during exams. But posted just now. Please ignore my mistakes and wrong spellings.
Please shower me your love n do comment cause really it is the only thing with which I can continue writing. Silent readers also pleaseeee……

I have again got busy with social networks. I havent opened it for a month so the time got distributed but I will keep writing cause its a pleasure.
So no worries only smiles..
Till then bye bye !! πŸ™‚ take care of your health and beauty πŸ˜‰

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