You are only mine part 17


She sobbed heavily and clutched his shirt.
This time she didnt wanted to be the lonely lost kitten being scared and pushed away. She swallowed, inhaled deeply and stepped back.

“I told you I will do whatever I want. If someone likes me, its not my fault. And letme correct,” she stated enunciating each word clear to him.

It was really getting tough for him to handle this. He needed to calm down his veins and if she keeps blabbering, he hardly can control his hands to rip the short piece of dress from her body and to mark her as his and show all the possessiveness and finally, heavily regret later.
For heaven’s sake, she should stop now.

“got lost somewhere?” she mocked snapping her fingers.

But, he pulled her by arms and dragged her to the car.

Before starting the engine, he passed her a very disgruntled look and muttered.
“Dont utter a word… if you want to reach hostel.”

“What the hell is your problem? I wont keep quiet. I will speak.” she blabbered.
“I will speak. I will speak.I will keep speaking.” she yelled glaring his side face to make her words reach his deaf ear.

He shook his head, reversed the car and drove off. He remained silent all through the way while she kept ranting.

“hey this isnt the way” she cried out suddenly realising how far they have come.

“Hey hey wait! This is not the way to college. Are you listening? Hey mental?” she yelled again, voice low n high.. But he didnt let out a single word from his mouth and kept controlling his anger and annoyance.

She peeped out of the window like a puppy dog caged in a ferrari? Her eyes widened as she realised where she was.
‘Crap!’ It was the farmhouse. Damn it!

She sat in the seat with little force making herself jump a little.
“I am not coming” she snorted.

But it was Rishabh, so he just helped himself pull her out of the car.

“I told you I am not coming.” she argued with a speechless person in the process of making herself release from the tight grip.

She was spun around roughly, and he dangerously glared her. She was taken aback and mouth shut automatically.

“Shut the f**k now.” he shouted glaring her dangerously.

“Enough of your blabber now.” he added.

Her mouth hung open and closed just like a fish. Her lips started pouting for the rudeness.

He turned his back to her and slapped his hand on his hips.
“Go to your room.”

Yep. Her so called room where she stayed for a week. Wow! Now that is marked as hers.

She silently moved towards it, avoiding the fight where one knows that they will eventually lose.

“Get yourself changed” he gruffled over his shoulder. She stopped her feet and turned but he went away.

Her hand clutched the hairs from back as her head pained, buzz of the alarm adding to it.
‘Heck’ she muttered more of a groan.

She was at the very edge of the bed with sheet sliding away from her body.
Vidhi cracked an eye open wide enough to see it was too early for her alarm to sound. IT WAS TOO EARLY. 4:00 am.

How much she remembered she didnt put in any alarm, and immediately it striked, that she wasn’t in her dorm actually.

She slapped the snooze button and fluffed herself in the pillow turning on her back. The buzz was enough to disturb her deep slumber.
Last night, she had dream or rather felt someone covering her with the sheet caressing her face, and planted a kiss on her forehead. She smiled !thinking it, for, she was sure the man was Rishabh, and it wasnt a dream. She reminisce her first kiss and hugs the pillow tight with a wide happy smile tagging on her lips.

He must have put the alarm, she thought and scowled. Now, where is he?
She quickly got herself up, brushed and moved out of the room to be greeted with a cacaphony of splashes. Following the sound, she ended in the backyard, and was awed seeing the beautiful, chlorinated pool, little wider than a lap pool. Around two metre wide and 20 metre long. It sat on the backyard like a big breakfast plate.

For three minutes or more Rishabh was seen swimming like a dog, throwing his long arms straight out before her, and by turns revealing his brawny shoulders in the scum tiled pool.

Vidhi noticed then that Rishabh was watching her.

‘Care to swim?’ he asked her.

She nodded in a negative. She recognized the inky blackness swimming in his green eyes and felt her gut twist.

She found hard to resist and with a running leap her feet left the concrete and landed into the turquoise landscape. Bubbles cascaded, racing one another to the surface.
A shiver ran up her spine as she grew accustomed to the new temperature.
There was no sound and no people milling around. It was dawn. She was swimming and it was just sunrise, the sky so gray as to be almost invisible. She rose to the surface to breath and skimmed the smooth tiles that laid at the floor of the swimming pool in patterns. It wasnt an ease to swim in her night suit.

Her eyes rolled as she noticed him taking a dive into the pool.
He had a peculiar way of showing his dorsal hooked fin in swimming. Her eyes were stucked to his chiseled body.

Her wet shirt got stucked to her body. His gaze snagged on her chest and she felt her heart pumping rapidly. She needed to get out of the pool but her feet seemed rooted.

The atmosphere felt unexpectedly intense with each passing second as he came closer.

He ran his fingers to her waist and stared her endlessly. Her body got numb but she felt many emotions rising and tears welled into her eyes. It made difficult for her to think straight and pleasant to move. He didnt moved his eyes even for a second, as if he wanted to get into her brown hazel like eyes and discover her feelings for him.
She felt hard to maintain the eyelock and settled it to his broad toned chest.
She found herself leaning into his solid frame without resistance, entranced by the combination of his hot, hard body and cool fire.

A quick moment of the last night flashed, and she jerked. But he captivated her and locked her in his arms. He wanted to make her cry?

Rishabh leaned forward and met her soft lips. A drop held since long, streamed down her eye mixing with the chlorinated water. He kissed away the tear and mumbled over her cheeks “I am sorry.”


Heya peoples, as promised within three days. Hope you liked it and didnt bored you.
I dont want to upset my loved ones, but I cant carry this alone, so yeah! I need you guyz to encourage to me πŸ™‚ so that I come up with more interesting phase of the story. And your comments encourage me.. You know?
Well, I must add this, my readers, You All never disappointed me :).. Hope I dont disappoint you either!

And I am missing many of my readers, maybe they’re busy.. I understand.
Love you guyz. I really am very thankful to you all for your constant support and love that you showered to me. I cannot put in words how happy I am and how blessed I feel.
Yp.If you dnt like anything, feel free to add πŸ™‚ ok you might be aware of the comment system modification? No smileys, chats πŸ™ thought to add it.
So tata.. I will try my best to come back soon

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