You are only mine part 16


Part 16 (freshers party)

Friday Night

“Vidhi wear this. You will look amazing” Farha excitedly said showing her the Purple gown.

Vidhi was still in her bathrobe with wet hairs. Her fingers were rumbling the cupboard searching for something good to wear in the party.
She came to know about it just few days ago and in the busy schedules with exams on head, it was just next to impossible to go for shopping.

“how is this?” Farha asked picking another dress.

Vidhi again nodded in a no.

“Come on yaar.. If you dont like any then what will you wear?” little annoyed by the continuous ‘no’ Farha yelled.

“I will wear nothing.” Vidhi casually gruffled getting more irritated and walked towards her suitcase without giving even a glance to Farha. It would have initiated a fight otherwise.
Her face was cold and expressionless. If the bag didnt showed up anything, she would totally explode.

She pressed her head with gritting of teeths. “yaar I wont go.” she finally decided.

“Shut up. You are going.” farha immediately coaxed but little loud to make it reach her mind.

Farha was psyched up in the black shimmery short dress with her hairs straightened forming beautiful waterfall braid. She was no less than Vidhi in beauty. Just the same height and slim figure with tiny waist. But her cuteness always draws the people around her.

“ok wait. Lemme check if I have something” she said while moving out of the room.

“Hey wait. Check this” Vidhi asked while standing straight and dress on her hand covering her front.

“wow ” Farha exclaimed in assurance while her eyes were boggling out seieng the dress.

“Okay. You stay here” she said and went to washroom.

After five minutes:
Vidhi came out in that high necked mini dress. It was beaded silvery above the waist line and flowed down deep blue. The back was open and it was tank type sleeveless prom dress. It was a gift from one of her lover in Punjab.

“Vinay gifted me this.” Vidhi intoned very lowly.
Farha nodded. She knew Vidhi didnt wanted to wear it. But there was no option. It was a prom dress theme and added to it, the dress seemed really uncomfortable to her.

She dried her hair and it waved down. Her curly wavy hairs looked perfect in her. She had accentuated herself with one line pearl necklace and silver earrings. With some Light make up and the heels on.. She was ready.

“Oh my god! You look s*xy” Farha with an astonished voice stated.

More to the rouge, she blushed blooming pink.
It was a nightclub function with a pub in association. An extravagant party.
This wasn’t all, Cultural Conduit also arranged for a DJ Party for the new batch and gave them all a night to remember. Within no time, the dance floor filled up and the students were all energetic and excited.

Men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.
The gatherings were lavishly catered, boasting not just a small combo of musicians, but a whole orchestra.

The night was filled with talent, music, excitement and enthusiasm.

“WOW!” Farha cried aloud admiring the venue though no one heard her due to the loud music. She dragged Vidhi to the dance floor and joined others.
After shaking a leg, Vidhi parted cleverly from the dance floor.

As she milled around the party, she encountered Harry her seatpartner and the two of them chat around, inadvertently gathering rumors about Rishabh, including that he is a spoiled brat and a playboy. Harry also tried to wash her head ranting about Rishabh’s previous girl friends. Unknowingly, jealousy aroused in Vidhi’s blood. She took the shots while the former kept blabbering.

After few glasses of champagne, Vidhi feels dizzy and her memory clinked the previous nightclub when she was in same situation and someone tried to use her. She quickly asked for a lemon shot and removed her dizziness. Till the time, Harry had left but his words were roaming around her mind.

She asked few people about Rishabh but she had little luck, however, because no one could help her.
In fact, when Vidhi asked people for help in finding Rishabh, they looked at her in such an amazed way and vehemently deny “any knowledge of his movements.”

The carnivalesque atmosphere of party continued as the anchor headed to the stage.

“Every year on Freshers’ Party a boy and a girl from each stream is nominated for the prestigious title of Mr. & Ms. Fresher and for that they have to go through 3 rounds of different competitions, i.e. Intro Round, Talent Round and Q & A Round. ” he announced which was accompanied by a huge round of applause and cheers.

“This will be done with a game ‘MIXER’.” he continued emphasising the name of the game.

Everyone looked at each other guessing the game.

“mixer game is played, to make it easier for you all, especially the freshmen to meet the seniors…. Each student may be given a card with a quotation on it. The game is to find someone of the opposite s*x who has the same quotation.” he stated followed by a loud cheer in agreement.

Soon all selected a card and started searching for their partner.
Vidhi wasnt interested and went out to the pool side to get some fresh air and free from the intoxicated atmosphere.

She sat at the pool side and got lost in thoughts .. About her first day, then how it went.
She was standing with her friend and sister when Rishabh made a heroic entry.. In the oast month, she had learnt how dissimilar college life and school are. More to that, how dissimilar, normal college and this prestifious college was. There were lost of foriegners in there.

Few minutes back only, she had seen a group of girls smoking cigarettes!
She had met Harry, who talked rubbish about rishabh whom she knew better then anyone else.

There was alcohol; beer and vodka for the most part. There was also a large group of people smoking marijuana, or weed, in the corners. This is the first time she had been to a place like this, and seen people smoking weed, it was quite intimidating.
Harry had poured her a drink, which she thought was A soda, but when she felt the burning down throat after the first sip, she knew she was wrong feeling it familiar to the previous attempt. He didn’t even ask her if she was planning on drinking that night, he didn’t even gave her the chance to say no!
Everything was eating up her mind. She wanted to dip her head in the cold water of the pool.

It was eleven o’clock now, and everyone was falling over themselves.
Never mind the things people are doing, they will all have mixed feelings in the morning.

The girls are yelling mean words towards their closest friends, they were arguing with almost everyone there, and there were some couples wandering off into the corners to get intimiate.

Suddenly the very familiar cologne and perfume hit her nostrils. She turned her head and saw him there with both hands in the side trouser pockets standing there revealing his personality and attitude.

She didnt noticed his burning red eyes as she was sitting and he stood with never meeting eyes.
He had his fingers curled in fist so her slided it inside the pocket.

For few minutes, when he kept standing, Vidhi raised her head and saw him still in the same position.
She stood up as well and tried to face him but he had his face turned aside. He didnt wanted to put out his anger on her.

His teeth was clenched and jaw ticked. She did noticed it. A wave of terror flowed down her blood.
“What happened?” In a stammering voice she asked.

Lastly, she met the blooshot eyes.
He had detected with a critical eye more than one failure of perfect symmetry in her form, he was forced to acknowledge her figure to be just amazing and pleasing; and in spite of his asserting that her manners were not those of the fashionable world, she was just gorgeous.

But he didnt forget that it was not only him, every single person had their eyes glued to her when she was dancing on the floor unaware. It was his helplessness that he couldnt bit out the pulp of that boy who touched her and was trying to get closer to her.

His blood boiled rapidly. The teeths were gritted harshly. He closed his eyes to control the rising anger. He didnt wanted to give her pain again. She wont be able to handle it, he knew.
He pulled her by waist and she trembled with piloerection when his fingers touched her bare back. She gasped.

“Just because I can’t have you right now, doesn’t mean I’m okay with anyone else having you.” he stated with gritted teeth emphasising each and every single word very rudely, roughly, gruffly and low in a very authorative tone.

She didnt understood what he meant. Before she could guess, he pulled her hairs back and kissed her harshly.
He broke away from her mouth and trailed his lips down the front of her throat. His lips parted in tingling butterfly kisses that drained the strength from her knees. she realised he was mouthing words against her skin.
Not words. Just one word-Mine.

He again kissed her on lips while teardrops rolled down her cheeks due to the pain. Though, his grip lossened and he kissed gently and smoothly, her tears didnt stopped.

Something strange started to rage inside him, hearing her inhale sharply as he kissed her deeper , he wanted to mark her in an entirely different way.

“I do not belong to you, or to anyone else. I will do whatever I want, whenever I want. ” she shot with tears streaming down.

“Not if it’s some ass who thinks he can put his hands on you!”
Vidhi couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Rishabh had never acted like this before. It was horrifying to see him like that. His manners were always on top. The fear seizing her body made her sob more though silently.

He closed his eyes seeing the tears. He finally did the mistake, which he never wanted to. He leaned in his head to her forehead.
He cupped her face and wiped away the tears.

“If you try to find a replacement, you’ll be sadly disappointed, I can’t be replaced. I’m the only man in all the world who possesses the right combination of qualities for you.” he whispered on her face and stepped back.

“You shouldn’t have wore such dress. Everyone are not like you here. Good and Innocent. ” this time, his voice was not rough but gentle, caring, and concerned.

She realised why he was angry but why was he? He didnt loved her and what about being so posessive?

But she didnt wanted to add more of fuel into his blood, so nodded.

“Come now. Lets go” he said wrapping his arms on her.
Her heart was aching with whatever happened. She couldn’t control and hugged him tightly making his shirt wet with her tears leaving salty drops.

One should learn and note it down that the mysteries of attraction could not always be explained through logic. Sometimes the fractures in two separate souls became the very hinges that held them together.

Hello guyz?
I am Roshni from Assam, currently in Tripura. I am a studnety who loves to read and write and make new friends 🙂 hehe
Share something about yourself. Lets connect 🙂

Plzzz dont forget to write your views about this part 🙂 and I wont forget either to acknowledge you all for the amazing support you are showing. Thanks a lot lovelies. Have a great day ahead 🙂 keep smiling 🙂

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    1. Hi ammu diii!!! Thanks a lot for the appreciation. Yah its really straight from heart. I am really bad at portryaing the feelings. Learning…..

      I am confused abt my career. wanna do the same course but cant hook up sith the social science politics subjects 🙁 Keep reading 🙂

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    1. Hihi i know you 🙂 one question! Do you know aastha? Other den being a reader off mmz fanpage…i akse dit somewhere but then i forgot where I had commented… :p
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        If in biotec u cud b a quality checkr in majrly food ,pharmaceuticals, agri.watr beverages etc. Companies…..if intrsted in going out of india 2 middle east like countries dey r in need of dese people…..
        Dese r d corses my frnds n myself hav taken…..n som of deir job oppurtunities…..
        Bt ill strongly tell 2 follow ur heart….n passion…just tell d cors u hav in ur mind if possible ill xplain d pros n cons of it definetly……
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      2. What it means by good in research? like how can I know am I good in it or not.. For now?
        Teaching is something I always like but nEva thought of it as a profession.. It will take a lot of years.. 🙁

        Tell me more abt biotech? and microbiology? lEss knowledge abt it!!

    3. Buddy good in research means….tujhe wo shuk hai nayi nayi…organisms uses jaanna…usko kaise humankind aur apna race ke liye use karna….that too feasibly…..n economically acceptabl…….n find new flaws in ddiscoveries of ursenior reseachers n do a soln in ur way dat is most accurate……n ill tell d pros n cons of dose 2 cors by aftrnoon……

      1. Hey hey are you getting annoyed by me? I felt so…
        Thankssss chetta 😉 lets see what my future holds

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  7. Yaar… Pls updt regularly nah… Evry gap u take is lyk ages for me.. Or updt a looong one wen u updt…
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    1. Lia I am so sorry for making you upset !! I thought it was a long one but hmmm… It didnt filled the long hap I took.. Acpt the apology plz i will try the next to be updated soon!!
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