You are only mine part 18


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I realised the need of giving a small character sketch. So here we go:

Rishabh is not a devil firstly, he is a sweetheart. The hearthrob.
He has fallen for Vidhi, in the first sight itself but doesnt want to land her into a life threatening phase. He feels that, with him, she will be in danger and therefore, doesnt show his love. But you know, possessiveness! Thats something natural that arouse seeing your loved ones with someone else….
Anand, his buddy.

Vidhi, a girl from Punjab. Modern but not upto thelevel of Mumbai. Still unaware that she has fallen for Rishabh in just a month.
Farha, her best friend. Pari, her cousin.

Risha is the lovely sister of Rishabb, a very beautiful model like figure, alluring and too beautiful.. always up to date in fashion.

Rehan, well, he is the villian. I will reveal more about him as the story proceeds. His masculine structure is no less than Rishabh. He is the evil in disguise. He had cause harm to Rishabh in the past.


Recap: Backyard Pool

He leaned forward and met her soft lips. A drop held since long, streamed down her eye mixing with the chlorinated water. He kissed away the tear and mumbled over her cheeks “I am sorry.”

He caressed her cheeks and tucked few strands of the wavy hairs behind her ears without meeting her eyes. She had already screwed up her face. He might be gazing that. Was he guilty?

“Why?” she asked in a whisper.

He raised his face and stared her with cow eyes and pulled her closer by his right hand and curled it around her waist as if claiming his right on her.
She started feeling cold but his heat travelled to her body keeping her warm.
She blinked as drops of water from her forehead streamed down through her lashes.

“Listen, I dont want you near anybody, near any man?” he grumbled in a low tone against her lips.

“I just cant see you with any man.” he added pulling her for a hug tightening his wrap.

“Why?” she mumbled on his shoulder in a serene calmness.

God where is the matter going?

He pulled away and got out of the water. She noticed the muscles in his face got tightened as he swim away to the corner.
“Come out. You will catch cold.” without turning back, he croaked.

“You didnt answered me.” she bleated crossing her arms waiting impatiently.

“Risha di will come to pick you up at 7.” he intoned while leaving her with the question alone.


He was dressing up when she pushed the door.
Light cotton shirt, blue jeans on his body. Even in casual dress, he charmed.

“Rishabh? What will I wear? My clothes are in dorm.” Vidhi asked standing at the entrance of his room. She was still in the wet clothes.

He turned to see her and muttered some curses under breath.
He immediately took out a piece from the closet and stared her.
The shirt on her body was draped like a second skin revealing all her perfect curves.

“Come here” he drawled.

Seeing the shirt in his hand, she walked hesitatingly.

“look up please.” he said which didnt helped. He lifted her face with his fingers on her chin.

“I need a dress.” she softly spoke meeting his eyes. It made Rishabh digest the words he wanted to say and he handed her the shirt without breaking the eyelock though she turned away.

“Hey beautiful!”a sweet voice from the entrance greeted.

It was Risha.
“How are you? I hope he didnt annoyed you” she gibed looking at her brother having the breakfast.

Vidhi remained quiet. Observing that, Risha changed the topic.
“This.. Dress for you. Get ready, we will leave after a while.” she said with a pleasant smile.

“Thanks” Vidhi acknowledged and get into her room.

After ten minutes,she came in a light pink short dress with a denim jacket over it and red boots below. She looked beautiful, extremely beautiful.

“Rehan is waiting for you.” Risha mentioned to Rishabh while leaving the house.

“So how you landed here?” Risha started a convo while driving the ferrari just like her brother, fast overtaking everyone.

“Drive slow plz” Vidhi coolly asked.

Suddenly, she applied brake and went on a slow motion.
“is this okay?” she asked nd they both laughed out.

“After the party,..” she started but then zipped.. What will she tell? She kissed her brother? No!

“After the party?” risha repeated questioningly.

“Yeah! I dnt remember.. Maybe I got drunk.” she stammered as her tongue put in the lie.

“Oh! Happens!” the former said.

The car stopped at the parking lot and every mouth hung as the two princess stepped out.
Some whispers reached their ears.

‘Gold digger? Isnt she?’
‘New girl.. Used all her wits’

Vidhi could feel her watery lashes. Risha noticed it, then prowled to one of the girl there.
He grabbed her hairs from back and shouted on her ears with an inch gap.

“Get the hell outta here.”

“No one dare speak against her.” she shouted out loud like a tigress facing everyone.

Vidhi was dumbstruck at the action. She was watching it from a distance, probably the centre of the area and Risha at the side.

The other girl couldnt manage to even utter a word.

“Oh my baby sista turned a lioness today.” a man from the side lazily mocked waggling his brows.
He was the well built, broad shouldered, V shaped masculine bodied, REHAAN.

He raised his brow and added “why?” then, drawed his eye towards Vidhi.

“you stay away from the matter Rehaan.” Risha shouted.

“and may I know why? After all, its about that beautiful girl friend. Isnt it?” he sarcastically passed the comment while scanning Vidhi attentively and a half smile curling his lips.

“Who are you talking about Rehaan?” Rishabh entered the scene.

Gawd! What was happening there? All seemed to be quite aware of it. It was just Vidhi, who had her mouth hung open at the scenario.

“Here comes the broken heart.” Rehaan shot.

“Rehaan!” the sister, shouted out loud.

Suddenly, a pained look, anger, rage arouse in his eyes. And he grab hold of Rehaan’s neck the next moment.
Somebody tell, whats going on?

Vidhi unable to bear it, walks and tries to stop Rishabh.

“Leave him, Rishabh, leave” though it was her weak voice, but it helped him loose the hold.
He walked away from the scene dragging Vidhi with him and leaving the matter for the other two to be solved

If their mom gets this news, they are going to be punished well.

Later at canteen, Vidhi confronts Risha about the fight as Rishabh refused to tell anything.

“Well what to tell you baby doll. I am stucked between my evil brother and my good brother.” Risha said while pouring the coffee for herself but it didnt helped Vidhi anyhow.

Precap: Ridhi confrontation.

I couldn’t make it longer, but two updates yr… Its fine right?

I am very unwell right now, sore throat, god! It pains!
How you guys spending ur vacations? I am going to be bored for a month. I hope I dnt get any network problem and reach you guyz soon…..
‘First love in School’ next in row.. But not now 🙁
Give me your views plz.

I am soon going to end this! 🙂 happy? You might be bored of me!
Well, I am very much happy with you kavya.. I saw your comment on mandy’s ff and I am so delighted sweetheart .. Can we just meet and give a bone crushing hug? 😉 thank god I saw that before submitting this.

And to all my ff readers, you all know guyz you are my jaan! Dont you? I made so many friends of my class, and dii’s, dev dude, and baby sisters. Love ya all.

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