You are only mine! part 15


She inserted the small silver key in the lock and opened the door.

“Finally” she sighed relieved as she stepped in. He followed her and shook his head seeing the messy situation of the room. Last time he had robbed her clothes for her. And the cupboard was still open as he left.

Her mouth hung open. She really had allergy with such conditions.
She gave a wierd glance to him till as she sneezed due to the particulates.
He nodded uncertainly observing the room once more.

“Now you can leave” she countered as her eyes raised to meet his.

He gave her a flat stare then looked at his titan watch that was completely outshown by his brawny hand.
“3 minutes for your class”

Her eyes rolled and she jumped grabbing her bag putting in every file that came in her hand.

He chuckled observing her in that denim dress upto her knees with a black floater sandal. Her nails were polished with rich red and her hairs were wavy black mixed brown medium in length.

“Move now!” she demanded with her eyes popping out for a quick motion.

He pointed his finger to utter something but his phone rang the mean time.
He recieved the call and left the room giving her a ‘I will come back’ look.

She also locked the room and moved for college.

The class was as usual boring with the lectures. Backbenchers were whispering and engaged with phone under the table.

Farha didnt knew about Vidhi’s comeback. She was munching a chocolate lazily sitting in the lobby.
Everyone around were moving with a book in hand ratifying the notes.

Vidhi noticed her lost and sat by her side.
“Helllllo” she greeted, sliding the book to side managing herself for a sit.
“Vidhi?? When did you came?” she exclaimed with surpRise.
“today only”. She answered blankly.
“you look upset” Vidhi remarked.

“Nothing yrr… You tell. Shifted to hostel?”

“Yeah! Finally. When is Freshers party?” she sounded cheery.

They chat a lot about everything happening from being upset and the topic reached to a nerdy senior boy.

“No! No! No! This is not happening at all” vidhi yelled as she hit her bench partner with the rolled paper putting out her anger on him.

“How can he? I mean.. How will I prepare? This is not so done” she again yelled.
The physics professor had announced about the after tomorrow and she was really pissed with that as she was lacking notes and even if she get, two days is not enough. She had missed a week’s class.

The spect boy looked at her inocently and askd
“If you want I can help you”

“give me the notes puh-lease Sahil. Plzzzz” she begged whilst he lend it to her.

Vidhi was ranting all over thinking of everything she has missed. Most importantly the classes. She needed a lot of time to cover it.
She sat in her study and focussed. And the annoying thing happened. Her phone rang.
It flashed ‘Rishabh’.

“worst starting” she muttered and switched off the phone.

After five hours, she was too much tired to continue. Her back was paining and she needed to lie.
Her room was still messy about which she had no time to clean. Everything was against he wish.

The banging of door broke her sleep. She had no idea when she fell asleep. She wanted more but the door continuously banged and she needed to check who it was.

Before she could speak, he had tightly hold both her upper arms He observed her from head to toe and his eyes settled at hers. He was ready to burst.

“Are you okay?” he asked.
To her surprise, he was calm and little concerned. God! He is too difficult to be understood.

“Yeah I am” she muttered lazily as she rubbed her eyes.

He get in and picked her phone fron the table.
“So deliberately switched off?” he enquired, his voice all cold.

She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes.
“I wanted to concentrate. Your call was disturbing me and I didnt wanted to waste my time.” she honestly replied more of complaining.

“Hmm” he shook his head and sat at the chair.
“Concentrate for what?”

“exams! I have exams after two days and just because of you.. I missed a whole week class” she complained non-stop and she should obviously.
He had no reaction. He was listening to her all calmly. Lastly, she needed to stop.

“And why did you took so much time to open the door?” he asked once more.
It really annoyed her. He didnt paid any heed to whatever she said. Huh? Why should she answer now?

She remained silent.

“I can help you about your missed classes” he said uncaring to her silence.

Her eyes sparked. “How?” she quickly asked.

“I can. Thats enough for you to know”

It was 9:00 at night and for two hours he was helping her learn the things quickly. She be a fast learner, caught the things asap. He told her about the importnat topics and helped to clear it.

“Anything to eat?” he asked as his stomach growled.

” oh! Its dinner time. I need to go” she got up but he caught her wrist.

“are you hungry?” he asked softly.
“Nope but I need to go. Otherwise whole night starving” she said as her eyebrows drew closer and lips pouted trying to make him understand the rules.

Rishabh(thinking): She thinks I dont know anything about the rules.
He chuckled slightly and pulled her to sit.

“we will go out for dinner after an hour. Finish this chapter first” he insisted.

She was convinced as the fear of exams striked her head.
She completed and both went out for dinner.

“So any boy friend?” he asked waiting for the food.

Her eyes rolled and met his hypnotising blue and locked. It was a very unexpected question.
So satirical.

“And you think, if i had one, he will let you abduct me for a week.. like seriously?” she questioned and enunciated the last two words to make him realise what an impractical question he had blurted.

“so you are single?”

This is so ridiculous. Her mind shouted. It was for her growling stomach that she was still sitting there tolerating him. He can be sometimes the worst company ever.
Whatever she said, it means yes, she is single.

“why do you ask the thing that you know?” she demanded.

He raised one brow pretending of not getting her.

The waiter came with the order and she jumped onto it.

“Eat silently” she kind of warned pointing the fork at him.

He tried to control his laugh covering his mouth with the back of his hand. His act was so clean, that no one could even guess that he actually was laughing under breath.

He had annoyed her a lot that too deliberately and it succeeded as well. The change of her face was too funny.

“Wont you eat?” she questioned chewing smoothly.

“not as much as you” he shot.

She cursed herself for asking and got busy in her own.

Rishabh had cleared many of her topics. Some she didnt prepared due to lack of time.
Everyone seemed tensed and they were continuously flipping the papers in case if they have left something. To the contrast Vidhi sat silent, cool minded.

The professor provided them the questions and in forty minutes the answer sheet was taken.

The spect boy Sahil, asked her “how was your paper?”
“Yeah. Good!” she said.

He adjusted his spects and enquired “how you prepared?”

She smiled to her question recalling how rishabh helped her. He was not a bad person. But sometimes he annoys so much.

“Your results are here.” the professor grabbed their attention.

The top scorer was her seatpartner. He didnt recated just blinked and again adjusted his spects. Its been his habit or a signature step.

Second was Vidhi. She was delighted and immediately wanted to run out of the class to tell inform Rishabh.

As soon as the professor left the class, she rushed to the third batch floor.

He was there in the corridor with few other boys.
She stood at some distance breathing heavily. He noticed her and soon the frnd circle flew away.

He walked to her and asked “what happened?”

She smiled widely and told him the reason.
“Thanks. Thanks for your help.”

“Good” he cut it short and walked away.

She stood their watching his back totally amazed by the reaction. After sometime Anand came to her.
“He is happy for you girl. ” he whispered.
She turned to see him.
“not at all. He is a rude arrogant angry man” she blurted.
Anand laughed and patted her back.
“He is…..SOMETIMES. But he cares for you.”


Precap: Freshers party

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