You are only mine! part 2


He went banging the door making it fling and swing. I got freeze to where I was standing as if my feets were paralysed. I heard a soft melody played somewhere. It was one of my favourite tune and I kept it as my callertune.
Oh shit! It was my phone.
I unchained my bag, took out my phone and recieved the call.
It was Farah
“where are you?” she asked little frightened.
“Coming!” I replied and hang up.
We attended some more classes and the first day of my college came to an end.
After the college Me Pari and Farah drove home. The city was just like shown in TVs. I thought to myself. At every turn we faced heavy traffic. Everyone were in hustle n bustle. I smiled looking at a baby in a pink frock who was following her mother. This reminded me of my family. Emotional blood ran through me. They were in Punjab and had contacted Pari and Uncle to get me a room in hostel. So I will soon shift in one but for now me n farah will be living in Pari’s house. It was a very well built home. Flowers blossomed in the garden.
We stopped our car in the porch and entered inside.

In the room we three girls were adjusting. It was not a problem as it was too large probably enough for five to live. I just assumed though my home in Punjab is not less than this. Dad and brother had constructed well with their earnings.

I narrated them the incident.
Pari smiled “Be careful. Heard and even saw him angry. It was very dangerous and one will never want to see that side of him.” she warned.
“Yeah!” I replied ending the convo.
We three slept in our respective beds.

Next day again he stole a glance with me after parking his car. His eyes were black and hypnotic. No one dared to come to his way and he never did looked at anyone either. He wore a light white shirt and more than a student he somewhat looked like a businessman. His personality was so charming and it was not a surprise that all the girls wnated to date him.

We headed to the class.
The chemistry prof. took the fourth class. He left the class in middle as was called by the Dean. Well, the Mahajan.
The class got in mood and started their discussions. It created somewhat noise in the all thick white walled room. I got busy studying paying no attention in their silly talks.
Suddenly a silent ceased all across me. I was sitting in the first row in the corner seat. I looked aside as to know what happened. Everyone’ eyes were stucked in front but then a guy looked at me. I signed him ‘what happened?’ before he could anwer he was grabbed by his collar and dragged front. It was him. A terror was seized among everyone. My heart beat increased.
“Dont you dare look again at my girl you bastard!” he shouted at him. One can feel his strong rough grip at his collar sitting in their respective seats.

He was looking at me man!
Why are you threatening him saying your girl? I thought.
God! Is he talking about me. What the? No we didnt even talked how come? Oh! Cut the crap Vidhi..I curled my fingers in anger but because I was unsure about it I remained silent.
“Everyone out! NOW!” he shouted again with voice lowered this time but the fear it created was same as before.
Everyone started moving out. No one even looked at me.
Oh god! I had put three four books under the desk. I hurried back to take them. Everyone had left. A thunder flow through me.
The next very second I was slammed in the wall.
“You haven’t introduced yourself yet!” he whispered coming close every second.
I went cold and warm together at the moment.
I was unable to mutter even a word.
“I am listening.” he said gently stroking my hairs.
His eyes were still glaring me. I was literally pissed off.
“Dont look at me like that.” I spitted my annoyance in the words.
“Then how should I look at you baby?” he said seductively.
Oh god! His eyes were really hypnotic. It made me look at him back and create an eye lock.
He rubbed my cheeks.
“Dont fear me baby. I wont hurt you. NEVER!” he said as asking me to trust me.
I made a fist and my knuckles hit hard at the wall.
“Ouucch!” I screamed but slowly, shaking my hands in pain
He took my hands in his.
“Where did it hurt?”
He had left his shield from me. I left from there with the coldness of fear still in me. My pace turned faster as I stepped ahead.
I was still afraid with the thought that he will follow me. But he didn’t . I took a sigh of relief and made my way.


I really get very very glad when you like my story and comment your views. Really it means a lot and I hope I will get some amazing friends over here. Cause soon I am going to feel alone here in my home as there are no friends around me.

I will soon update the next cause I myself dont want to make you sad.
And hopefully you would enjoy it.
Please dont forget to drop your comments and anything like anything you want to add or criticize about the story feel free.

Till then Take care. Time for me to leave. TATA!

Oh ya! Sorry for this short update. From tomorrow I will post a longer one. No worries 🙂

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  1. it ws vooww he is soo possessive about her u nailed it i m actually waiting for ur stories like anything yr …
    i just love u nd really happy to have a frnd like u i hope u feel the same heehehhe
    byee tc and all the best for ur exm

    1. Now I am kinda like dhinka chikaaaa .. Love you too dear so much.. You never miss my shots thanks a lot.. And my exams will be over today..hope it goes well

  2. It was awesome dear.. I love ur story.. Its gud and u make us really addicted.. Post nxt part soon.. Will be waiting…

    1. Thanks a ton dear. Pls keep reading and commenting i will post next soon.

  3. It’s really awsm..superb

    1. Thank you so much rakhi 🙂

  4. Awsm epi….post nxt epi soon..really luvd dis epi

    1. Ya I willsoon update next one plzz plzz keep reading and keep commenting. It motivates me 🙂

  5. Wowwww it’s interesting n superbbbbb story …very awesoooooome episode. ….why is he so rude n bossy…very possessive.. .love this story very very muchhhhhh. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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